Quincy Jones Quotes in Fantasia 2000 (1999)


Quincy Jones Quotes:

  • Ralph Grierson: [plays the piano]

    Quincy Jones: Beautiful, Ralph. Hi. Next, we're gonna take you to the streets of New York City for a piece that's inspired by a couple of my favorite artists. First there's the illustrator, Al Hirschfeld who's been drawing celebrities and Broadway stars for most of the 20th century. And then there's composer/songwriter George Gershwin, who took jazz of the streets, dressed her up, and took her to the concert hall. My friend Ralph Grierson plays piano on this next number, and it all starts with a single slinky note on the clarinet, and a simple line on a piece of paper. Ladies and gentlemen, "Rhapsody in Blue".

  • Ray Charles: [Listening to the trumpet playing] Ah, c'mon, Q it's not that complicated. Now let's just play it again. That's a b-flat, c-7th, scale it up and triple off the back end.

    [Listens to the trumpet]

    Ray Charles: Yah-da-da-da-da, yeah. That's it.

    Marlene: Ray, what did I tell you about cooking in the dark? Are you trying to burn the house down?

    Ray Charles: Think about it, Marlene, what do I need the light for?

    Marlene: Well, you don't need to be cooking anyway. We brought you take out from Oscar's.

    Ray Charles: Well, get your money back. I got fried chicken right here. Come on, 7-0, try this.

    Quincy Jones: Yeah, it's about time.

    Ray Charles: Yeah, that's home cooked right there.

    Marlene: [Ray offers her some of the chicken] No, thank you.

    Quincy Jones: Mmm, this is the most 6-9. Just needs a little hot sauce, be perfect.

    Ray Charles: So, what'd Jack Lauderdale have to say?

    Marlene: Oh, I clocked him comin' out the gate. The man was a two-bit hustler.

    Ray Charles: Oh, I see.

    Gossie McKee: Yeah, it turns out the only hit Swingtime ever had was Open the Door, Richard which was a joke record.

    Ray Charles: Well, what about him recording me?

    Marlene: Oh, he'll record you, if we pay the freight.

    Ray Charles: Scratch a lie. Find a thief.

    Marlene: What's that supposed to mean?

    Ray Charles: This.

    [Shows some cash]

    Ray Charles: You see I saw Jack Lauderdale tonight and he gave me a $500.00 advance on my record. He also said he'd put me on the road with Lowell Folsum and pay me three times as much as you been paying me.

    Marlene: Now, that's a lie!

    Gossie McKee: Ain't no way he's gonna put some blind man on the road. Think about it! I mean, you need watchin' out for and he ain't got to time to look after you the way I been lookin' after you.

    Ray Charles: Is that what you been doing, Gossie, watchin' out for me? Is that why you get paid double what I do?

    Gossie McKee: Who told you that?

    Ray Charles: Well, it's true, ain't it. You and Marlene been gamin' me since I got here.

    Marlene: Ray, baby, listen.

    Ray Charles: Ain't got to listen to you!

  • Ray Charles: Could you do me a favor and close that bag?

    Quincy Jones: What's wrong with you? You got two hands. You can close it yourself.

    Ray Charles: I got two feet too. Could you close the bag?

  • Ray Charles: That's Diz. Emanon!

    Quincy Jones: Yeah, but what's it spell backwards?

    Ray Charles: Come on man, why don't you give me something difficult? "No name."

    Quincy Jones: Say, daddy-o, what axe you play?

    Ray Charles: Uh, piano. Just blew in from Tampa, Florida. Me and my partner, Gossie McGee, came here, you know, want to fatten up our style. Cop some licks from some more experienced cats, you dig?

    Quincy Jones: You know what? Why don't you let me take you inside? You know, show you around.

    Ray Charles: All right. Perfect gentleman.

    Quincy Jones: Yeah, this is just like my place. So, what's your name?

    Ray Charles: Ray Robinson.

    Quincy Jones: I'm Quincy Jones.

  • Ray Charles: If I feel the music, that means it's real.

    Quincy Jones: No, it ain't. Ray Charles is a sell-out. The blind Liberace, leaving those Rocking Chair roots behind.

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