Quentin Quotes in White Wolves III: Cry of the White Wolf (2000)


Quentin Quotes:

  • Pamela: [trying to start a fire with two sticks] This is impossible!

    Quentin: Keep going. It's how man first made fire.

    Pamela: Well that just shows you how great men are. If a woman had created this is would be a lot easier!

  • Quentin: What do you want to know about rockets?

    Homer: Everything.

  • Quentin: [shooting off their last rocket] Look at it go, Homer. This one's gunna go for miles.

  • Quentin: They watched us get arrested. We're practically ex-convicts. They'll never dance with us.

    O'Dell: Jesus, Quentin, you don't know anything about women.

  • Roy Lee: Are you sure we need this nozzle thing?

    Quentin: Are you kidding? The nozzle is the most important part - it directs the flow of the hot gases!

    Roy Lee: Hey, cool it, Quentin! Man, talkin' 'bout your 'hot gases'...

  • Homer: [gunshot in background] Hey Quentin!

    [another gunshot]

    Homer: That rocket had to have gone up at least 100 feet didn't it?

    Quentin: More like two hundred.

    [another gunshot]

    Homer: Goddammit.

    Homer: [another gunshot] Will you cut it out, Roy Lee?

    Roy Lee: Die you son of a bitch!

    [fires another round into the grill of his broken down car]

  • Quentin: [Homer calls Quentin Nigerian] I am not Nigerian!

  • O'Dell: Besides, didn't your dad say no more rockets?

    Homer: No, he said no more rockets on company property.

    O'Dell: Do you realize how far we'd have to go to be off company property?

    Homer: Yeah, we'd have to go to Snakeroot.

    Quentin: Snakeroot? That's eight miles!

    Homer: It's not *that* far. I mean we could walk if we had to...

    O'Dell: Hey, walk! Heh! That's a great idea!

    Homer: Come on let's go!

    Roy Lee: Wait the hell up, will you Homer? Now I got about as much chance of winning that science fair as you do winning a football scholarship. I know I'm gonna be a miner. I've known my entire life. What the hell's so bad about mining coal anyway?

    Homer: Nothing Roy Lee. It's great. That's why your stepdaddy is the biggest drunk in West Virginia! I mean, come on guys! You know the mine'll kill you!

    [to Quentin]

    Homer: You ever hear the story about how O'Dell's dad died?

    Roy Lee: Homer... will you forget it, man?

    O'Dell: Shutup Homer.

    Homer: Piece of slate caught him right in the neck... and it cut his head clear off.

    O'Dell: [tackles Homer] You son of a bitch!

  • The Count: This was the deal: I asked all of you to demand of me to do a very foolish thing, and you sent in ideas in their millions. But one idea has defeated them all, so I'm proud to announce I will soon be the first person to say the "F" word on rock 'n' roll radio in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. But my aim is not to offend, it is to entertain. But also, perhaps, to educate a little. Cuz if you shoot a bullet, someone dies. When you drop a bomb, many die. You hit a woman, love dies. But... if you say the f-word, nothing actually happens. So here it comes. Especially for you, the "F" word.

    [Sees Quentin]

    The Count: First, though, this very fine piece of music.

    [Puts on a record]

    Quentin: You can't do this.

    The Count: Why not? It's just a word!

    Quentin: Charming thought, but here's the simple situation. The authorities already dislike us. If you do this they will hate us, and by hook or by crook, they'll find a way to close us down.

    The Count: They can't close us down. We're pirates. That's why we're sitting out here in the middle of the freaking ocean.

    Quentin: Believe me, they will find a way. Governments loathe people being free.

    The Count: Okay, I'm thinking about it.

    [to the listeners]

    The Count: My dear comrades, I have some sad news. The powers that be have decreed that the "F" word is a word too far. But at least for now, even though our dreams of freedom have died a tragic death, the Hollies are still alive. Thank you.

    [Back to Quentin]

    The Count: I don't know why you did that. I was just gonna say "fuck" once. You know, one tiny little "fuck."

    Quentin: There's no such thing as a tiny little "fuck."

    The Count: Yeah there is. You should ask Angus' girlfriend.

    Quentin: Be that as it may, there's no "fuck" so small it won't fuck us up. One day, in a world of dreams, you'll be able to say "wank" or "bollocks" or even "cock" on the radio. But "fuck," never.

    Harold: [In the control room] Excuse me, my Lordship?

    The Count: Yes, Harold?

    Harold: You've left your mike up in the studio.

    The Count: [Looks] So I have.

    [His conversation with the count has been broadcasting the whole time]

    The Count: [laughs] I do apologise to everyone out there for the four... Or was it five "F" words, Quentin? The Hollies will continue undisturbed. I'm so sorry about that, Quentin, but you know, I thought you sounded good. You have a lovely voice for radio.

    Quentin: Fuck off.

    The Count: That makes it six, Quentin.

  • Quentin: So... expelled?

    'Young' Carl: That's right.

    Quentin: What for?

    'Young' Carl: I suppose smoking was the clincher.

    Quentin: Drugs or cigarettes?

    'Young' Carl: Well, both.

    Quentin: Well done! Proud of you. So your mum sent you here in the hope that a little bracing sea air would sort you out?

    'Young' Carl: Something like that.

    Quentin: Spectacular mistake.

  • Quentin: The day has come. Tonight pirate radio dies. From midnight, we are a ghost ship floating without hope on cold and dark waters. You have done almighty work here. Thank you. But your work is done.

    The Count: Not mine, sir. I'm an American citizen and I don't give a hootenanny God damn about your nitpicking limey laws. I intend to broadcast from this ship 24 hours a day until the day I die. And then for a couple days after that.

    Gavin Cavanagh: Not wanting to sound rude or anything, but don't you think that might be an ever so slightly monotonous experience for the listener? What do you say to 12 hours each, noble sir?

  • Quentin: Thank you gentlemen, lady, strange bearded thing.

  • Quentin: Gentlemen, I have some good news and some bad news. Which would you prefer?

    Thick Kevin: Good news.

    Quentin: Okay. The good news is the engine has exploded and we're all going to die.

    Dave: Hello, Dr Dave, Radio Rock. How is that good news?

    Quentin: I haven't yet told you how we're going to die. That's the bad news.

    Simon: How are we gonna die?

    Quentin: We're going to drown in the freezing waters of the North Sea.

    Felicity: Dearie me.

    Quentin: There is a huge hole in the side of the boat and in an unfortunate development, it transpires that the lifeboats are useless.

    Thick Kevin: [to Angus] Actually, that's quite good for you, isn't it? 'Cause you can't swim, so you'll die quicker.

    Quentin: Sorry.

  • Quentin: Your mother is dropping by to pay us a visit before Christmas.

    'Young' Carl: You're kidding? When does she arrive?

    Quentin: Tomorrow. She was always very impromptu. Anyway, I thought you might like to know, in case you want to brush your hair or hide the large stack of pornography you keep on that shelf.

  • Quentin: [to Angus] I can see your nuts, Nutsford.

  • Charlotte: Christ, what a dump!

    Quentin: I hoped you'd like it.

  • Sam: I've heard the donuts in here are better than sex.

    Quentin: You're doing it wrong, then.

  • Quentin: You know, I don't get the appeal of fishing.

    Sam: Really. Well, I would imagine that most activities performed in silence don't make much sense to you.

  • Julian Murch: Shelby, it's over. I am not the man for you and you are not the woman for me so let's just stop fooling ourselves. I hope you find what you're looking for, because that's exactly what I plan to do. I have to go. Bye, Shelby.

    [he goes inside the church]

    Quentin: [Q points at the ground] Don't you think you oughta pick that up?

    Shelby: [she looks down] What?

    Quentin: Your bottom jaw!

    [laughs hystrically]

    Harper Stewart: [Harper and Robin come up the stairs] Q! Oh, morning, Shelby.

    Shelby: Oh, go to hell!

    [she storms in the church]

    Harper Stewart: I'll probably see you there.

  • Quentin: Nigga, I am a pimp, so my future looks mighty bright, thank you very much.

  • Quentin: This shit is about to be ig'nant off the hook. Luke dancers. Luke... Dancers.

  • Lance Sullivan: In case you didn't know, marriage is the key to promiscuity.

    Quentin: In what world?

  • Harper Stewart: Hey, is your pops still trying to groom you for the hotel management business?

    Quentin: Yeah, for the last 20 years? I'm just not trying to hear all that stuff, you know? Dealing with complaining-a guests, unions, and payrolls, and all that...

    Harper Stewart: Yeah, too much like a real job, huh?

    Quentin: You know what, nigga? Fuck you. You're my judge, right? That's your job. You judge me.

    Harper Stewart: No, I'm just playing, man...

    Quentin: No, nigga, you... it's just amazing how you've always analyzed everybody else's shit and then you don't do the same thing for your own self.

    Harper Stewart: Will you chill?

    Quentin: No, because you've done dirt too, motherfucker, and you're doing more dirt! That's right. You're fucking Jordan tonight, remember? Jordan. See, you ain't any better than the rest of us, got it? Your shit just ain't caught you yet.

  • Quentin: You know how many single honeys be at weddin's? It's about to be a ho-asis in that baby, honey.

  • Quentin: Hello, I am Quentin from Montargis.

  • Quentin: Look at the two drag queens!

    Ruby: It's us, stupid!

  • Quentin: I might go back to my foster family.

    Ruby: Go ahead.

    Quentin: They're dead.

  • Quentin: Hi. I'm Quentin from Montargis.

    Ruby: Why not tell him who I am too?

    Quentin: Oh sorry. He's Ruby from Puteaux.

    Ruby: Farout...

  • Quentin: This is jam. Shit, it's laxative jelly.

  • Quentin: Wow that's the first time a cop saluted me.

  • Ruby: Let her sleep

    [looking at Katia]

    Quentin: We cant stay up all night

    Ruby: Tais-toi!

    Quentin: [moves behind counter and makes cow noise]

    Katia: Someone there!

    Ruby: [to Quentin] Asshole

    Quentin: Sorry

    Ruby: Liar

    Katia: Who is it?

    Ruby: [gets up from behind counter and walks towards Katia] Don't be afraid I'm wounded im hiding here.

    [Katia goes to run]

    Ruby: Ok run but your safe here

    Quentin: [Quentin pops out from behind counter] Hi, I'm Quentin from Montargis

    Ruby: [to Katia as she runs away] Wait!

    [to Quentin]

    Ruby: You idiot!

    Quentin: Me?

    Ruby: You scared her!

    Quentin: I just introduced myself

    Ruby: A huge moron pops out

    [impersonating Quentin]

    Ruby: Hi, I'm Quentin from Montargis, it scared her!

    Quentin: Really? Usually people react well

  • Harry Moseby: What happened to your face?

    Quentin: I won second prize in a fight.

  • Harry Moseby: I'm looking for Delly Grastner.

    Quentin: Delly isn't around here anymore.

    Harry Moseby: You got any idea where she could be? Is she visiting friends? Is she meditating? Did she join a commune?

    Quentin: [scoffs] Delly's idea of a "commune" is her and a guy on top of her.

  • Leaven: This room moves to 0, 1, and -1 on the X-axis, 2, 5, and -7 on the Y and 1, -1, and 0 on zed.

    Quentin: And what does that mean?

    Leaven: You suck at math.

  • Quentin: Is that your two cents worth, Worth?

    Worth: For what it's worth.

  • Quentin: Why put people in it?

    Worth: Because it's here. You have to use it, or you admit it's pointless.

    Quentin: But it, it *is* pointless.

    Worth: Quentin... that's my point.

  • Quentin: Why don't you tell us what your purpose is, Worth?

    Worth: Often wondered that myself. I'm just a guy, I work in an office building doing office building stuff. I wasn't exactly bursting with joie de vivre before I got here, life just sucks in general.

    Holloway: Oh I can't stand that attitude.

    Leaven: 'Cos he's right.

  • Quentin: For Christ's sake, Worth, what do you live for? Do you have a wife, or a girlfriend, or something?

    Worth: Nope. I've gotta pretty fine collection of pornography.

  • Quentin: You're telling me telethon boy is a genius?

  • [Quentin and Holloway are discussing who could have made the cube]

    Quentin: This place is... remember Scaramanga? The bad guy in "The Man With The Golden Gun?" It's some rich psycho's entertainment

    Holloway: [laughs] Is that what you think?

  • Quentin: Somebody has to take responsibility around here.

    Worth: And that somebody has to be you?

    Quentin: Not all of us have the luxury of playing nihilist.

    Worth: Not all of us are conceited enough to play hero.

  • Quentin: I'm not dying in a fucking rat maze!

  • Quentin: Who do you think the establishment is? It's just guys like me. Their desks are bigger, but their jobs aren't. They don't conspire, they buy boats.

  • Quentin: Listen, we can't go climbing around in here.

    Holloway: Why not?

    Quentin: There's traps.

    Holloway: What do you mean traps?

    Quentin: Booby traps. I looked in the room down there, and something almost cut my head off.

  • Quentin: [talking to Holloway] You listen to me, woman. Every day I mop up after your bleeding heart. The only reason you even exist is because I keep you!. I know your type. No kids, no man to fuck you. So, you go around outraged, sticking your nose up other people's assholes. Sniffing their business.

  • Quentin: Start with us. We got an escape artist and a cop. There's gotta be a reason for that. You're a doctor, Holloway. That gives you a function, a reason, right?

    Holloway: No! It just makes me go, "Why me and not one of the other ten million doctors out there?"

  • Leaven: Give us the boot, you pig!

    [Quentin turns suddenly and hits Worth with the boot]

    Quentin: You don't want the boot!

    [Quentin starts beating Worth savagely with the boot]

  • Leaven: Is he dead?

    Worth: Not quite.

    Quentin: Not even close!

  • Worth: We've been going in circles.

    Quentin: That can't be.

    Worth: [Quentin hauls Leaven off the ground and over to the window to the outside] Where are we?

    Leaven: I don't know.

    Quentin: [roaring like a lion] Where are we?

    Leaven: *You* figure it out! You haven't done anything! All you do is freak out, you murderer!

    [Leaven weeps, while Worth is oddly laughing. Quentin drops to the floor]

    Quentin: I guess you were right, Worth. There is no way out of here.

    Quentin: [Quentin begins crying, and Kazan pats his head] Get away from me.

    Worth: [Worth has been thinking, and he gets to his feet] Wasn't Rennes killed in that room?

    [Worth re-opens the door to the darkness outside and asks:]

    Worth: How come there's nothing out there?

    Quentin: It's the edge.

    Worth: We weren't at the edge before. Where's the room that killed Rennes?

    Quentin: [flings a boot out into the darkness] Fuck off!

    Worth: Oh, that was good.

    Quentin: What difference does it make? We're dead anyways.

    Worth: Hey, listen to what I'm saying! There was a room there before. We haven't been moving in circles; the rooms have!

    Leaven: Of course.

    Quentin: Rooms...?

    Leaven: That explains the thunder and the shaking. We've been shifting the whole time.

    Leaven: It, it's the only logical explanation.

    [she climbs up to the window into darkness next to Worth]

    Leaven: I'm such an idiot.

    Worth: What are you on to, Leaven?

  • Leaven: Give me a minute. Okay. The numbers are markers; points on the map, right?

    Worth: Right.

    Leaven: And how do you map a point that keeps moving?

    Worth: Permutations.

    Quentin: Permu - what?

    Leaven: Permutations. A list of all the coordinates that the room passes through. Like, a map that tells you where the room starts, how many times it moves, and where it moves to.

    Quentin: The number tells you all that?

    Leaven: I don't know. See, I've been looking at only one point on the map. Which is probably the starting position. All I saw was what the Cube looked like before it started to move.

    Quentin: Okay, so it's moving. How do we get out?

    Leaven: 27. - I know where the exit is.

    Quentin: [standing up] Where?

    Leaven: [ferociously] Stay away from me.

    Worth: Back off, Quentin!

    Quentin: I just want to know. Don't you want to know?

    Leaven: [to Worth] You remember that room we passed through before? The one with the coordinate larger than 26?

    Worth: What about it?

    Leaven: That coordinate placed the room outside the cube.

    Worth: A bridge!

    Leaven: Right! But only in its original position.

    Quentin: What are you talking about?

    Leaven: Look. The room starts off as a bridge. And then it moves its way through the maze, which is where we ran into it. But, at some point, it must return to its original position.

    Worth: So the bridge is only a bridge...

    Leaven: For a short period of time. This thing is like a giant combination lock. When the rooms are in their starting position, the lock is open. But when they move out of alignment, the lock closes!

  • Quentin: You want to come with us, Worth? Down the hatch!

    [Quentin drops Worth through a door in the floor, and Worth screams as he falls into the room below]

  • Worth: I don't wanna die, I'm just being realistic. Do you think they'd go to all the trouble to build this thing if we could just walk out?

    Quentin: Do you think they would have left us clues and let us beat it so far if there wasn't a way out?

    Worth: You think we matter? We don't.

    Quentin: Put us out of your misery so we can get on with getting out of here.

    Worth: Oh, you're not getting out of here.

    Quentin: Yes, we are!

    Worth: No, you're not!

    Quentin: Yes, we are!

    Worth: There is no way out of here!

  • Quentin: So you're going to play Juliet! The tea-or-chocolate wench wants to be a princess. Alas, it's a story about love, an emotion you're incapable of feeling. You're too shallow to imagine it, too common to understand it.

  • Quentin: You can still see me.

    Dominique: But you're getting married.

    Quentin: I'm going to be a husband, not a monk.

  • Dominique: For the room.

    Quentin: That's too much...

    Dominique: The rest is for you.

    Quentin: I don't want it.

    Dominique: Why not?

    Quentin: It was good for me too.

    Dominique: No, take it.

    Quentin: You don't get it...

    Dominique: Let's say I'm buying your phone number...

    Quentin: Deal.

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