Queen Uberta Quotes in The Swan Princess (1994)


Queen Uberta Quotes:

  • Prince Derek: What? You're all I ever wanted. You're beautiful!

    Odette: Thank you. But what else?

    Prince Derek: What else?

    Odette: Is beauty all that matters to you?

    Queen Uberta: Derek, what else?

    Prince Derek: [stammers; to Odette] What else is there?

    [Rogers imitates a buzzer]

  • Prince Derek: [about the ball] But please, mother! Don't turn it into one of your beauty pageants!

    Queen Uberta: Oh! No, no, no, no, no! It's just a few friends...

    [She waits until Derek is out of earshot]

    Queen Uberta: ...And, their daughters...

  • Queen Uberta: [singing] The children seem to get along quite nicely.

    King William: We'll join our lands if this arrangement clicks.

    Queen Uberta: My dear King William, that's my point precisely.

    King William: It's such good parenting...

    Queen Uberta: And politics! So happy we agree!

    King William: I think we've got a deal!

    Queen Uberta: Derek's quite a catch!

    King William: This is my idea...

    Queen Uberta: This is my idea...

    King WilliamQueen Uberta: Of a match!

  • Queen Uberta: Just make sure you're here tomorrow night.

    Prince Derek: Tomorrow night?

    Queen Uberta: Um, the ball!

    Prince Derek: Mother, I can't!

    Queen Uberta: [blubbering, sputtering]

    Prince Derek: Please, mother... don't do the lip thing.

  • Queen Uberta: Where is Derek? Oh,never mind, I know where he is. Working on the mystery of the Fat Animal.

    Rogers: The Great Animal, Your Highness.

    Queen Uberta: Great, fat. It's large and has fur.

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