Queen Elizabeth Quotes in The Sea Hawk (1940)


Queen Elizabeth Quotes:

  • [last lines]

    Queen Elizabeth: And now, my loyal subjects, a grave duty confronts us all: To prepare our nation for a war that none of us wants, least of all your queen. We have tried by all means in our power to avert this war. We have no quarrel with the people of Spain or of any other country; but when the ruthless ambition of a man threatens to engulf the world, it becomes the solemn obligation of all free men to affirm that the earth belongs not to any one man, but to all men, and that freedom is the deed and title to the soil on which we exist. Firm in this faith, we shall now make ready to meet the great armada that Philip sends against us. To this end, I pledge you ships - ships worthy of our seamen - a mighty fleet, hewn out of the forests of England; a navy foremost in the world - not only in our time, but for generations to come.

    Carl Pitt: [leading a cheer] To England, and the Queen!

  • [at court, Thorpe explains that he stopped the Spanish ship and freed Englishmen being held as slaves]

    Queen Elizabeth: So you have taken it upon yourself to remedy the defects of Spanish justice?

    Capt. Geoffrey Thorpe: Insofar as it lies within my power, yes, your Grace.

    Queen Elizabeth: And you conceive it to be part of your... mission to assault and loot the ship of an ambassador to the court? Captain Thorpe, do you imagine that we are at war with Spain?

    Capt. Geoffrey Thorpe: Your Grace, Spain is at war with the world.

    [the other Sea Hawk captains and the people in the court murmur approval]

    Queen Elizabeth: Enough of this! Listen to me, every one of you! Never again will you dare - in my presence - to condone your crimes under the mask of patriotism. No more of such talk, do you hear? And for the future let me warn you... that any unwarranted attack upon the person or property of Spanish subjects will cost the guilty party his head! His head, is that clear?

  • [after Capt. Thorpe tells the Queen his plan to ambush the Spanish in Panama]

    Capt. Geoffrey Thorpe: Madam, our plunder would be the richest prize ever brought back to England.

    Queen Elizabeth: Could such a plan possibly succeed?

    Capt. Geoffrey Thorpe: It would have one chance of success: if the Spanish were taken by complete surprise. Have I your permission to try, Madam?

    Queen Elizabeth: [she paces and considers his plan] Captain Thorpe, if you undertook such a venture you would do so without the approval of the Queen of England. But you would take with you the grateful affection of Elizabeth.

    Capt. Geoffrey Thorpe: Then, Madam, I shall take with me that which I prize above all things.

  • Queen Elizabeth: [Using the name "Mrs. Johnson"] My husband is, um... well, he's required to speak publicly.

    Lionel Logue: Perhaps he should change jobs.

    Queen Elizabeth: He can't.

    Lionel Logue: Indentured servitude?

    Queen Elizabeth: Something of that nature, yes.

  • Lionel Logue: [Bertie is lying on the floor, and Elizabeth is sitting on his chest] Take good deep breaths...

    [Bertie inhales]

    Lionel Logue: ...and up comes Her Royal Highness... and slowly exhale...

    [Bertie exhales]

    Lionel Logue: ...and down comes Her Royal Highness...

    Queen Elizabeth: You all right, Bertie?

    King George VI: Yes.

    Queen Elizabeth: It's actually quite good fun.

  • Myrtle Logue: [sees the Queen at her dining table, stunned] You. You...?

    Queen Elizabeth: It's 'Your Majesty' the first time. After that, it's 'ma'am', as in 'ham'. Not 'ma'am', as in 'palm'.

  • Myrtle Logue: Will their Majesties be staying to dinner?

    Queen Elizabeth: We'd love to - such a treat - but, ah... alas, a... previous engagement. What a pity.

  • Lionel Logue: Well, we need to have your hubby pop by. Uh, Tuesday would be good. He can give me his personal details, I'll make a frank appraisal, and then we'll take it from there.

    Queen Elizabeth: Doctor, forgive me, ah... I don't have a "hubby," we don't "pop," and nor do we ever talk about our private lives. No, you must come to us.

    Lionel Logue: I'm sorry, Mrs. Johnson - my game, my turf, my rules.

  • Queen Elizabeth: [to Winston Churchill, on the hold that Wallis Simpson seems to have on Edward VIII] Apparently she has certain skills - acquired in an establishment in Shanghai.

  • Lionel Logue: Am I considered the enemy?

    Queen Elizabeth: You will be, if you remain unobliging.

  • William Cecil: But with Dudley comes the future crown of England. No true monarch will turn her back on that, not even Mary of Scotland.

    Queen Elizabeth: That monarch is first a woman.

    William Cecil: You would never ignore such an offer for a pretty fellow.

    Queen Elizabeth: This woman is first a monarch.

  • Queen Elizabeth: I know something of a woman in a man's profession. Yes, by God, I do know about that.

  • Queen Elizabeth: You are an eager boy. Did you like the play?

    John Webster: I liked it when she stabbed herself, Your Majesty.

  • Lord Wessex: How is this to end?

    Queen Elizabeth: As stories must when love's denied: with tears and a journey.

  • Queen Elizabeth: [to Lord Wessex, about Viola] Have her, then, but you are a lordly fool. She's been plucked since I saw her last, and not by you.

  • Queen Elizabeth: Playwrights teach us nothing about love. They make it pretty, they make it comical, or they make it lust, but they cannot make it true.

    Viola De Lesseps: Oh, but they can!

  • Queen Elizabeth: Mr. Tilney! Have a care with my name - you will wear it out!

  • Queen Elizabeth: [after inspecting Viola] Have her then, but you're a lordly fool. She's been plucked since I saw her last, and not by you... it takes a woman to know it.

    Lord Wessex: [angrily] Marlowe!

  • Queen Elizabeth: Fifty pounds! A very worthy sum on a very worthy question. Can a play show us the very truth and nature of love? I bear witness to the wager, and will be the judge of it as occasion arises. I have not seen anything to settle it yet.

  • Queen Elizabeth: And tell Master Shakespeare, something more cheerful next time, for Twelfth Night.

  • Queen Elizabeth: I have no more sons of the royal blood for you to slaughter.

    Richard III: You have a daughter.

  • Queen Elizabeth: Shall I be tempted by the devil thus?

    Richard III: Yes, if the devil tempt you to do good.

  • Queen Elizabeth: [to Richard III] Tell me, thou villain slave!


    Queen Elizabeth: Where are my children?

  • Queen Elizabeth: No doubt the murderous knife was dull before it was whetted on your stone-hard heart.

  • Queen Elizabeth: But you did kill my children.

    Richard III: But in your daughter's womb, I bury them: Where, in that nest of spicery, they will breed.

  • Queen Elizabeth: [to Richard III] You envy my advancement and my family: God grant we never may have need of you!

  • Queen Elizabeth: The King is sickly, weak and melancholy.

    Lord Rivers: Have patience, sister: There's no doubt his Majesty will soon recover his accustom'd health.

    Queen Elizabeth: But his physicians fear for him mightily. If he were dead, what would become of me?

  • Queen Elizabeth: Edward, my Lord, your son, our King, is dead.

  • Queen Elizabeth: I see the ruin of my family.

  • Queen Elizabeth: Thou dost *own* the Americas?

    Tommy: All the Stars and most of the Stripes.

  • Queen Elizabeth: This Manhattan territory... is mine!

    Tommy: Sold! Shall we put it down to 500 guineas?

    Queen Elizabeth: Your reward shall be greater than that! I hereby appoint you: *First* Gentleman of the Bedchamber.

    Tommy: But, but I've already got a handle to me name. But... b-, whose, er, whose bedchamber is it?

    Queen Elizabeth: Our *Rrroyal* Bedchamber.

    Tommy: Oh, couldn't I have the 500 guineas?

    Queen Elizabeth: No!

  • Queen Elizabeth: [after Tommy has taught her the racket] Come, Dame Margaret. Thou shalt pit thy wits against mine. The stake - shall be the baulbles thou wearest. Keep thy peepers on the little ball.

    Dame Margaret: But, Your Majesty, I, ah...

    Tommy: You heard.

    Queen Elizabeth: Aye. Thou heardest.

  • Queen Elizabeth: [to Susie Barton who is disguised as Capt. John Smith] Then, Captain Smith, it will please thee to know that thy shipmate hath *sold* the Americas to us.

    Susie Barton: Oh, he hath, hath he?

    Tommy: Yeth.

  • Queen Elizabeth: I have improved on thy game. The little ball lurks not under any shell. I have cast it awaaayyy.

    Tommy: Well, I... it's lucky I didn't teach you strip poker.

  • Queen Elizabeth: Let the witch speak!

    Susie Barton: What'd you call me?

    Bill Barton: No, no, no, nooo. She said a "witch".

    Susie Barton: Oh. Very well. We'll kickoff with a song.

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