Queen Elinor Quotes in Brave (2012)


Queen Elinor Quotes:

  • King Fergus: Pretend I'm Merida, speak to me. What would you say?

    Queen Elinor: I can't do this!

    King Fergus: Sure you can!

    [Elinor gives him a skeptical look]

    King Fergus: There, there! THAT'S my queen! All right, here we go.

    [takes a deep breath and speaks in a shrilly voice, impersonating Merida]

    King Fergus: I don't want to get married! I want to stay single and let my hair flow in the wind as I ride through the glen, firing arrows into the sunset!

  • Queen Elinor: [after Merida's actions at the clan gathering, Elinor drags and throws Merida into the tapestry room] I don't believe you! I've just about had enough of you, lass!

    Princess Merida: YOU'RE the one that wants me to...!

    Queen Elinor: You embarrassed them! You embarrassed me!

    Princess Merida: *I* followed the rules!

    Queen Elinor: You don't know what you've done!

    Princess Merida: I just don't care how...

    Queen Elinor: There'll be fire and sword if it's not set right.

    Princess Merida: Just listen!

    Queen Elinor: I AM THE *QUEEN*! YOU listen to ME!

    Princess Merida: OH! This is so unfair!

    Queen Elinor: Huh! Unfair?

    Princess Merida: [grabs a sword and swings it around angrily] You were never there for me! This whole marriage is what YOU want! Do you ever bother to ask what *I* want? No! You walk around telling me what to do, what not to do! Trying to make me be like you! Well, I'm not going to be like you!

    Queen Elinor: Ach! You're acting like a child!

    Princess Merida: And YOU'RE a beast!

    [points her sword at the family tapestry that Elinor had been working on]

    Princess Merida: That's what you are!

    Queen Elinor: [gasps] Merida!

    Princess Merida: [sticks the tip of her sword into the tapestry] I'll never be like you!

    Queen Elinor: No! Stop that!

    Princess Merida: I'd rather DIE than be like you!

    [Suddenly, Merida slashes the tapestry, a line between the images of Elinor and herself. Elinor gasps in shock; Merida just stares at her angrily. Furious at what Merida said and did, Elinor marches up to her]

    Queen Elinor: Merida, you are a princess!

    [She takes the sword from Merida and tosses it aside. She then grabs Merida's bow]

    Queen Elinor: I expect you to act like one!

    [She throws Merida's bow into the fire. Shocked at her mother, Merida runs out of the room in tears]

    Queen Elinor: Merida! Merida!

    [immediately regrets her actions and pulls the bow out of the fire; however it's already ruined]

    Queen Elinor: Oh, no! What have I done?


  • Princess Merida: Mum, you'll never guess what I did today!

    Queen Elinor: [not really listening] Mmm-hmm?

    Princess Merida: I climbed up the Crone's Tooth and drank from the Fire Falls.

    [Hamish, Hubert and Harris look at her in awe]

    King Fergus: The Fire Falls, eh? They say only the ancient kings were brave enough to drink the fire.

  • Queen Elinor: Merida, a princess does not set her weapons on the table.

    Princess Merida: [moans] Mum! It's just my bow!

    Queen Elinor: A princess should not HAVE weapons, in my opinion.

    King Fergus: Leave her be! Princess or not, learning to fight is essential.

  • Young Merida: I missed...

    Queen Elinor: Go and fetch it, then.

    [She turns to Fergus after Merida leaves]

    Queen Elinor: A bow, Fergus? She's a lady.

  • Young Merida: I saw a will-o'-the-wisp!

    [runs up to Elinor]

    Young Merida: [Elinor picks her up and holds her]

    Queen Elinor: A will-o'-the-wisp? You know, some say that will-o'-the-wisps can lead you to your fate.

  • King Fergus: [after Young Dingwall wins the archery contest by accident] Well, that's just grand, isn't it? Guess who's coming to dinner!

    Queen Elinor: [annoyed] Fergus...

    King Fergus: [turns to Merida] Oh, and by the way, I hope you don't mind being called Lady Ding...

    [sees dog in her seat]

  • Queen Elinor: [in the tapestry room; practicing a speech with Fergus] Merida, all this work, all the time spent preparing you, schooling you, giving you everything we never had. I ask you, what do you expect us to do?

    Princess Merida: [in the royal stables; taking care of Angus and rehearsing her own speech] Call off the gathering! Would that kill them? You're the queen. You can just tell the lords the princess is not ready for this. In fact, she might not ever be ready for this, so that's that. Good day to you. We'll expect your declarations of war in the morning.

    Queen Elinor: I understand this must all seem unfair. Even I had reservations when I faced betrothal.

    [Fergus looks up in surprise]

    Queen Elinor: But we can't just run away from who we are.

    Princess Merida: I don't want my life to be over. I want my freedom!

    Queen Elinor: But are you willing to pay the price your freedom will cost?

    Princess Merida: I'm not doing any of this to hurt you.

    Queen Elinor: If you could just try to see what I do, I do out of love.

    Princess Merida: But it's MY LIFE, it's... I'm just not ready.

    Queen Elinor: I think you'd see, if you could just...

    Princess Merida: I think I could make you understand if you would just...

    Queen Elinor: Listen.

    Princess Merida: Listen.

    [Angus whinnies at her]

    Princess Merida: I swear, Angus, this isn't going to happen.

    [Angus touches her sympathetically and she pets him]

    Princess Merida: Not if I have any say in it.

  • [first lines]

    Queen Elinor: Where are you? Come out! Come out! Come on out! I'm coming to get you!

    [Young Merida laughs as she hides under the table]

    Queen Elinor: Where are you, you little rascal? I'm coming to get you!

    [Elinor looks under the table but Merida quickly moves to hide somewhere else]

    Queen Elinor: Hmm. Where is my little birthday girl, hm? I'm going to gobble her up when I find her!

    [Merida comes up behind Elinor and goes to run away but Elinor catches her]

    Queen Elinor: Eat you!

    [as Elinor and young Merida play, Fergus places his bow on the table]

    Queen Elinor: Ach! Fergus, no weapons on the table!

    Young Merida: Can I shoot an arrow?

    [picks up the large bow from the table]

    Young Merida: Can I? Can I? Can I? Can I? Please, can I?

    [falls and laughs as the bow is too big for her]

    King Fergus: Not with that. Why not use your very own?

    [presents her with a small bow]

    King Fergus: Happy birthday, my wee darlin'!

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