Queen Clarisse Renaldi Quotes in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004)


Queen Clarisse Renaldi Quotes:

  • Queen Clarisse Renaldi: The Queen is never late, everybody else is simply early.

  • Mia Thermopolis: [while watching a list of possible husbands, a picture of Prince William appears] Yes! Oh yes! I, I, I absolutely accept!

    Charlotte Kutaway: Prince William. He's not eligible because he's in line for his own crown.

    Mia Thermopolis: [Disappointed] Oh.

    Joe: If he's not eligible, why is he included in these pictures?

    Charlotte Kutaway: I just love to look at him.

    Queen Clarisse Renaldi: Me too.

    Mia Thermopolis: Mmm-hmm.

    Joe: Your Majesty!

    Queen Clarisse Renaldi: Next?

    Charlotte Kutaway: Antoine Suisson of Paris. Plays the harp. No title, but good family.

    Lilly Moscovitz: What about the title "husband?"

    Mia Thermopolis: Yeah, he's cute.

    Joe: His boyfriend thinks he's handsome, also.

    Mia ThermopolisLilly Moscovitz: Right on.

    Queen Clarisse Renaldi: No matter. Put him on all the invitation lists, he's a divine dancer.

  • Queen Clarisse Renaldi: [Clarisse comes into the kitchen and sits down, after Mia stomped on Nicholas's foot, after learning that he was the one who wanted to steal her throne. Mia is eating ice cream] As a queen I simply cannot condone it. But as a grandma, I say, "Right on."

  • Queen Clarisse Renaldi: We never rush, we hasten.

    [proceeds to rush out of the room]

  • Queen Clarisse Renaldi: Did you hear that?

    Charlotte Kutaway: Not if you didn't want me to.

  • Queen Clarisse Renaldi: Dear Joseph, am I too late to ask you to accept my hand in marriage?

    Joe: I thought you'd never ask.

  • Mia Thermopolis: I thought you said you never slide?

    Queen Clarisse Renaldi: Oh I don't, but I have done a lot of flying in my day.

  • Security Guard Lionel: Your Majesty, I would gladly take a bullet for you.

    Queen Clarisse Renaldi: Oh, how brave. Most interns don't even want to fetch me my tea.

  • Queen Clarisse Renaldi: [teaching Mia the art of the fan; Mia is making faces behind her fan] Are you sassing your grandma?

    Mia Thermopolis: I would never sass you, Grandma!

    [Clarisse proceeds to swat Mia playfully with her fan]

  • Queen Clarisse Renaldi: [shouts] Shut up!

    Mia Thermopolis: Grandma said "Shut up"? Shut up!

  • Queen Clarisse Renaldi: A princess never chases a chicken.

  • Andrew Jacoby: She's going to be a handful, isn't she?

    Queen Clarisse Renaldi: You'll never be bored, Andrew.

  • Mia Thermopolis: I'm here!

    [sits down and chair goes flying; Brigitte and Brigitta rush to help]

    Mia Thermopolis: You know what, I'm fine, I'm good! So, what are we learning today?

    Queen Clarisse Renaldi: We are learning the art of the fan.

    Mia Thermopolis: Fascinating.

  • Security Guard Lionel: [into his mike] Eagle is leaving! Eagle is leaving!

    Queen Clarisse Renaldi: [stops] In hushed tones, Lionel. Hushed tones.

  • Queen Clarisse Renaldi: I know it's short notice, but you were all dressed.

  • Queen Clarisse Renaldi: Nepotism belongs in the arts, not in plumbing.

  • Queen Clarisse Renaldi: You are princess of Genovia.

    Mia: Me, a princess?


    Mia: Shut up!

    Queen Clarisse Renaldi: I beg your pardon, "Shut up"?

    Consulate Maitre'D: Oh, your majesty, in America, it doesn't always mean to be quiet. Here it could mean "Wow, gee whiz, golly wolly"...

  • Queen Clarisse Renaldi: Amelia, you look so... young.

    Mia: Thank you. And you look so...

    [long pause]

    Mia: ... clean.

  • Queen Clarisse Renaldi: Goodbye, trolley people!

  • Queen Clarisse Renaldi: Where is she going?

    Helen Thermopolis: The tower.

    [getting up from the table and going after Mia]

    Helen Thermopolis: Mia, You can't run from everything!

    Queen Clarisse Renaldi: She has a tower?

  • Queen Clarisse Renaldi: Helen, if Amelia refuses to accept the throne, then Genovia will cease to exist as we know it.

    Helen Thermopolis: So the future of your country is in the hands my 15-year-old?

  • Helen Thermopolis: Mia, the-the three of us have to talk.

    Mia: Oh, OK. Um, is there maybe something else about me and my life that just maybe I might want to know about? Um-oh no, are you two waiting to take me on a talk show somewhere and to let me know I have a twin sister who's a duchess?

    Queen Clarisse Renaldi: You have a cousin who's a contessa. Fondly known as Bartholomew. Actually, we call him Pookie.

  • Queen Clarisse Renaldi: Do we have any problems?

    Charlotte Kutaway: [overly enthusiastically] No, everything's perfect. Perfect. It's wonderful.

    Queen Clarisse Renaldi: You're not very good at lying, Charlotte.

    Charlotte Kutaway: No, I'm not, your Majesty.

  • Queen Clarisse Renaldi: [teaching Mia to walk like a princess] We don't slump like this!

    [slumps past the doorway]

  • Helen Thermopolis: This is getting us nowhere! Talk to me!

    Mia: I can't talk to you right now. I'm late for a meeting with my guidance counselor.

    Queen Clarisse Renaldi: I'm late for a meeting with Spain and Portugal!

  • Mia: Now, what did you want to tell me?

    Queen Clarisse Renaldi: Something that, I think, will have a very big impact upon your life.

    Mia: I already have braces.

    Queen Clarisse Renaldi: No, it's bigger than orthodontia.

  • Queen Clarisse Renaldi: So, where are you taking me?

    Mia: Well, uh, do you have any change?

    Queen Clarisse Renaldi: No. It's not appropriate for royalty to jingle.

    Mia: Okay, I'll get the change.

    [cuts to a game arcade]

  • Queen Clarisse Renaldi: [after Mia, Prime Minister Motaz, and Sheila Motaz make a scene from eating the ice cream too quickly] Have you ever experienced that *instant* headache when you eat ice too quickly?

    Emperor Sakamoto: [briefly shakes his head] No.

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