Que Quotes in Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)


Que Quotes:

  • Que: Ah, good, you're here. My name's Que. I do hope you have answers for him. I've never seen him so upset!

    Lennox: Optimus, you remember Charlotte Mearing, our director of National Intelligence?

    [Optimus stays in truck mode]

    Dino: He's in a bad mood. He's not talking to anybody today.

    Charlotte Mearing: What is this, the silent treatment?

    Ironhide: We've seen that and this is not that.

    Que: Definitely not!

    Ironhide: This is worse. Prime, make something of yourself!

    [bangs fist on top of Optimus's cab, Optimus transforms]

    Ironhide: He's pissed.

    Optimus Prime: [pounds the ground] You lied to us! Everything humans know of our planet we were told had all been shared!

    [points to component]

    Optimus Prime: So why was this found in human possession?

  • Soundwave: [grabs Que] You! Your time is up!

    Que: Wait! We surrendered! We're your prisoners! Can't we talk this out? We're all a bunch of good chaps! We mean you no...

    [Barricade shoots Que]

    Que: What'd you do that for...?

    [Soundwave shoots Que, killing him]

    Bumblebee: Goodbye, my oldest friend.

  • Que: This gun is the perfect invention, Ironhide!

    Ironhide: Right.

  • Que: Wait! I'm not letting you go out there without my urban combat prototypes. They're great inventions for kicking ass! Those are boomsticks, armed in 30 seconds. Grapple gloves for climbing.

  • Dylan: Prisoners? You're keeping prisoners?

    Soundwave: Yeesss...

    Dylan: You need to teach them about respect! This was all business, but now it's all personal, do you understand me?

    Soundwave: [laughs] I understand. No prisoners, only trophies!

    Que: Bee, I think they're going to kill us!

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