Quartus Quotes in Stardust (2007)


Quartus Quotes:

  • [Secundus has just been murdered and has become a ghost, joining his other dead brothers]

    Secundus: [trying to laugh off his brothers' frosty stares] Oh, please, you're not annoyed at that whole murder thing, are you? I mean, that was ten years ago.

    Quartus: Great deal of good it did you, killing me, Secundus. Because now, of course, you're King of all Stormhold. Oh sorry, wait, no you're not - you're dead!

  • [deleted scene - the ghosts of Secundus, Quartus, and Sextus are standing in the crater next to an unconcious Yvaine]

    Secundus: With all due respect to father, that window thing was a rotten trick!

    Sextus: Excuse me? At least you had a chance! Quartus murdered me while I was asleep!

    Quartus: How many times do I have to tell you? It was Septimus!

    [the ghost of Tertius, recently poisoned, appears]

    Quartus: [to Tertius] Don't speak - don't say a word! Let me guess; Septimus?

    Tertius: [nods]

    Sextus: Poison?

    Tertius: [shrugs, then notices the stone lying next to Yvaine] The stone!

    [tries to pick it up and fails]

    Tertius: I can touch it! I can feel it, I just can't *shift* it! It's like it's too heavy...

    [looks up at his brothers, tearfully]

    Tertius: You look like a bunch of FREAKS!

    Secundus: Hold on... there are five of us now! We could do it together!

    Quintus: We *tried* it before - it didn't work!

    Secundus: But Tertius wasn't here, there were only four of us! Come on!

    [all of them gather around the stone and grab it, attempting to lift it - unbeknownst to them, Yvaine sits up]

    TertiusSecundusQuartusSextusQuintus: Come on... yes, yes... come on!

    [all groan and give up]

    TertiusSecundusQuartusSextusQuintus: No...

    [Yvaine sees the stone and goes to pick it up]

    TertiusSecundusQuartusSextusQuintus: No, no, no, no! No, no, no, no, no, no! N -

    [she picks it up]

    TertiusSecundusQuartusSextusQuintus: Awww...

    [Yvaine fastens it around her neck]

    TertiusSecundusQuartusSextusQuintus: No! Nononononono! Please! Aw.

    Quartus: [sighing] Well done, everyone.

    [all of them sigh and collapse - Tertius lies down in Quintus' lap]

    Quartus: No, you were right, though - it was definately better with five of us.


    Quartus: I mean, that's the closest we've come to actually *moving* anything!

    [Tertius, in Quintis' lap, looks irritated. Quintus looks down at him]

    Quintus: [soothingly] Shhh...

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