Professor Moody Quotes in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)


Professor Moody Quotes:

  • Professor Moody: Alastor Moody. Ex-Auror, Ministry malcontent, and your new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. I am here because Dumbledore asked me. End of story, goodbye, the end! Any questions? When it comes to the Dark Arts I believe in a practical approach. But first, which of you can tell me how many Unforgivable Curses there are?

    Hermione: Three, sir.

    Professor Moody: And they are so named?

    Hermione: Because they are unforgivable. The use of any one of them will...

    Professor Moody: Earn you a one-way ticket to Azkaban. Correct. The Ministry says you are too young to see what these curses do. I say different! You need to know what you're up against. You need to be prepared...

    [as he turns to the blackboard again, Seamus ducks under his desk]

    Professor Moody: You need to find another place to put your chewing gum besides the underside of your desk, Mr. Finnegan!

    Seamus: [whispering] No way, the old codger can see out of the back of his head!

    Professor Moody: [throws a piece of chalk at him] And hear across classrooms!

  • [Moody walks to Hermione's desk and places the spider in front of her]

    Professor Moody: Perhaps you'd like to give us the last curse, Miss Granger?

    [tears swimming in her eyes, Hermione shakes her head vigorously]

    Professor Moody: No?


    Professor Moody: AVADA KEDAVRA!

    [with a flash of green light, the spider lets out one final squeak, then stops moving. Hermione cannot even look]

    Professor Moody: The Killing Curse. Only one wizard is known to have survived it. And he's sitting in this room.

    [he stands in front of Harry]

  • Professor Moody: The Goblet of Fire is an exceptionally powerful magical object. Only an exceptionally powerful Confundus charm could have hoodwinked it! Magic way beyond the talents of a fourth year.

    Igor Karkaroff: You seem to have given this a fair bit of thought, Mad-Eye!

    Professor Moody: It was once my job to think as Dark Wizards do, Karkaroff. Perhaps you remember.

  • Professor Moody: [mocking Hagrid] 'Marvelous creatures, Dragons, aren't they'. Do you think that miserable oaf would've sent you into the woods if I hadn't suggested it? Do you think Cedric Diggory would've told you to open the egg underwater if I hadn't told him first myself? Do you think Neville Longbottom, the witless wonder, could've provided you with Gillyweed if I hadn't given him the book that led him strait to it?

    Harry: It was you from the beginning! You put my name into the Goblet of Fire! You bewitched Krum!

    Professor Moody: You won because I made it so, Potter! You ended up in that graveyard because it was meant to be so! And now the deed is done! The blood that runs in your veins runs within the Dark Lord! Imagine how he will reward me when he learns that I have once and for all silenced the great Harry Potter!

  • Professor McGonagall: This can't go on Albus. First the dark mark, now this?

    Dumbledore: What do you suggest Minerva?

    Professor McGonagall: Put an end to it! Don't let Potter compete!

    Dumbledore: You heard Barty. The rules are clear.

    Professor McGonagall: Well the devil with Barty and his rules! And since when did you accommodate the Ministry?

    Professor Snape: Headmaster I too find it difficult to believe this mere coincidence, however, if we are to truly discover the meaning of these events, perhaps we should, for the time being, let them unfold.

    Professor McGonagall: Do nothing? Offer him up as bait? Potter is a boy! Not a piece of meat!

    Dumbledore: I agree with Severus. Alastor, keep an eye on Harry will you?

    Professor Moody: I can do that.

    Dumbledore: Don't let him know though, he must be anxious enough as it is, knowing what lies ahead. Then again, we all are.

  • Professor Moody: What was it like? What was he like?

    Harry: Who?

    Professor Moody: The Dark Lord. What was it like to stand in his presence?

    Harry: ...I dunno... It was like I'd fallen into one of my dreams. Into one of my nightmares.

    Professor Moody: Were there others? In the graveyard, were there others?

    Harry: ...I don't think I said anything about a graveyard, Professor.

  • Professor Moody: Let's have another curse. C'mon, c'mon.

    [Neville's hand slowly goes up, and Moody calls on him]

    Professor Moody: Longbottom, isn't it? Professor Sprout tells me you have an aptitude for Herbology.

    Neville: Th-there's um... the Cruciatus Curse.

    Professor Moody: Correct! Correct! Particularly nasty.

    [he leads Neville up to his desk and puts the spider down in front of him]

    Professor Moody: The torture curse. CRUCIO!

    [the spider begins to squeak and writhe in pain. Neville flinches, almost unable to watch as the spider continues to curl itself up in agony]

    Hermione: Stop it! Can't you see it's bothering him? STOP IT!

    [Moody lifts the curse, and again palms the spider. Neville is left standing at the desk, looking shell-shocked]

  • Professor Moody: What are you going to do about your dragon?

    Harry: Oh... um... well, you know, I just thought I'd...

    Professor Moody: Listen to me, Potter. Your pal Diggory? By your age he could turn a whistle into a watch and have it sing you the time. Miss Delacour is as much a fairy princess as I am. As for Krum, his head may be filled with sawdust, but Karkaroff's is not. They'll have a strategy. And you can bet that it will play to Krum's strengths. Come on, Potter, what are you strengths?

    Harry: I dunno... I can fly, I mean I'm a fair flyer...

    Professor Moody: Better than fair the way I heard it.

    Harry: But I'm not allowed a broom.

    Professor Moody: You're allowed a wand...

  • Malfoy: [after Moody humilates him by turning him into a ferret and bouncing him up and down] My father will hear about this!

    Professor Moody: Is that a threat?

    [He steps forward, and Malfoy runs around the tree, Moody following]

    Professor Moody: Is that a threat? Is that a threat?

    [Malfoy flees]

    Professor McGonagall: Professor Moody! Professor!

    Professor Moody: [yelling after him ] I could tell you stories about your father that would curl even your greasy hair, boy!

    Professor McGonagall: Alastor!

    Professor Moody: It doesn't end here!

    Professor McGonagall: Alastor, we never use transfiguration as a punishment. Surely Dumbledore told you that?

    Professor Moody: He might have mentioned it.

    Professor McGonagall: Well then. Do well to remember it!

    [She stalks off, and Moody makes a face at her retreating back]

  • Professor Moody: So, what curse shall we see first? Weasley!

    Ron: [scared] Yes?

    Professor Moody: Stand!

    [Ron does]

    Professor Moody: Give us a curse.

    Ron: Well... my dad did tell me about one. The Imperius Curse?

    Professor Moody: Oh, yeah, your dad would know all about that one. Gave the Ministry a lot of trouble at one time. Perhaps this will show you why.

    [opens a jar full of spiders and picks one out]

    Professor Moody: Hello, my little beauty! Engorgio.

    [the spider grows to a huge size]

    Professor Moody: Imperio!

    [the spider begins hopping around the room, onto student's clothes, faces, etc. Everyone starts laughing]

    Professor Moody: Don't worry, she's completely harmless! If she bites... she's lethal!

    [laughs with everyone]

    Professor Moody: Talented, isn't she? What shall I have her do next? Jump out the window?

    [the spider jumps toward the window, which is closed, and slams into the glass. Everyone stops laughing at once]

    Professor Moody: Drown herself?

    [the spider jumps to a pail of water and poises on the rim, ready to dive. Then he brings her back to his arms]

    Professor Moody: Scores of wizards and witches claimed that they only did You-Know-Who's bidding under the effects of the Imperius Curse. But here's the rub... how do we sort out the liars?

  • Professor McGonagall: Professor Moody! What are you doing?

    Professor Moody: Teaching.

    Professor McGonagall: Teach - is that a student?

    Professor Moody: Technically it's a ferret.

  • Professor Moody: Stupid ceiling.

  • Dumbledore: Do you know who I am? Do you?

    Professor Moody: Albus Dumbledore.

    Dumbledore: Are you Alastor Moody?

    Professor Moody:

  • Professor Moody: [points to a mirror in his office] That's my Foe-Glass. Lets me keep an eye on my enemies. When I see the whites of their eyes, it means they're right behind me.

    [a trunk in the office rocks violently, and a low moan comes from inside]

    Professor Moody: Wouldn't even bother to tell you what's in there, wouldn't believe me if I did.

  • Professor Moody: [from trailer] The killing curse, only one person is known to have survived it. He's siting in this room.

    [Harry looks up]

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