Professor Jordan Perry Quotes in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze (1991)


Professor Jordan Perry Quotes:

  • Shredder: Babies! They're babies!

    Professor Jordan Perry: What did you expect? They'd come out quoting "Macbeth"?

    Shredder: They are stupid!

    Professor Jordan Perry: Well, they're not stupid, they're infants.

    Rahzar: [knocks Tokka on the head with a metal pole] Bang!

    Tokka: Ow!

    Professor Jordan Perry: Okay, they're stupid infants.

  • Professor Jordan Perry: This is bad! Carbon dioxide is essential to the anti-mutanagenic process. Their burping is probably retarding the reaction.

    Donatello: Is there anyway to speed it back up?

    Professor Jordan Perry: Well the reintroduction of CO2 could act as a catalyst.

    Donatello: Yeah. Hmm.

    Professor Jordan Perry: The problem is finding a ready supply.

    [Walks over to a nearby fire extinguisher and takes it off the wall, showing it to Donatello]

    Donatello: Genius. Prue genius.

  • [cooking up an anti-mutagen to transform Tokka and Rahzar]

    Michaelangelo: You think this stuff is gonna work?

    Donatello: Well, we won't know for sure until we spray those guys.

    Professor Jordan Perry: Well, actually...

    Donatello: Actually?

    Professor Jordan Perry: Actually... ingestion is the only course.

    Michaelangelo: You mean they have to eat it?

    Professor Jordan Perry: Affirmative. Yes. Yo. Right on... my man.

  • Professor Jordan Perry: Four walking, talking turtles.

    Raphael: [sarcastically] Yeah, the guy's Ph.D material all right.

  • Michaelangelo: Um, not to criticize science or anything, but wouldn't it be easier just to call it 'the pink one'?

    Professor Jordan Perry: [pours a liquid in a pan, and eats a piece of pizza] Pepperoni heaven!

    Professor Jordan Perry: [pours two liquids in a pot] Donatello, continue aeration!

    Donatello: Continuing aeration.

    [begins to stir the mixture the pot]

    Raphael: [sniffs the mixture] Man! This stuff is rank!

    Keno: Yeah, try carrying it on the subway sometime. I never got a seat so fast in my life.

    Leonardo: [sniffs the mixture] Blech! Thanks for doing all the shopping for us, Keno.

    Keno: No problem. I hope you didn't mind me picking up a few pies.

    Michaelangelo: You're forgiven.

    [sniffs the mixture]

    Michaelangelo: Whoa!

    [drops a slice of pizza in the mixture]

    Michaelangelo: [Donatello continues to mix the stuff with the pizza slice]

  • [after being given a giant mutated dandelion]

    Professor Jordan Perry: You know, if the soil's contaminated so far away, there must be more leaky canisters than we thought.

    TGRI Assisstant #1: Well, how can that be? They were only buried fifteen years ago.

    Professor Jordan Perry: Fifteen, fifty. Just make sure that the rest are found and removed!

    TGRI Assistant #1: Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to invite the press.

    Professor Jordan Perry: Sometimes the best place to hide is right out in public.

    TGRI Assisstant #1: But if any of it fell into the wrong hands...

    [Perry looks as giant dandelion]

    Professor Jordan Perry: I'm well aware of the risks.

  • Shredder: [after Tatsu locks a wolf and a snapping turtle into small cells] And these are the two most vicious animals you could find?

    [Tatsu nods]

    Shredder: Good. Professor?

    Professor Jordan Perry: Preparations are complete, however...

    Shredder: Begin.

    Professor Jordan Perry: However, I feel free to re-register my original protest and remind you of the immense dangers of...

    [Tatsu squares up to him and growls]

    Professor Jordan Perry: ...That's enough talk from me. We'll begin.

  • April O'Neil: He's just forcing you guys into fighting Tokka and Rahzar again.

    Leonardo: We know.

    April O'Neil: But...

    Raphael: April, there's no other way.

    April O'Neil: But you guys don't stand a chance.

    Professor Jordan Perry: Wait! Wait just a moment. There might be a way!

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