Pritchett Quotes in Broken Arrow (1996)


Pritchett Quotes:

  • Vic Deakins: Well, I do appreciate the money that you and your associates have invested in the operation. But this IS an operation, it's a MILITARY operation. And YOU don't know DICK about that! Now *I* have been in the military for over 20 years. I planned and flew over 100 missions in the Gulf. I put these boys together because they are *motivated* and they are *highly trained* like me! This is what I do, Mr. Pritchett! And this is BATTLE! And battle is a highly *fluid* situation. You - You plan on your contingencies, and I have. You keep your initiative, and I will. But what you don't do is *share command*! It's NEVER a good IDEA!

    Pritchett: It's still my money.

    Vic Deakins: And if we succeed, you and your friends will get a ton of it.

    Pritchett: *If* we're successful?

    Vic Deakins: Look, Mr. Pritchett, I will deliver the weapons to the destination. But I can't depend and I can't guarantee that those assholes in Washington won't do something stupid like... not pay.

    Pritchett: What if they don't?

    Vic Deakins: Well, if they don't, the southwest will be a quiet neighbourhood for, uh, about ten thousand years.

  • Pritchett: You assured me everything would go smoothly.

    Vic Deakins: Everything is going smoothly, I assure you.

  • Pritchett: Oh, God! Oh, God! How does that gunship fit into your grand strategy? You don't know what you're doing, do you? This is out of control! I must have been...!

    Vic Deakins: [Deakins crushes Pritchett's throat, by striking it with a Mag-lite. Pritchett falls back in his seat, choking to death] Hush... hush!

  • Eddie: [to Price, holding up bloody rag] Look at this! Huh? What is this?

    Pritchett: [turns around] That? What just happened to you there... that's nothing. You've just been playing around with a ghost. Wait 'til somebody lets out the Darkness in this place. That's a whole... that's a whole new bunch of crazy shit. That's... you'll hate that shit.

  • Pritchett: [walking slowly to Sara] You don't... get it... do you? This house is pissed. It has no morals, 'cause it's a fucking *house*!

  • Pritchett: I lied. The house is alive. We're all gonna die.

  • Eddie: Oh, so then we'll just stay here 'til morning.

    Pritchett: Oh, great. I'm sure we'll all be mutilated beyond recognition by then.

  • Pritchett: Price didn't make the list; the house did... 'Cause she's a vengeful, stupid whore!

  • Sara: I'm trying to figure out who or what Melissa was taping when she disappeared.

    Eddie: Right. Then where will we be?

    Pritchett: Out of Scotch thanks to you, ass!

  • Pritchett: The house doesn't care what's fair, who lives or dies. Know why? 'Cause it's a fucking *house*!

  • Pritchett: Jesus, she's dead. She was cute, too. God, I'd love to get laid before I die.

    [looks at Evelyn]

    Pritchett: How you doin' tonight?

    [Evelyn gives him a glare]

    Pritchett: Yeah, I'm all right.

    [continues drinking heavily]

  • Sara: Is this house really haunted?

    Pritchett: [near hysterics] It's uh, well, bleh... hah... yeah, it's pretty scary.

  • [Pritchett appears behind Sara and Eddie after they find a dead body]

    Eddie: Holy shit!

    Pritchett: Booga booga.

  • Pritchett: Sorry to interrupt. Goddammit, you give me my goddamn check right now! 'Cause I want it! So you give it! Now! I'm serious.

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