Principal Pepper Quotes in Air Bud (1997)


Principal Pepper Quotes:

  • Principal Pepper: May I have your attention, please? Uh, we have a real treat for you folks. I'd like you to all welcome our own guard, Josh Framm. And the new mascot, for the Timberwolves basketball team, Air-Bud!

    Melissa: Great.

    [Josh brings Buddy to the basketball rim, tosses a basketball to get Buddy pop up and through the net. Buddy was not ready, the audience laughs while teammate Timberwolves lightly moan]

    Josh Framm: [sighs] Let's go. Let's go. Come on, I'm just playing. Yeah, good boy. Just, like we always do. You already showed me that. Don't worry about all those people out there. Hey, good boy. Yeah, good boy. Let's go. Come on. Let's go, boy.

    [bounces basketball on floor once]

    Josh Framm: Come on. Let's go. Good boy. You wanna play?

    [tosses basketball towards Buddy; while it is in the air in front of Buddy's face, Buddy knocks it up and into rim for a basket; the audience cheers]

  • Josh Framm: [During first Timberwolves & Warriors basketball game, Buddy comes into gymnasium and knocked basketball out of a Warrior's grip] Buddy!

    [Both teams start chasing Buddy, to try to get the basketball back, saying "Get him!"]

    Josh Framm: Buddy, stop!

    Referee #1: Hey, gimme that ball.

    Jackie Framm: [Loose basketball then hits a Gatorade ice-chest, causing a big spill on gymnasium floor] Excuse me.

    Josh Framm: Get back here.

    [basketball hits referee in his forehead, making him walk to bench. Meanwhile, the other referee loses his balance and slides into a table, hitting one set of legs, causing the table to fold on end nearly injure him]

    Josh Framm: Buddy, no!

    [Buddy then causes a rack of basketballs to spill, onto floor]

    Josh Framm: Buddy, no!

    [Josh gets the basketball, then Buddy knocks it, out of Josh's hands and up into basketball rim for a bucket. Audience and referees are a -first in shock and then start cheering for Buddy]

    Josh Framm: Buddy, bad dog!

    Jackie Framm: Sorry, Josh. Come on, Buddy.

    Josh Framm: [after the game] Hey, boy.

    Jackie Framm: Did you know that Buddy could do that? Did you know that Buddy could play basketball?

    Principal Pepper: [chuckling] There he is! Oh, the man of the hour! And the dog! I swear, I wouldn't have believed it, if I hadn't seen it with my own two eyes! A basketball-playing dog! A regular Michael "Woof" Jordan! You've been keeping this under your hats! Oh, I'm going off like a faucet. Melissa, this is Mrs. Framm... and her talented son, Josh.

    Melissa: Hi.

    Josh Framm: Hi.

    Melissa: I'm the president, of the Booster Club and wondered if you and...

    Josh Framm: Buddy.

    Melissa: Buddy could do that trick, at the next half-time show.

    Principal Pepper: Wouldn't he be a great mascot?

    Josh Framm: [Buddy leaves them, going back to the gymnasium, having overheard Coach Barker shouting at and mistreating Timberwolf Tom Stewart] Buddy? Buddy!

    Coach Barker: You're never going to drop another ball, Stewart!

    [starts throwing a group of basketballs at Tom Stewart too hard and to fast for him to successfully catch any of them, to vent out his anger]

    Principal Pepper: [opens the gymnasium door] What's going on here?

    Coach Barker: Just running Tom through a little drill.

    Principal Pepper: That'll be enough, Joe. That will be enough.

    Josh Framm: [Josh pets Buddy's head at gymnasium door] Good boy!

  • Josh Framm: [a day or two after Principal Pepper fired Coach Barker; knocks on her office door] Mrs. Pepper?

    Principal Pepper: Mm-hmm.

    Josh Framm: Um, have you found a basketball coach yet?

    Principal Pepper: Mm-hmm. Yes, Larry's father volunteered. Just until we find a new P. E. teacher.

    Josh Framm: [starts to leave, but then goes back to her door] Okay.

    Principal Pepper: Mm-hmm.

    Josh Framm: [opens her door, the second time] Would it be weird, if I make a suggestion?

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