Princess Selenia Quotes in Arthur and the Invisibles (2006)


Princess Selenia Quotes:

  • King: [crying] My little girl...

    Princess Selenia: [annoyed whisper] Father!

    [the King clears his throat; regaining his composure]

    King: Sorry.

  • Princess Selenia: [Darkos, Malthazar's son pulls a menu she holding and covering her face with] Oh! Hey, Darkos...

    Darkos: [arrogantly surprised] Selenia? What a nice princess like you doing in a place like this?

    Princess Selenia: [friendly] Oh, I just dropped by here to hang out and dance.

    Darkos: [leaning forward menacingly] Very well then, let's DANCE.

    Princess Selenia: [sweetily] Darkos sweetheart, I would rather...

    [snarling fiercely]

    Princess Selenia: *DIE* than to dance with YOU.

  • Arthur: [respectfully] My respects to you, Princess Selenia.

    Princess Selenia: [to Beta; suspicious] How does he know my name?

    Betameche: [mocking voice] My respects to you, Princess Selenia!

  • Betameche: [about Arthur; to Selenia] Hot, isn't he?

    Princess Selenia: [scoffs] *Ordinary.*

  • Princess Selenia: [to Arthur; in the hallway of the Evil M's palace] I'll face M alone. Right now, we're splitting up.

    Arthur: What would happen if you succeed?

    Princess Selenia: Then we shall meet back here.

    Arthur: [concerned] And if you fail?

    [Selenia hesitates]

    Princess Selenia: If I should fail... Then I shall breathe all my powers to you.

    Arthur: What does that mean?

    Princess Selenia: [a short pause] Be a good king.

  • [Selenia and Betameche are bickering]

    King: [sternly] Selenia! Betameche! You two, stop bickering.

    [Selenia and Betameche turn their backs to one another, food their arms and pout crossily]

    Princess SeleniaBetameche: [in unison] Hmph!

  • Princess Selenia: You okay? Nothing broken?

    Arthur: I'm not sure, I can't feel anything on my butt.

    Princess Selenia: Just one question: Where did you learn to fly like that?

    Arthur: Driving with my grandfather.

    Princess Selenia: That makes sense.

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