Princess Dala Quotes in The Pink Panther (1963)


Princess Dala Quotes:

  • [Having made her tipsy with champagne, Sir Charles Lytton kisses Princess Dala]

    Princess Dala: If I were my father, I'd have you tortured.

    Sir Charles Lytton: No. If you were your father, I doubt very much if I would have kissed you.

  • Princess Dala: [tipsy from champagne] When I went on my first zsrafari... frazari... wild animal hunt.

  • Simone Clouseau: If I'm not being too nosy your highness, I read somewhere there was some dispute over the ownership of the Pink Panther.

    Princess Dala: It belongs to me. It was a gift from my late father. I shall never surrender it.

    Sir Charles Lytton: Why should you?

    Princess Dala: When the present government seized power, they claimed the diamond was the property of the people. There's even some talk of the international court deciding the issue.

    Sir Charles Lytton: I'll tell you what, why don't I steal the diamond, leave that old glove or whatever it is behind, and you and I can split the insurance.

    Princess Dala: All right.

    George Lytton: I feel like dancing.

    [to Princess Dala]

    George Lytton: Your Highness?

    Princess Dala: I'd love to.

    Sir Charles Lytton: [to Simone] How about you, Madame?

    Simone Clouseau: Yes, of course.

    Inspector Jacques Clouseau: Your leg is better, Sir. Charles?

    Sir Charles Lytton: What?

    Inspector Jacques Clouseau: I say your leg is better.

    Sir Charles Lytton: Oh, yes. Much better. Thank you.

    Inspector Jacques Clouseau: You know, Mr. Tucker...

    [scalds his hand]

    Inspector Jacques Clouseau: Argh!

    [put his burnt hand into Mr. Tucker's beer]

    Tucker: That's my beer, old man.

  • Inspector Jacques Clouseau: I am willing to bet you ten thousand francs, that the phantom is in Cortina at this very moment. Even, perhaps, in this very room.

    Simone Clouseau: How exciting. What do you think, Mr. Tucker?

    Tucker: Oh, I agree with the inspector. You see, Ten of his last fifteen victims have been guests at Angela Dunning's parties.

    Sir Charles Lytton: What are we all talking about?

    Simone Clouseau: The notorious Phantom.

    Princess Dala: I'm afraid I never heard of him.

    Sir Charles Lytton: From the little I've read about him, he seems to be quite a fellow.

    Inspector Jacques Clouseau: Believe me. There are few thieves who are as clever as the Phantom. Each theft is completely different and unique, classic in its conception.

    George Lytton: I thought you were working on the theory that he does repeat himself.

    Inspector Jacques Clouseau: Well, only as far as Angela Dunning's parties are concerned. However, there is one other duplication, but that is his ah... trademark, his calling card, so to speak. He always leaves a white monogrammed glove.

    Princess Dala: Sounds terribly theatrical.

  • Tucker: Your Highness, if I were the Phantom, I'd have chosen my victim already.

    Princess Dala: Really? And who would that be?

    Tucker: Well, who owns the most fabulous diamond in the world?

    Princess Dala: I suppose I do.

    Inspector Jacques Clouseau: Exactly. The Pink Panther. Such a prize he could never resist. He would be bound to try for it.

    Princess Dala: I'm afraid he'd be disappointed. The Pink Panther is in my safe, at...

    Inspector Jacques Clouseau: [interrupting] Your Highness, please. Don't say it, not here.

  • Woman: I've never really known another man like him. He can keep ten girls in the air at once and make each one happy.

    Princess Dala: Amazing, sort of a contemporary Don Juan?

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