Princess Daisy Quotes in Super Mario Bros. (1993)


Princess Daisy Quotes:

  • Luigi: Do you eat?

    Princess Daisy: Yes.

    Luigi: Dinner?

    Princess Daisy: Yes.

    Luigi: Tonight?

  • [last lines]

    Princess Daisy: [enters with combat fatigues and a big gun] Luigi! Mario!

    Luigi: Daisy!

    Princess Daisy: You guys gotta come with me! I need your help!

    Luigi: Why, what's wrong?

    Princess Daisy: [cradles her gun and smiles] You're not gonna believe *this*.

    Mario: I believe it.

    Luigi: You do?

    Mario: [chuckles] I believe.

  • Luigi: [trying to make conversation with Daisy after first meeting her] A-are you ok?

    Princess Daisy: I got a few problems...

    Luigi: Well, you know, we got a van.

    Princess Daisy: [a little confused] It's... nice.

    Luigi: No no, I'm asking you if you want a ride. Oh, but, uh... it's broken, though.

    Princess Daisy: ...well...

    [turns to leave]

    Luigi: Your name's Daisy, isn't it? I-I overheard your name's Daisy. I've never heard that name around here. It's really nice, too. N-no, I *have* heard it cuz it's, like, the flower and everything... n-not that I hang around the flower shops or anything like that.

  • Princess Daisy: I'm a vegetarian, I don't eat anything with a face.

  • Luigi MarioPrincess Daisy: [after watching Mario, Daniella and the other prisoned girls escape and land right in front of them on a mattress]

    [to each other]

    Luigi MarioPrincess Daisy: Are you all right?

    Luigi Mario: [about Mario and the girls] Are *they* all right?

  • [Daisy examines a strange fossil that she later learns is her own mother]

    Princess Daisy: These are all strange new species. Look at this, the way these bones fit here, and the opposable thumb. It's almost as if he were a monster trying to be a human being.

  • King Koopa: Don't fight it. You know you've always been uncomfortable in the human world, and you at least suspected that you were...

    [tongue flicks in and out like a snake's]

    King Koopa: ?different.

    Princess Daisy: I suspected a lot of things, but not that I...

    King Koopa: That you were descended from the dinosaurs? And you know what they say about little girls, don't you? Hm? They say they never forget the first time they're kissed by a lizard.

    [face starts to look more reptilian]

  • [Lena aims a pin at Daisy's throat]

    Princess Daisy: Why are you doing this?

    Lena: Because everybody deserves what they've earned! And I've earned this!

  • Luigi: [after learning that Daisy was abandoned as an infant] You mean you don't know who your mother and father neither?

    Princess Daisy: No. What do you mean, "neither"?

    Luigi: Cuz, you see, Mario here brought me up. He's been like my mother my whole life.

    Mario: Hey!

    Luigi: [laughing] Ok, ok, my father, all right? And my uncle, cousin, and everybody.

  • Scapelli: Who's in charge of this hole?

    Princess Daisy: I'm in charge here.

    Scapelli: I'm Anthony Scapelli. I'm the boss elsewhere. My boys have to get back to work here. How long are you gonna be digging up these... bones?

    Princess Daisy: As long as our court order lasts, Mr. Scapelli. The university has explained to you how important this site is. And we'd get done a lot sooner if your goons would stop harassing us.

    Scapelli: You look like a smart girl. I'll bet you'll be done by tonight. You know, a lot of girls have gone missing in Brooklyn lately... I'd be careful.

  • Princess Daisy: You must be the great Koopa.

    King Koopa: That I am. Ruler of all that you see.

    [indicates a globe that's nothing but desert and one single city]

    King Koopa: A few miserable streets and an endless desert.

  • Princess Daisy: [Scapelli has flooded the fossil site] Thank God you're here... I mean...

    Luigi: What do you mean?

    Princess Daisy: I mean, you're a plumber, right?

    Luigi: Oh, yeah! I don't know exactly what to do.

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