Prince Siegfried Quotes in Swan Lake (1981)


Prince Siegfried Quotes:

  • Prince Siegfried: [thinking] I feel like I'm being watched by a beautiful lady.

  • Prince Siegfried: Are you a swan that turn into a human being? Or a human being that into a swan?

    Princess Odette: I really am a human being. But, an evil sorcerer put me under a magic spell and turn me into a swan.

    Prince Siegfried: An evil sorcerer?

    Princess Odette: Yes. I only turn back into a human girl, after the sun goes down and the moon comes out.

    Prince Siegfried: Then, the spell that turn my friend Adolph into a statue?

    Princess Odette: Yes. That was Rothbart's doing.

  • Prince Siegfried: Rothbart, Fight like a man!

    Rothbart: Me? Prince Siegfried wants to fight me?

    Prince Siegfried: I'll fight to the death, if I had to!

    Rothbart: Oh, boy. Perhaps, you don't realize that standing in front of you is Rothbart the Magnificent!

  • Benno: Well. Congratulations, your highness.

    Prince Siegfried: You better stop it! Just because I'm turning 21 and taking over the kingdom and getting married to someone that I don't love all of one day, It doesn't mean you have to right to make fun of me!

    [turns back to himself]

    Prince Siegfried: I wish they were some way out... How can I marry a stranger? I know what I'll do. Give up... I've never disobeyed my mother and I can't start doing it now.

    Benno: Why are you so surprised? You were born of prince and this is your fate. So, you'll have to accept it.

    [Siegfried looks at Benno, walking through the window]

  • [Siegfried is waiting for Odette]

    Prince Siegfried: Of course, she'll come. I just know she will.

    Benno: But, your highness. If that sorcerer Rothbart uses his evil power...

    Prince Siegfried: Don't say that. I'll never marry anyone but her.

    Benno: But, what if she doesn't show up?

    Prince Siegfried: She will show up...

    [turns to himself]

    Prince Siegfried: If you looked in her eyes the way I have, Benno. You know that she can never break a promise anyone. Never.

    [turns back to Benno]

    Prince Siegfried: She'll be here, Benno. And the minute that I am king, she'll be my queen... You'll see.

    [Siegfried walks through the window]

  • Adolph: Prince Siegfried! Something wrong, your highness?

    Prince Siegfried: Take a look over there.

    [Benno running off to see the swan with the crown on its head]

    Benno: Ooh! Would you look at that? A swan with a crown on its head!

    Adolph: Well, blow me down!

  • [Siegfried and Benno riding on their horse to the lake for the swan with a crown, he sees the Adolph's statue]

    Prince Siegfried: Don't you worry about thing, Adolph.

    [Hans and Margarita watches the swan with a crown is leaving, they notices that Siegfried and Benno has come back]

    Margarita: Oh, why is the prince back so soon?

    Prince Siegfried: [points to the swan with a crown] Look over there. The swan with a crown, It's leaving! Let's go!

    Benno: Where are we going?

    Margarita: Why is Prince Siegfried following that beautiful swan?

    [running off, turns to Hans]

    Margarita: What are you waiting for?

    Hans: Huh? Why do I have to come?

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