Prince Memucan Quotes in One Night with the King (2006)


Prince Memucan Quotes:

  • Prince Memucan: [playing an ancient, lifesize version of chess] Now let me see... you over there.

    Queen Esther: Why can not a truce be arranged?

    King Xerxes: Truce? That devil, Memucan has beat me twice in a row.

    Queen Esther: I fear losing you.

    King Xerxes: I gave an oath

    [rising to feet, with Esther]

    King Xerxes: to my father.

    Queen Esther: He's the one I fear losing you to. You must dream You'll be gone much in the coming months.

    King Xerxes: Keep this for me.

    [giving her the necklace]

    Queen Esther: But it is yours.

    King Xerxes: Than be at peace. I always return for what is mine.

    [before kissing her]

    Prince Memucan: Will thoust sit there all day, my lord!

    [gesturing for him to play]

  • Prince Memucan: [very anxious] Think not I heard your whispered orchestrations that night and how you drew even me into your schemes!

    Prince Admantha: [snapping] In these troubled time, it is easy to name any man traitor! I even recall a certain campaign in Ionia, under King Darius; where someone allowed the defeated Greeks to keep their own form of government. Their democracy, instead of placing the protocal of the empire in control; favoring democracy. They doctrine to which all Persia is opposed.

    Prince Memucan: [indignant, turning to leave] I followed orders!

    Prince Admantha: [stopping him, chuckling a little] Come.Come.Come.Come. We trouble ourselves with foolish things. The King asked me to speak, I did. I obeyed as you did.

  • King Xerxes: [at the training grounds, to Hagai] My captain!

    Hagai: Blame me not for this, my lord. But the princes' have ordered us to begin brining you candidates by the end of the week.

    King Xerxes: [quite amused] You jest. I am in the middle of...

    Prince Memucan: [cuts in with a smile] At least you'll get it over with. Besides these men might enjoy seeing some ladies around. No?

  • King Xerxes: [as his subjects become louder requesting the Queen] Am I to be a mockery before my subjects?

    Prince Admantha: [interjecting] Or Greece as well.

    King Xerxes: [intent] Continue, cousin.

    Prince Admantha: Let not this deed of refusal travel abroad to all women, making their husbands contemptible in their eyes. Let it not be said that Xerxes commanded his wife to come before him, but she came not. Vashti is not only guilty of disobedience to the crown, but against the protocols of our fathers.

    King Xerxes: Tell me.

    [turning to Memucan]

    King Xerxes: What dictates the protocol?

    Prince Memucan: A royal edict must be issued and written into the laws of the land, that Vashti... that Vashti come no more before the King. That her royal position be given to a new Queen. Someone more 'worthy' then her.

    Hagai: [at attention] My lord. What answer do I send the Queen?

    King Xerxes: [as his guests become more protesting, standing] The land has no more Queen!

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