Prince Edward Tudor Quotes in The Prince and the Pauper (1937)


Prince Edward Tudor Quotes:

  • [Miles has taken the Prince to his home for the night]

    Prince Edward Tudor: I'm hungry. What have you to tempt my appetite?

    Miles Hendon: Well, now, that depends on what didn't tempt the mices.

    Prince Edward Tudor: Mice?

    Miles Hendon: Oh, yes. I had to fatten them all up. You see the, uh, cat threatened to leave.

    Prince Edward Tudor: You're making a joke.

    Miles Hendon: The humor of being short of rations, my small friend, has always escaped me.

    Prince Edward Tudor: Then you're poor?

    Miles Hendon: Would you believe it? I am.

  • [Miles sits down to share the supper]

    Prince Edward Tudor: Would you sit in the presence of your king?

    Miles Hendon: Now, see here, my lad!

    Prince Edward Tudor: I will no longer tolerate your manner.

    Miles Hendon: [humoring him] I ask your pardon, your majesty, but after that chase we led them it would be good to sit down.

    Prince Edward Tudor: Perhaps.

    [Miles sits]

    Prince Edward Tudor: No! Custom must be preserved - you will stand.

    [Miles stands and then leans against the wall, getting annoyed as the prince finishes the supper]

    Prince Edward Tudor: I was very hungry. Feel better now.

    Miles Hendon: I'm gratified, your majesty.

    Prince Edward Tudor: Come to think of it, I'm under obligation to you in many ways. Your service demands rich reward.

    Miles Hendon: Oh, a mere nothing, your majesty.

    Prince Edward Tudor: You may have any reward you wish... name it.

    Miles Hendon: The, uh, privilege of sitting in your majesty's presence.

    Prince Edward Tudor: Advance, fellow, and give me your sword.

    Miles Hendon: [gives his sword to the prince] Did you find the mutton tough, sire?

    Prince Edward Tudor: Kneel.

    [the prince lays the sword on Miles' shoulder]

    Prince Edward Tudor: While England remains - and the crown continues - you and your heirs, forever, may sit in the presence of the majesty of England.

    [he taps the sword on Miles' shoulder]

    Prince Edward Tudor: Arise, Sir Miles Hendon.

    Prince Edward Tudor: For pity sake, sit down.

    Miles Hendon: Thank you, your majesty.

  • [the boys are switching clothes - the prince holds up one of Tom's tattered garments]

    Prince Edward Tudor: Are there in any vermin in this?

    Tom Canty: So few you'll hardly notice them at all, your highness.

  • [John and Hugo have brought the prince - thinking he's Tom - to help them steal from the inn]

    John Canty: Now, remember: if ya don't do like you've been told, we'll put climes on ya! Twenty of 'em! Ya know what climes are?

    [the prince shakes his head, 'no']

    John Canty: Tell him, Hugo.

    Hugo: They're little bandages, with a bit o' paste on 'em, made o' soap and quicklime and rust off old iron. And when ya takes 'em off there's the nastiest looking sore that ever made a citizen sick. Sores that don't get well, but spread like a disease.

    Prince Edward Tudor: No... no... I'll steal.

    John Canty: Let's get at it then.

  • Prince Edward Tudor: Who are you, fellow?

    Miles Hendon: Miles Hendon, Your Majesty.

    Prince Edward Tudor: Your name is not familiar. What is your trade?

    Miles Hendon: Soldiering, sire.

    Prince Edward Tudor: In my service?

    Miles Hendon: In the service of anyone who can afford enemies.

    Prince Edward Tudor: Soldier of fortune. Strange profession.

    Miles Hendon: Well, of the three of them for a gentleman without means I think it's the most amusing. Cheating at cards means associating with dull people. Preaching the gospel means wearing one of those funny hats.

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