Prince Quotes in Station West (1948)


Prince Quotes:

  • [Prince joins Haven and Charlie at the table]

    John Haven: So Charlie probably runs the town, huh?

    Prince: Why do you care?

    John Haven: I've gotta spend some time here, I'd just like to know who winds the clock.

    [Haven throws his chips onto the table in front of Prince. Mick notices this, and walks over]

    Charlene - aka 'Charlie': [sarcastically] It's been a nice conversation. I'd hate to have it end.

    Mick: Who's this?

    Charlene - aka 'Charlie': Mick, this is cousin John.

    John Haven: From Waxahachie.

    Charlene - aka 'Charlie': Cousin John's a missionary on his way to China.

    Mick: What's keeping him?

    Prince: Think he's wondering if he couldn't do more good here.

    [Mick tries to remove the bottle of win, but Haven stops him]

    Mick: You ain't too friendly, are ya?

    John Haven: I like to pick my friends.

    Prince: You oughtta learn not to pick 'em so easy, like you do your cousins.

    John Haven: [gesturing at Charlie] Ask her.

    Charlene - aka 'Charlie': I never saw him before in my life.

    [Haven and Mick are still wrestling over the bottle. Haven suddenly throws a glass of wine in Mick's face, and punches him. Haven is then held by various bystanders. Mick wipes his face and squares up to Haven]

    Mick: You're too little to make that big a mistake.

    John Haven: You gonna correct me, or just bleed at the mouth?

    Mick: [to the men holding Haven] Bring him outside.

  • [Mick and Haven are going outside to fight]

    Mark Bristow: What happened?

    Charlene - aka 'Charlie': He wanted to be my cousin.

    Prince: And she hasn't any aunts or uncles.

  • Prince: So it's hide-and-seek you want to play? Alright, I'll count to 100.

    [Rommel barks]

    Dargis: Hello, Rommel!

    Prince: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

    [Dargis continues walking with Prince in the basket]

    Prince: 35, 36, 37, 38...

    [Dargis approaches the river]

    Prince: 96, 97, 98, 99, 100. Alright, fair warning. Ready or not, here I co - - me!

    [Dargis throws the basket in the river with Prince in it]

    Dargis: Bon voyage, Prince!

    Prince: Oh, dear me. I may have misjudged the old boy. Perhaps he is somewhat of a scoundrel. After all, this is *not* the way one plays hide and seek.

  • Jon Arbuckle: Garfield, since when do you say "no" to lasagna?

    Prince: ...You do realize I'm a cat, don't you sir?

  • Garfield: What do they want, blood? I have been eating and sleeping my heart out for these animals. Still not enough. Like I'm as good as a royal cat could be?

    [Garfield and Prince start mirror-playing against a bush doorway]

    Garfield: [after Prince collapses face first] Aha! I so... knew you weren't me.

    Prince: And you must be Garfield.

    Garfield: How do you know my name?

    Prince: I've lived your life for the past few days. Yes, if ever a man loved a cat, it's your Jon. Return to him, Garfield. Return to your home.

    Garfield: Your Highness, you don't have to tell me twice. Bye-bye.

  • Preston: It's the real Prince. The genuine article.

    Prince: Yes, my friends, I have returned to you at this, our darkest hour. So tell me Winston, what exactly is Lord Dargis up to?

    Winston: He intends to level our homes and kill us all.

    Prince: O... kay. Well, in that case, I decree that we pack our bags and get our scraggy bottoms out of here. Perhaps to the castle next door.

    Garfield: [turns to leave] Oh boy.

    Nigel: Well, that was inspirational.

    Bolero: Brilliant.

    McBunny: I am so fired up.

    Garfield: [walking back] You know, I believe we can do better.

    Preston: I thought you were leaving.

    Garfield: Hey. Button the beak, Froot Loops, or I'll stick that thing on backwards. Look, Lord Doofus is just another bully. And what do we do to bullies?

    Meenie: Well, generally, we run from them.

    Garfield: [confident] No, we don't leave. We stand and we kick royal butt. Trust me, if you beastsssss can bake a two-cheese lasagna, you can beat Dargis.

    Preston: Well, do you have a plan, Garfield?

    Garfield: Tell you what. For the duration of this battle I would prefer to be called "G-Cat". And *we*...

    [indicating Prince]

    Garfield: ... have *two* plans.

    Prince: [realizing] Oh teamwork.

  • Jon Arbuckle: Garfield? Odie, wh-wh-what are you doing here?

    Prince: Garfield? What the devil is a garfield?

  • Prince: [after falling out of hotel window] Sore bottom, a little disorientated, but undeterred!

  • [Prince is handed a plate of lasagna]

    Prince: Good Lord! What gruel is this?

  • Jon Arbuckle: [dries Prince with a towel] Mr. and Mrs. Jon Arbuckle... Liz Arbuckle... Elizabeth Arbuckle.

    Prince: Listen, you dolt. There's been a coup d'etat. Attempted murder most foul. I am Prince XII of Carlyle.

    [smoothens fur]

    Prince: [to Odie] You there, with the wise and thoughtful look. Hello. Convince this man there's been a mix-up.

    Jon Arbuckle: [comes out of the bathroom with a blow-dryer] Garfield, I want you to be at my wedding party.

    Prince: Wedding party?

    Jon Arbuckle: Think you can hold a basket of flowers in your mouth?

    Prince: Enough with the frooming, you dunce. My subjects face mortal jeopardy.

    [gets off the bed]

    Prince: [to Odie] Dog, approach.

    [Odie approaches Prince]

    Prince: We must plan my escape, and I'm relying on your expedience and cunning.

    [Odie begins chasing his tail]

    Prince: [sighs] Okey-dokey, new plan.

  • Prince: Please sir may i have some more?

  • Prince: Oh well. Back to sleep.

  • Prince: [holding up lasagna plate] Please sir. May I have some more?

    [gives big eyes]

  • Prince: I shall spend the rest of my life in mourning for her.

  • King: [to prince] Why won't you talk?

    Prince: [Smitten by Cinderella] I can't.

    King: [to Cinderella] Don't believe him, he can talk! He talks very well. He even recites poetry.

  • Cinderella: I have to go!

    Prince: [Blocking her way] No, please don't! I've been thinking it over and I've decided that after the ice-cream was served, I'd tell you that I was in love with you.

  • Prince: [dancing with her] What? What is it?

    Belle: [smiles] How would you feel about growing a beard?

    [He smirks and growls. They laugh]

  • Lumière: Oh, my prince!

    Prince: Hello, old friend.

    [hugging Lumiere]

    Lumière: It's so good to see you!

    Plumette: You saved our lives, mademoiselle.

    Chip: Belle, It's me! It's Chip!

    [he hugs Belle]

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