Pratt Quotes in Iron Man (2008)


Pratt Quotes:

  • Pratt: Is it true that you went twelve-for-twelve with the Maxim Girls last year?

    Tony Stark: That is an excellent question. Yes and no. March and I had a scheduling conflict but fortunately the Christmas cover was twins.

  • Pratt: [to Hooper] Ya know, I'm gonna stuff your friggin' head in there, man, and find out if it's a man-eater, all right?

  • Hunt: What I remembered the most were the animals.

    Edwards: [smiles] Ah, the animals...

    Hunt: Fearsome beasts of the mountains and plains. I've seen a bear so powerful... that it *snapped* a man's body in half with his huge jaws. Garrgghh! Garrgghh! I've seen a badger with paws as big as frying pans. And that'd rip your face right off! Right off! Nothing you can do with that! Just rip it off! Once there was a hawk that swooped down from the sky... Aggghhh! Aggghhh! Aggghhh! And plucked a man's eyeballs out of his sockets. Auuuggghhh! Auuuggghhh! The fella was screaming, "I'm blind! I can't see!" *Twice* when I was fishing...

    Higgins: [Horrified] THERE'S AN ANIMAL NOW!

    [everyone except Edwards and Hunt starts firing at the animal]

    Higgins: We can't kill it! We're all dead! God save us!

    Hunt: Hold your fire! Hold your fire!

    [everyone stops firing. Hunt looks closely and sees that the animal is just a squirrel nibbling on an acorn]

    Hunt: It's only a squirrel.

    Pratt: He's got something in his hand!

    Guy Fontenot: Something in his hand!

    [they continue firing at the squirrel]

  • Pratt: Permission to check on the condition of my woman, sir? I wanna check on her bandages and see if she can keep some food down.

    Edwards: You are aware, of course, that this woman of yours is... made of... straw?

    Pratt: Oh, yes, sir. Figure that's why she burned so easy.

  • Pratt: Sir, there's an old sayin'. "White water in the morning."

    Edwards: Yes?

    Pratt: That's it.

  • Pratt: [Picks up Bidwell's ear from the dirt] Look at me. I'm going to make an experiment.

    [Starts talking into the ear]

    Pratt: Hello, Bidwell? Can you hear me?

    Bidwell: I can hear you, Pratt.

    Pratt: It works.

    Edwards: Well, of course, it works. He's standing right... Let's get some sleep.

  • Pratt: [Talking into Bidwell's ear in his hand] Bidwell? Bidwell! I fear the bear has killed Mr. Bidwell sir! He's failed to communicate with the me, by way of his ear...

    Edwards: It doesn't work that way, it doesn't work anyway! But even if it did, he couldn't talk through it!

    Pratt: [Again, talking into Bidwell's ear in his hand] Sh... Bidwell?

  • Pratt: You'd better cut that booze.

    Miller: It's cut plenty before I get it.

  • Pratt: Captain, you've got to talk - we need a story.

    Police Captain James McQuigg: Start another anti-smoking campaign.

  • Pratt: New to the game, aren't you?

    Cub Reporter Ames: Oh no!... I was on the Omaha Bee for a month.

    Miller: Fancy that!

  • Chick: [On the phone] Mr. Scarsi is attending Mr. Spike Corcoran's funeral.

    Pratt: [Miller hangs up the pay phone and tells Pratt the news] First he plugs 'em, then he plants 'em.

  • Pratt: [to Capt. McQuigg] So, if you don't get Scarsi before Tuesday, the Organization wins the election - and Nick stays in power.

  • Pratt: No wonder Nick says women are poison to him.

    Police Captain James McQuigg: This one may be dynamite!

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