Powder Quotes in The Lone Ranger (1956)


Powder Quotes:

  • Cassidy: Well, gents. It's the same thing as a year ago. We need extra hands for the roundup and drive to Abilene. Who likes Mr. Kilgore's money? Owney Stewart?

    [Owney spits]

    Cassidy: Spanish Charlie? This town must be gettin' deep. I said I'm hiring for Reece Kilgore. Any of you got a case against him or me, holler out now and I'll hear it.

    Powder: Looks like we ain't so popular, Cassidy.

    Cassidy: They don't speak up, I'll pick the ones I want.

  • Donald Ripley: It has become appallingly clear that our technology has surpassed our humanity.

    Powder: Albert Einstein.

    Donald Ripley: When I look at you, I have hope that maybe one day our humanity will surpass our technology.

  • Powder: She didn't go some place... your wife. I felt her go. Not away, just out... everywhere.

  • Powder: And then its possible to talk to someone without any lies. With no sarcasms, no deceptions, no exaggerations, or any of the other things people use to confuse the truth.

  • Powder: If you thought I was so intelligent would you ask me if I understood?

  • Lindsey Kelloway: What are people like, on the inside?

    Powder: Inside most people there's a feeling of being separate, separated from everything.

    Linsey: And?

    Powder: And they're not. They're part of absolutely everyone, and everything.

  • Lindsey: Your father. Your father hurt you a long time ago. You're so sad, he made you so sad. He thought you were ugly, and he kept saying that you weren't... I'm sorry.

    Powder: Do you? Do you?

    Lindsey: Do I what?

    Powder: Do you think I'm ugly?

    Lindsey: I don't know what I think when I look at you. But sometimes I think, I think you're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

  • Powder: She thinks I'm an angel.

  • Lindsey: It's hard to believe that, all of that.

    Powder: It's because you have this spot that you can't see past. My grams and gramps had it, the spot where they were taught they were disconnected from everything.

    Lindsey: So that's what they'd see if they could? That they're connected?

    Powder: And how beautiful they really are. And that there's no need to hide, or lie. And that it's possible to talk to someone without any lies, with no sarcasms, no deceptions, no exaggerations or any of the things that people use to confuse the truth.

    Lindsey: I don't know a single person who does that.

  • [repeated line]

    Powder: I wanna go home!

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