Postman Quotes in The Postman (1997)


Postman Quotes:

  • Postman: I know you. You're... famous.

    Bridge City Mayor: I was once... sorta.

  • Postman: The President's name... is Richard Starkey!

  • Postman: When I was a kid, we all wore our hats backwards. We thought it was cool.

  • Luke: The General is a great man!

    Postman: [incredulous] The General is a fucking lunatic!

  • Postman: Just saw that bunch of Negros drive out of here. Is everything all right?

    Mrs. Perkins: Of course. Why?

    Postman: Well, I thought I'd better check and make sure. You know how "they" are!

    Mrs. Perkins: Yes.

    [Looks at the work completed by the Black Six]

    Mrs. Perkins: I know how "they" are.

    [Smiles, and nods approvingly]

  • Postman: Are you Nancy Evans?

    Nancy Evans: Yes.

    Postman: You seem kinda young to be boss of a circus.

    Nancy Evans: I'll soon get over that.

    Lillian: She's thinking of growing a beard to give her dignity.

  • Postman: [narrating] It's been 176 days, a hundred and seventy-six days since I arrived in this godforsaken place in the middle of nowhere. "All you have to do," they said, "is set up a working post office over there, and return home a conquering hero . Piece of cake." HAH! What they did not mention is that the civilized concept of written correspondence is completely wasted on these savages. So here I am, trapped forever in this inhospitable pit of a town, with no hope of ever escaping. I need something big, something extraordinary, some miracle that will get these people to start writing some letters. Yeah, it's gonna take nothing short of a miracle...

  • [from trailer]

    Postman: [looks around a toy workshop] Hello?

    [Klaus growls behind him]

  • [from trailer]

    Postman: Good morning, madam! Ah, and a good morning it is indeed! For, you see, today is the day when progress arrives in this charming little town of yours! Now, let me steal a few moments of your time to introduce to you the novel concept that is the postal service...

    [the door slams in his face]

  • [from trailer]

    Postman: [greets a little girl] Awww, aren't you the cutest little thing! Tell me, sweetie, is your mommy home?

    [the girl sets her dog on him]

  • Postman: Doc, those pills you gave me; I'm not sure that they work.

    Doc Wilson: Well I'm not sure either, but you don't hear me complain.

  • Jacquouille la Fripouille: [the police car crashes into the post van] It's the Saracen, sire!

    Postman: The sickos are back!

    [runs off]

    Postman: The sickos are back! The sickos are back! The sickos are back


  • [first lines]

    Postman: [to dog] Hello, Cassie! Hiya, girl! Hello, there! Now, let's see.

    [looks through mail]

    Postman: Ah, it looks like Mari's getting cards from half the civilized world. Mari Collingwood. Mari Collingwood. Mari Collingwood. You'd think she's the only kid to reach the age of 17. Of course she is probably the prettiest piece I've ever seen.

  • Postman: Do ye know thought that came to me on the way up?

    Geordie: What?

    Postman: You're a big fella sure enough, but maybe almighty providence would've made you just as big if you'd never done any exercises at all.

    Geordie: That's no very likely.

    Postman: No, but it's a comical thought.

    Geordie: I wouldnee say comical. The exercises was a big expense.

    Postman: [laughs as he rides off on his bicycle] Aye!

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