Port Moresby Quotes in The Sheltering Sky (1990)


Port Moresby Quotes:

  • [first lines]

    Port Moresby: Well, terra firma.

    Tunner: We're probably the first tourists they've had since the war.

    Kit Moresby: Tunner, we're not tourists. We're travelers.

    Tunner: Oh. What's the difference?

    Port Moresby: A tourist is someone who thinks about going home the moment they arrive, Tunner.

    Kit Moresby: Whereas a traveler might not come back at all.

    Tunner: You mean *I'm* a tourist.

    Kit Moresby: Yes, Tunner. And I'm half and half.

  • Kit Moresby: Other people's dreams are so dull.

    Port Moresby: Kit has days when everything in the world is merely a sign for something else. A white Mercedes can't just simply be a white Mercedes. It must have a secret meaning about the whole of life. Everything is an omen. Nothing can just be what it is.

  • Tunner: You've been to North Africa before, Port. Kit and I will just follow your plan.

    Port Moresby: My only plan is, I have no plan.

  • Port Moresby: You know, if Tunner didn't take such long siestas, I'd never be alone with you. I think he's in love with you.

    Kit Moresby: Port, don't be silly.

    Port Moresby: Sillier things have happened. The way he hangs around making inane conversation, the way he looks at you when he fingers his DDT can...

    Kit Moresby: What else?

    Port Moresby: Oh, the ferocity with which he counts your luggage.

    Kit Moresby: Oh, he counts yours too.

    Port Moresby: It's not the same.

  • Kit Moresby: Someday they're gonna kick the French out of this country.

    Port Moresby: Well, with trousers like that, who can blame them?

  • Kit Moresby: According to Port, everyone eventually gets used to anything.

    Tunner: If that were true, it would be the end of progress.

    Kit Moresby: No, I'm sure it's true. I just don't know whether it's good or bad.

    Port Moresby: Neither.

  • Port Moresby: Could you be happy here?

    Kit Moresby: Happy? Happy? How do you mean?

    Port Moresby: I mean, could you like it here?

    Kit Moresby: How do I know? God, I wish you wouldn't ask me questions like this! Really! I can't answer them. What do you want me to say? "Yes, I'll be happy in Africa"? I like Ain Krorfa so much, but I can't tell whether I want to stay for a month or I want to leave tomorrow.

    Tunner: You couldn't leave tomorrow even if you wanted to. Can't get any information about how to get out of this place. No buses, not even a fruit truck. Nobody speaks English. Anybody for a nightcap?

  • Kit Moresby: Is that the plan?

    Port Moresby: More or less, yes.

    Kit Moresby: More or less?

    Port Moresby: Uh... Less, actually.

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