Pooch Quotes in The Losers (2010)


Pooch Quotes:

  • Jensen: [Aisha has the Losers in a Mexican standoff] Ohhhh... shit. She's got a gun and... it's pointed at my dick. Clay, it's pointed at my dick!

    Pooch: Would you rather it was pointed at your face?

    Jensen: I know it makes no sense, but yes!

    [Aisha points her gun at Jensen's face]

    Pooch: Better?

    Jensen: Not really...

    Clay: Where's your gun, Jensen?

    Jensen: It's in the van.

    Clay: What's it doing there?

    Jensen: Not... much.

    [Aisha rolls her eyes]

    Roque: Will you two shut up?

    Jensen: Well, what if it was pointed at YOUR dick?

    [Aisha shoots Jensen in the arm]

  • Clay: Pooch, can you stand?

    Pooch: Oh. Oh, this is Stupid Question Day. This is Stupid Question Day, and nobody decided to tell me! Naw, that's cool. It's all good.

    Jensen: Come on, Legless Pooch, I got ya.

  • Jensen: Legless Pooch and I are on it!

    Pooch: Call me 'Legless Pooch' again, and you're gonna be 'Headless Jensen'

    Jensen: I think it's a cool name, makes ya sound like a pirate.

    Pooch: Ya mama's a pirate.

  • Jensen: Did you know that cats can make one thousand different sounds and dogs can only make ten? Cats, man. Not to be trusted.

    Pooch: You know what? Do me a favor - NEVER say that again.

  • Pooch: Okay. You know that if we do this, we are waging a war against the Central Intelligence Agency.

    Cougar: They started it.

  • Pooch: The Pooch may lie, the Pooch may steal, the Pooch may...

    Jensen: The Pooch may refer to himself in the third person?

    Pooch: Occasionally, but the Pooch will not cheat.

    Jensen: The Pooch can relax. I was worried about Cougar.

    Pooch: Yeah, right, it's always the quiet ones.

  • Jensen: Can you stand?

    Pooch: I've been shot in *both* of my legs. What kind of dumb-ass question is that, really?

    Jensen: So now we're Mister Grumpy-pants? You know, you're not the only one who got shot today.

  • Pooch: [Finding a broken down yellow school bus in their search for an escape vehicle] Ah!

    Jensen: No!

    Pooch: Yeah!

    Jensen: Really?

    Pooch: Why not!

    Jensen: Can you?

    Pooch: Of course!

  • Pooch: Oh my God, I'm the black MacGyver.


    Pooch: BlaGyver!

  • Roque: Think you're thinking clear on this? Huh? 'Cuz every time we mess up, it's because of a woman.

    Clay: Name one time that I...

    Roque: Amber.

    Clay: Amber wasn't the problem, Amber's husband was the problem.

    Pooch: Amber's husband wasn't the one who shot you.

    Clay: It was only in the leg.

    Jensen: What about Emma?

    Clay: Emma doesn't count. I didn't sleep with Emma.

    Roque: No, because she put a bomb in your car!

    Clay: All right, I admit - that did take a little of the romance out of it.

  • Aisha: [as their chopper is sprayed with .50 caliber machine gun fire] WHOA! I though you said small arms weren't a problem.

    Pooch: That look like small arms to you? Huh? That's a cannon.

    Aisha: Doughnut.

    Pooch: That's a CANNON!

    Aisha: Doughnut doughnut DOUGHNUT!

    [Both scream as they graze a Dunkin' Donuts sign]

    Aisha: Are you SURE you've done this before?

    Pooch: Okay. Right now? Not the time. Not the time right now.

    Clay: Pooch, what's your status?

    Pooch: Well, I'm completely irritated and possibly crashing.

  • Pooch: All right, look. We're not going anywhere until you two squash this bullshit.

    Clay: Pooch, we're on a schedule here. Let's go.

    Pooch: [imitating Clay] Oh, "we're on a schedule?"

    [Yanks the keys out the ignition, looks pointedly at Clay and Roque]

    Clay: [sighs] Roque... I'm sorry I hit you in the face.

    Pooch: [laughing] Oh. That was good. That was good. Roque? ROQUE?

    Roque: Clay... I'm sorry I threatened to cut your head off.

    Pooch: VERY good! Wow. Don't you two feel so much better?

    ClayRoque: [in unison] NO.

    Pooch: I don't give a shit. I say we go watch Jensen get himself killed, yeah?

  • Pooch: Come on, Bobby, get your uniform off.

    Bobby Turner: Aw, gee, Poochy. I get so little chance to wear it I like to keep it on until the last minute. Sometimes I even rub a little dirt on it just to convince myself I'm really on the team.

  • Pooch: And another thing... the boys don't understand a thing you're saying. They're waiting for the signals, you give them the signals - but they're in French!

    [Tommy rattles off a some French vocabulary words]

    Tommy Marlowe: Guess I can't help it, Poochy. Language comes easy to me. I've only been in class five days and already I speak like a native. I don't know of what country, but, ah, like a native.

  • Pooch: Psychology! It's black magic, leave it alone!

  • Pooch: Don't say it! You can think it but don't say it out loud! The evil spirits don't like it.

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