Polly Quotes in Parallels (2015)


Polly Quotes:

  • Ronan Carver: You're saying you're from some weird alternate Earth?

    Polly: Not from my point of view. You guys are the ones who are drinking coffees that look like ice cream sundaes and shit.

  • [last lines]

    Polly: All right, 3, you're up. Hey.

  • Lisa: Hey Torch, what'a doin?

    Polly: Nothing.

    Lisa: Well, why don't you go in your room and do nothin'.

    [waves are Polly with puppet, and Polly runs to room crying]

  • Lisa: Hey Torch.

    Polly: Hey Lisa.

    Lisa: Did you miss me?

    Polly: Not much.

  • Georgina: I'm gonna have peppermint stick.

    Polly: Yeah, me too, can I just have peppermint stick?

    Ronny: Sure.

    Daisy: NO! It's just called PEPPERMINT!

    M.G.: Peppermint dick!

    [everyone laughs]

    M.G.: Peppermint CLIT!

  • Polly: Jamie was Lisa's best friend. She was sad last week after Lisa ran away, so she hung herself with a volleyball net.

  • P.L. Travers: Aren't you going to pour it for us?

    Polly: You're perfectly capable of pouring it your self.

    P.L. Travers: She's quite the worst maid I've ever had.

    Diarmuid Russell: So why do you keep her?

    P.L. Travers: I don't know. She reminds me of me.

  • Polly: Hi, Mr Mitchell.

    Henry Mitchell: Hello Polly, come on in.

    [Polly enters the house]

    Henry Mitchell: What's the helmet for?

    Polly: Oh my girlfriend used to babysit for Dennis, she said to bring a helmet and wear pants.

  • Polly: Look at how funky he is!

  • [Polly has just finished reading a Fairy Tale]

    Young Elizabeth: Did they live happily ever after?

    Polly: Of Course Elizabeth.

    Young Elizabeth: How do you know?

    Polly: Because, she was a good little girl, if she would have been naughty, the Prince would have run away.

    Young Elizabeth: What a pile of shit.

  • Elizabeth: Mother, do you remember when I was little, I had a friend, he was make-believe?

    Polly: No.

    Elizabeth: Don't you remember? Only I could see him?

    Polly: No, I don't remember Drop Dead Fred at all.

  • Elizabeth: Go away

    Fred: go away? why do you want me to go away? Fine! say the magic words and i'll piss off

    Elizabeth: Piss off!

    Fred: Ha! I lied those weren't the magic words

    Polly: What did you say?

    Fred: She told you to piss off

  • Polly: [walks up to Nigel who is holding young Elizabeth at the bottom of the stairs]

    [offering him the tape]

    Polly: Nigel, do it.

    Nigel: No, I won't. I don't want anything to do with it, it's not right.

    Polly: Alright, I'll do it.

    [begins to tape the jack-in-the-box close]

    Nigel: [kisses Elizabeth and then goes to Polly]


    Nigel: It's not right.

    Polly: What do you know about raising a child?

    Nigel: [looks to Elizabeth and to Polly] Apparently nothing.

    [he leaves the house]

  • [first lines]

    Polly: And the prince took the beautiful young girl in his arms and said, will you marry me? Yes, she whispered, I will be your princess.

    Young Elizabeth: Did they live happily ever after?

    Polly: Of course, Elizabeth.

    [tucking her in]

    Young Elizabeth: How do you know?

    Polly: Because she was a good little girl. If she had been naughty, the prince would have run away.

    Young Elizabeth: What a pile of shit!

  • Percy: Hi. Reservation for Percy Jones.

    Polly: And that's Jones with a "J"?

    Percy: No, Jones with a "P". I made the reservation last week.

    Simon Green: You knew you were gonna kick me out a week ago?

    Percy: Son, I knew I was gonna kick you out 24 years ago... when the doctor announced it was a girl.

    Polly: Here you are.

    Percy: Good.

    Polly: We gave your room away.

    Percy: What?

    Polly: Check in was at 4:00.

    Percy: It's Thursday night. I'm quite sure you've got another room available.

    Polly: I'm sorry. We're completely booked, and so is everyone else. There's a Shriners convention in town, actually. May help you with anything else Mr. Pjones?

  • Polly: Next please.

    Percy: Hi, reservation for Percy Jones.

    Polly: And that's Jones with a J?

    Percy: No Jones with a P. I made reservation last week.

  • Mr. Thorn: [Junior enters his new classroom and the students begin laughing at him, while his new teacher Mr. Thorn walks over and rolls his eyes tiresomely] Oh, no. Not another one. How many kids are they going to make me teach?

    [Junior hands Mr. Thorn his envelope]

    Mr. Thorn: Well, get in here and find a seat. Go ahead. Come on, come on, come on! Hustle, small fry. I'm not gonna have you holding up my class all year. now, let's move it!

    [Junior sits down at his desk]

    Mr. Thorn: Now, let's start with a nice easy review to see how much you underachievers remember from last year. Polly, what's 17 times 8?

    Polly: 136.

    [Bows rather smart and sits back down]

    Mr. Thorn: Good. Richard, what's 72 divided by -9?

    Richard: -8, sir.

    [sits back down]

    Mr. Thorn: Fine. Murph!

    [cut to Murph picking his nose]

    Mr. Thorn: Murph! What's 3 plus 2?

    Murph: Mmmmm... 4.

    [Everyone laughs]

    Mr. Thorn: [sighs] Murph, you've been in the 6th grade since I started teaching here, I really want to get you out this year. Now, please, please work with me. What's 3 plus 2?

    Murph: 9?

    [Everyone laughs again as Mr. thorn closes his eyes in despair]

    Mr. Thorn: I can see this is going to be a long year.

    Junior: [angrily] 5, all right? The answer is 5!

    Mr. Thorn: You!

    [walks over to Junior's desk]

    Mr. Thorn: What're you saying?

    Junior: Uh, I said 5.

    Mr. Thorn: Dandy, I'm glad someone's paying attention here.

  • Polly: [singing] We've got to have, We plot to have, For it's a dreary not to have, That certain thing called "The Boy Friend"

  • Polly: Blimey! There's more on stage than in the bloomin' audience.

  • Mrs. Potter: Mr. Hammer! Mr. Hammer! I've been robbed! My necklace in your hotel.

    Polly: Oh, mother!

    Mrs. Potter: It's worth a hundred-thousand dollars.

    Hammer: Was it valuable?

  • Polly: [singing] The skies will all be blue, when my dreams come true. And I'll be smiling through, when my dreams come true...

  • Polly: Who redid my room?

    Jimmy: She hates it, I can tell.

    Polly: It's a little Brady Bunch, but I can work with it.

    Jimmy: The room is wonderful! Get rid of the kid!

  • Freddie: [referring to the baby] Where did it come from?

    Polly: I got it for Christmas!


    Freddie: This Christmas or last Christmas?

  • David Merlin: So how do you like her?

    Louise King: Pretty good for a fill-in. I'd just as soon go stag.

    Polly: You could, too, with those shoulders.

  • Polly: Is there something I can do?

    J.B. Merlin: [holding the baby] You've done it.

  • Slug: What would you take for a little dance?

    Polly: I'd take arsenic!

    Slug: Smart little cracker, ain't ya?

  • Polly: [Sees Katey] Oh, my god. June Cleaver is in Havana.

  • Polly: Maybe we can hang out, eat some melons.

  • Polly: May, you know you are my number one hot momma.

  • Polly: You're funny. You want to watch me file?

  • [Polly is making out with May]

    Polly: Do you feel weird doing this?

    May: I am weird.

    Polly: I love weird.

  • Polly: Do you like pussy?

    May: What?

    Polly: Cats. You like pussy cats?

  • Polly: Shut up, hooker!

  • Polly: It's girl's night out tonight, you want to come? I know, you need your beauty rest... Not much of it though.

  • [May sits with Polly in Polly's living room, May holds a cigarette in her mouth and Polly holds a slice of melon]

    Polly: What's giving you the Sads doll? Aw, no frumpy faces allowed in this place.

    [Polly bites the cigarette out of May's mouth and kisses her lips]

    Polly: I wanted to kiss you since I first saw you.

    [Polly begins to unbutton May's shirt]

    Polly: Is this what was bugging you?

    May: I wasn't bugged. I'm just angry at someone.

    Polly: Not me I hope.

    May: No not you.

    Polly: [Polly opens up May's blouse to reveal her bra] Do you feel weird doing this?

    May: I am weird.

    Polly: [Polly whispers in may's ear] I love weird.

    May: Are you serious?

    Polly: [Polly seductively replies] Yeah!

    May: I mean about me?

    Polly: Dead.

    [May then begins to comb her hand down Polly's exposed neck, and kisses it]

  • [Polly stops May outside of work on the steps as she's carving a pumpkin]

    Polly: Hey May hold up! I want to ask you something. What are you going to be for Halloween?

    [Polly stabs the pumpkin in the eye]

    Polly: I've just been whacking my brains trying to come up with something original. Do you got any ideas?

    May: [May shyly points out to Polly] You have a beautiful neck.

    Polly: [Polly blushes] Why thank you, haha.


    Polly: You should call me one of these nights. You know, we can hang out, and eat some melons or something.

    May: [May blushes] Okay!

  • [while at work, Polly see's May gently stabbing herself on the tip of the finger with a scalpel, and holding it there]

    Polly: Jesus! What are you doing?

    May: [May calmly replies] Relaxing.

    Polly: Doesn't it hurt?

    May: No.

    [May takes Polly's hand and stabs her finger in the same place with the scalpel]

    Polly: Ow! Oh! You crazy bitch! Why did you do that?

    [Polly begins sucking on her finger with light moaning]

    Polly: Mmm. Actually, I kinda liked it. Do me again!

    [May gently stabs her again as Polly holds her eyes and mouth open, taking in the pleasure of the pain]

  • [May and Polly are alone in the file room at work]

    Polly: Hey! We've got the whole place to ourselves... let's dance!

    [Polly turns on the small portable radio in the same room, and in the background the dogs in the Veterinary Hospital begin to howl and bark]

    Polly: [Polly hums and laughs at the dogs] Look they're serenading us! Oh we have to dance now! Oh... please, please, please please.

    Polly: [Polly crawls up on the table between her and May, taking one of May's cigarettes and putting it in her mouth] So are you gonna dance with me or what?

    Polly: [Polly and May are now slow dancing in the room holding each others hands and waists, when Polly whispers to May] Do you like pussy?

    May: [May quickly answers] What?

    Polly: Cats! Do you like pussy cats? Gee you're a nasty little thing aren't you. Do you like Lupe?

    [the camera shows Lupe walking at their feet]

    Polly: My landlady is a real bitch, I have to get rid of her.

    May: The landlady?

    Polly: [Polly laughs] No dummy the cat. You're her only hope.

    [Polly raises May's hand up to hold and feel her neck]

    Polly: Oh come on! Lupe will keep you company when you're all alone. And besides, she'll remind you of me.

    May: Okay.

    Polly: Uh! Wonderful!

    [Polly kisses May lips to lips]

    Polly: Oh, look at the time, I have to go.

    Polly: [Polly turns around once more to May before walking out of the room] It's girls night out tonight, wanna come? I know, you need your beauty rest... not much of it though.

  • Seth: Wait. Can't you see what big ears I have?

    Polly: All the better for me to nibble.

    Seth: My eyes. My eyes are enormous.

    Polly: All the better to see me with.

    Seth: My, what big hairy arms.

    Polly: All the better to hold me.

    Seth: What a big mouth I have.

    Polly: All the better for you to kiss me.

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