Pita Quotes in Man on Fire (2004)


Pita Quotes:

  • Pita: Dear God, I do not ask for health or wealth. People ask you so often that you can't have any left. Give me, God, what else you have. Give me what no-one else asks for. Amen.

  • Pita: [while doing her homework in her room] What was your first girlfriends' name?

    Creasy: Nonya.

    Pita: Nonya who?

    Creasy: Nonya business.

  • Pita: [after helping her with her homework in the kitchen] Creasy


    Pita: You're smiling.

    Creasy: What?

    Pita: You were smiling.

    Creasy: No, I'm not.

    Pita: You were.

    Creasy: No, I was not.

    Pita: You're not now, but you were.

    Creasy: No, *you* were smiling, I wasn't smiling.

    Pita: You were.

    Creasy: When?

    Pita: Like, five seconds ago.

    Creasy: I'm not smiling.

    Pita: Well, a second ago you were.

    Creasy: No, you said five seconds ago, now that's six. Six seconds ago I was not smiling.

    Pita: Okay, 10 seconds ago.

    Creasy: 10 seconds ago, I was smiling. Okay, in the next 10 seconds let's see who smiles first.


    Creasy: You smiled already. See? You did.

    Pita: Mmm.

    [pointing at Creasy]

    Creasy: No, that wasn't a - That was a smirk, that's not a smile. A smirk is different. They both start with "S," but they're not the same - Do your homework.

    Pita: [Creasy walks away] You were.

  • Pita: I love you, Creasy. And you love me too, don't you?

    Creasy: Yes, I do. With all my heart, Pita. Go.

  • Pita: There are some good things in this world.

    Creasy: Oh yeah, like what?

    Pita: Like meeting me.

  • Pita: [while doing her homework in her room] Do you have a girlfriend, Creasy?

    Creasy: What?

    Pita: Do you have a girlfriend?

    Creasy: No. What kind of question is that, anyway? You're supposed to be studying history, okay?

    Pita: It is history... Creasy history.

    Creasy: No, that's ancient history.

  • Pita: You're late.

    Creasy: I'm sorry.

    Pita: Where's my mother?

    Creasy: I dropped her at home.

    Pita: It's no wonder you're late. Why didn't she just come with you?

    [Creasy doesn't answer]

    Pita: Do you think my mom likes you?

    Creasy: I think she's afraid of me. But not the same way most people are.

    Pita: I'm not afraid of you.

    Creasy: I know you're not.

    Pita: Are you afraid of me?

    Creasy: I used to be. At first. But not any more.

    Pita: Good.

  • Lisa: [while leaving for a business trip] I'll call you from Detroit, baby.

    Pita: You're going to miss Mexican Halloween. The day of the dead.

    Samuel: You enjoy it for us, Pita.

  • Creasy: [referring to Pita's parents] They'll be back in a week.

    Pita: They can stay for two weeks. I don't care.

  • Creasy: [using a military approach to train her how to swim faster] The gunshot holds no fear, say it.

    Pita: The gunshot holds no fear.

    Creasy: You welcome the sound. In fact it's the sound that sets you free. You are a prisoner on this block until that sound sets you free.

  • Lisa: You should be sleeping, baby.

    Pita: I'm trying, Mom

    Lisa: Good news. You're going back to school

    Pita: When?

    Lisa: Samuel is going to hire a new bodyguard. It may take a few days, but you're going back

    Pita: Could he speak English? Emilio couldn't speak English.

    Lisa: We'll see. And thank your father in the morning. A man always needs to be thanked.

  • Pita: [about Creasy] I think he's been sick. He's all right now, but I think he's been very, very sick.

  • Creasy: PITA, RUN! RUN!

    Pita: Creasy!

  • Creasy: [while driving her to school] Pita, do you have a pencil?

    Pita: I go to school, don't I?

  • [repeated line]

    Pita: CREASY!

  • Pita: [while driving her to school] Where are you from, Creasy?

    Creasy: The United States.

    Pita: I know, but which state?

    Creasy: No state in particular.

    Pita: My mom and me are from Houston, Texas. Have you been there?

    Creasy: No.

  • Pita: [showing him around his room for the first time] That's "Bird." Emilio forgot to take him with when he left.

    Creasy: Who's Emilio?

    Pita: My last bodyguard. He drove me to school in the morning and picked me up in the afternoon

    Creasy: I'm here for you?

    Pita: In between you can take Mum shopping and to lunch. Does that sound all right, Mr. Creasy?

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