Pippo Popolino Quotes in Casanova's Big Night (1954)


Pippo Popolino Quotes:

  • Francesca Bruni: Well, then take your mask off.

    Pippo Popolino: Oh, no. I couldn't do that. I haven't got anything on underneath it.

  • Francesca Bruni: Your lips are fire.

    Pippo Popolino: I know. Saves a fortune on matches. Don't turn in the alarm.

  • Pippo Popolino: Don't be frightened, Francesca. I'm scared enough for all of us.

  • [frequently repeated phrase]

    Pippo Popolino: Farffel farffel pippick.

  • Lucio: [introducing Francesca on the fly] This is... his, um... um, his first cousin.

    Pippo Popolino: First by a mile!

  • Pippo Popolino: [as Francesca seduces him into playing Casanova with a kiss] It's just like I always suspected: girls are softer than fellas. If this is the way they live in Venice, let's hurry! We can still catch the 7:15 gondola!

  • Elena Di Gambetta: [Hearing her family trying to get in to save her honor] Run! Hide!

    Pippo Popolino: Casanova never runs, but he hides!

  • [the Doge formally toasts Casanova]

    Lucio: [Whispering warningly so that others at the table don't here] Don't toast YOURSELF!

    Pippo Popolino: The wine's free and I'm thirsty!

    Lucio: [Whispering in his ear again] Mind your manners!

    Pippo Popolino: Oh, please stop nibbling on my ear. Don't let this beauty mark fool you, too.

  • Pippo Popolino: This is Lucio, my food taster.

    Foressi: Your food taster?

    Pippo Popolino: Yes. You can't get good food tasters these days. The slightest hint of poison and they quit!

    Francesca Bruni: [after laughter] Lucio is my cousin's ninth food taster.

    Pippo Popolino: Tenth, counting Mother.

  • Pippo Popolino: [to Maggioni] Oh, please, spare my miserable life! I'll work off the debt! I'll make more wine for you. I've got big feet! What grapes I can't trample on I can sit on!

  • Pippo Popolino: What's Casanova got that, if I had, I probably couldn't handle anyway?

  • Casanova: Pippo, I need your horse. He isn't much but he's better then running down the road on foot.

    Pippo Popolino: Run?

    Casanova: Shh!

    Pippo Popolino: But why should My Lord run? Everybody's waiting in the kitchen to get paid.

    Casanova: Exactly why, my friend. I haven't a ducat.

    Pippo Popolino: Casanova penniless? Oh, but you owe them a fortune. They'll be bankrupt.

    Casanova: I know. It's very sad. The whole time I am running, there will be tears in my eyes.

  • Raphael, Duc of Castelbello: [finding it difficult to believe Pippo is Casanova] Uh, you were described to us as, uh, regal, handsome, intelligent, virile, uh...

    Pippo Popolino: That's good enough for mixed company, but then, after all, none of us look too good in the morning, especially after a night out - and what a night I had out.

  • Maria: Casanova, in person?

    Pippo Popolino: In person, in love, and in a hurry. Kiss me!

    [Pippo embraces Maria fiercely]

    Maria: Oh, sir, you're too impetuous.

    Pippo Popolino: I have to work fast. Venice is a big city. I'm getting to the age where I can only work a couple of canals a day.

    Maria: But there should always be some polite conversation first.

    Pippo Popolino: Well, if you insist on formalities - "Delightful weather we're having." Conversation over. Kiss me!

  • Pippo Popolino: I have been a great lover for over twenty years, man and boy. The boy's worn out, but the man...? Hm! Ask any woman in Italy.

  • Pippo Popolino: Oh, now, let's make a deal. I won't kill any of you if you don't kill any of me.

  • Bragadin: Signor Casanova, you do Venice a great honor by your visit.

    Pippo Popolino: Oh, it's nothing. I like to spread it around.

  • Pippo Popolino: Oh, you look so pretty. I can't think of anybody I'd rather have my throat cut with.

  • Pippo Popolino: Hiding behind a woman's skirts, huh?

    Stefano Di Gambetta: That's what YOU'RE doing!

    Pippo Popolino: I knew it was ONE of us.

  • Pippo Popolino: Oh, and by the way, leave your name and address with my valet. If I can't call you, maybe he will. He's skinny but fun.

  • Pippo Popolino: Women are like oranges. You've squeezed one, you've squeezed them all.

  • Pippo Popolino: What time is it?

    Prisoner: About seventeen-fifty-eight.

  • Francesca Bruni: You only have one life.

    Pippo Popolino: If you work it right, one is enough.

  • Pippo Popolino: I can't let her down. I'd never be able to look another needle in the eye.

  • [last lines]

    Pippo Popolino: [Bob Hope as himself] What's the matter with this theater? Don't they sell popcorn?

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