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Pip Quotes:

  • Pip: Whooooo, that's a big ass bill.

  • Pip: That ain't no whale; that a great white god.

  • Pip: [narrating] In trying to become a gentleman, I had succeeded in becoming a snob.

  • Chazz: We got to send one person out.

    Pip: I'll go.

    Rex: One of the hostages, doof.

  • Rex: We're gonna take the cops up on those demands they wanted.

    Pip: We got a killer list goin'.

    Rex: Yeah, check it out. We ask for airplay and whatever else we want, then we demand a whole bunch of weird stuff. This way we can plead insanity later.

    Chazz: Where'd this come from?

    Rex: Pip's idea.

    Chazz: Way to go, Pip.

  • [crowd chants "Rodney King"]

    Marcus: "Rodney King"? What's that supposed to mean?

    Pip: He's that guy.

  • [Rex is trying to teach Pip how to intimidate the hostages]

    Rex: [Punches Pip in the arm] I'm not scared, Pip. Come on.

    Pip: I'm gonna stab your heads off!

    Rex: [Prompting] With what? With what?

    Pip: [yells] With my DICK!

    Rex: Yeah!

    Pip: Yeah! And blood's gonna come out of your head! And there's nothing you can do about it! Cause I'm a MAD MAN! Heh heh.

  • [their first attempt at opening the back door fails]

    Pip: Oh, man! We almost got in. That's too bad. Let's get goin'.

    Rex: Hey, Pip, you backstabber, what, are you quittin' out on us?

    Pip: What? The door's locked!

    Rex: Aw, man, you're such a flake. You don't even care about this band, do you? You run around in your apartment all day in your fudgies.

    Pip: That's not true.

    Rex: It is, too. I always got to tell you to put pants on when somebody comes over.

    Pip: [yelling] He's making this up.

    Chazz: [yelling] Will you both shut up? Please, OK? You're brothers, all right. C'mon, man, we ain't locked out yet. Stay here, Pip.

    [Rex slaps Pip]

    Pip: [loudly] Ahh, you got a big mouth, man.

    Rex: Hey, Pip...

    [gives Pip the finger]

  • Chazz: For all you care, our record could be Pip farting on a snare drum.

    Pip: I ain't fartin' on no snare drum.

  • Pip: Man, Chazz is right. All we gotta do is make our own action, y'know?

    Rex: That's the way it is, little bro. Do you think Tommy Lee sat around and waited for the bus? Man, he hustled. That's how come he gets to live in the Hills and pork Heather Locklear.

  • Ian: Okay, who are you guys?

    Pip: My name's Pip.

    Ian: The band. The band name.

    Pip: Sorry about that.

    Ian: He doesn't wear a helmet, does he?

  • Pip: This is never gonna work.

    Chazz: Pip, damn it, what is your problem?

    Pip: You remember that guy Doper Greg? Remember that guy, man? He used to blow bong hits in his iguana's face and try to make the thing watch cartoons with him all the time.

    Rex: So what? Will you shut up?

    Chazz: Just get to the point? What?

    Pip: Well, he won this radio giveaway, and when he went down to the station, they wouldn't let him in the building. It was, like, this total security building. They slid his tickets through this litle slot with, like, salad tong things.

    Chazz: Oh, so just because that anus couldn't get in, does that mean that we can't?

    Rex: Anybody gives us any static, I shove this in their face.

    Pip: [Rex holds up his plastic gun and fires it at Pip and Chazz, laughing] Ahhh.

    Pip: Yeah, but remember that fat kid on "Hard Copy" with a toy gun. The cops zapped him with a taser until he went bald.

    Rex: And then he sued them for a million bucks when his pubes didn't grow in.

    Pip: Still got no hair on his balls, man.

  • Pip: [as a small fire starts in an ashtray] PUT IT OUT!

  • [the demo is briefly played on the air, but it's not played properly]

    Chazz: Hey, what the did you do with it?

    Ian: What did I do with it? Hey, I didn't do anything. Tonto must have loaded the tape in wrong.

    Pip: Hey, your machine dilapidated it, man.

    [suddenly, the demo is ruined by catching a fire]

  • Pip: I don't wanna go to jail. I'm fragile.

  • Marcus: 22:23 White man with a gun. Same shit been happenin' to my people for 425-odd years.

    Pip: Hey, man, you like working here? We're down, man, Hendrix was god.

    Marcus: You wanna take a step back, man? You're standing on my dick!

    Pip: Yeah, I seen that Antrax and Public Enemy. That was outta control, together, man. Did you catch that one, G?

    Marcus: Don't call me G!

    Pip: What do you want me to call you? Hey, come on, man.

    Marcus: All right, that's it! l can't wait for you to put that gun down, cos when you do we're gonna throw down. That's right, we gonna get serious. Mano-a-swine.

    Rex: Just shut your pie-hole and keep working.

    Marcus: "Pie-hole." What's that, some kind of cracker slang?

  • [Pip and Suzzi are seated on Milo's couch watching TV]

    Suzzi: Pip? What are you thinking about?

    Pip: Swimming pools.

    Suzzi: Swimming pools, huh?

    Pip: Yeah. I wish I was in one right now. The water's all clear and cool, and you spin around in there like an egg.

    Suzzi: Do you have a girlfriend?

    Pip: Mmm-mmm.

    Suzzi: No? It's kind of weird us meeting like this, huh?

    Pip: [Suzzi is about to kiss Pip] I don't know.

  • Jaggers: Estella is not the spider's reward. Estella is his punishment.

    Pip: And you arranged it.

  • Estella: Drummle died two years ago. He was kicking his horse, and the horse kicked back.

    Pip: I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sorry for anything that brings you sorrow.

    Estella: Well, rest assured, I feel none. My husband and I made each other perfectly miserable - just as intended. I have been bent and broken, but I hope into a better shape.

  • [last lines]

    Estella: I had heard that you were here and thriving, and I had a desire to see my old friend. My only friend.

    Estella: Every last minute? You said that you would always think of me.

    Pip: And I have.

    Estella: That you would think of the good in me.

    Pip: Always. You're a part of me, Estelle.

    Estella: You were on a ship, they said. On the river...

    Pip: I love you, Estelle.

    Estella: [a tear of relief] I'm glad.

    PipEstella: [they join hands]

  • Matilda Naimo: My Dad's in Australia.

    Pip: Do you miss him?


    Pip: I guess I'm lucky.

    Matilda Naimo: Why?

    Pip: I never knew my father long enough to miss him.

  • Herbert Pocket: [referring to Matilda] Who was that, Handel?

    Pip: Nobody.

    Matilda Naimo: [interjecting indignantly] His name is Pip.

    [to Pip]

    Matilda Naimo: Or have you abandoned that too, along with Joe and everyone else?

    Pip: And you're so much better? I'm sorry, Matilda, but you have no idea what is expected of a gentleman.

    Matilda Naimo: I do. I just don't see one here.

  • Pip: Granny! Granny!

    Granny Carson: Who's a-comin'?

    Pip: Two men. Look kinda sheriffy to me.

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