Pilachowski Quotes in The Replacements (2000)


Pilachowski Quotes:

  • Jimmy McGinty: These are people I've been keeping my eye on over the years. They all played football somewhere, not all of them in the pros, but they all have something unique to bring to the game. We're going to try to get these people together and try to put together a winning team. If nothing else, they should be fun to watch.

    [shows first picture]

    Jimmy McGinty: Daniel Bateman, SWAT team officer. Awarded the Purple Heart for losing a kidney during the Gulf War

    [cuts to Bateman raiding a drug lab]

    Jimmy McGinty: He was a walk-on at Michigan State before he gave up football to sneak back into the service for one more tour of duty.

    [goes to next picture]

    Jimmy McGinty: Clifford Franklin. Great attitude, great desire, and *the* fastest son of a bitch I've ever seen.

    [cuts to a grocery store and a teen stealing a Twinkie and running away]

    Korean Store Owner: Hey! Clifford, Twinkie!

    [Clifford dashes past. He easily catches up to the kid, jogging alongside while the kid's dashing at full sprint]

    Clifford Franklin: What's up man?

    Kid in Liquor Store: What's up?

    Clifford Franklin: Got any Twinkies?

    Pilachowski: But can he catch?

    [the theif tosses the Twinkies into the air. Clifford stands under it, ready to catch it, when the package bounces off his head and lands under his foot, where he steps down on the Twinkies, squishing them]

    Jimmy McGinty: That's why I have you, Leo

  • Pilachowski: Hey Jimmy, my tight end is... deaf.

    Jimmy McGinty: Yeah, I know.

    Pilachowski: Well Jimmy, how am I gonna coach a deaf man?

    Jimmy McGinty: Oh, you don't need to. Brian Murphy would've gone in the first round 5 years ago if he hadn't been born deaf. Played his college ball right here in D.C., Gallaudet.

    Pilachowski: But Jimmy, I need to communicate with him and how...?

    Jimmy McGinty: Learn to sign, you know...

    [does some sign language]

    Pilachowski: Oh, horseshit!

    Jimmy McGinty: Look at it this way; he'll never be called offsides on an audible.

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