Pike Bishop Quotes in The Wild Bunch (1969)


Pike Bishop Quotes:

  • Pike Bishop: If they move, kill 'em!

  • Pike Bishop: We're not gonna get rid of anybody! We're gonna stick together, just like it used to be! When you side with a man, you stay with him! And if you can't do that, you're like some animal, you're finished! *We're* finished! All of us!

  • Dutch Engstrom: They'll be waitin' for us.

    Pike Bishop: I wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Pike Bishop: [after getting shot in the back by a whore] Bitch!

    [Shoots whore]

  • Pike Bishop: I'd like to make one good score and back off...

    Dutch Engstrom: Back off to what?

  • Pike Bishop: Let's go.

  • Pike Bishop: Let's go!

    Lyle Gorch: Why not?

  • Pike Bishop: What would you do in his place? He gave his word.

    Dutch Engstrom: He gave his word to a railroad.

    Pike Bishop: It's his word.

    Dutch Engstrom: That ain't what counts! It's who you give it *to*!

  • Sykes: Say, back there in Starbuck. How'd my boy do?

    Pike Bishop: Your boy? Crazy Lee?

    Sykes: Yeah, C.L., Clarence Lee, my daughter's boy. Not too bright, but a good boy.

    Pike Bishop: [thinks back on Crazy Lee agreeing to remain behind while the rest escaped] Why didn't you tell me he was your grandson?

    Sykes: Well, you had enough things on your mind; besides he had to pull his own weight just like the rest of us. I just wanted to make sure he didn't let you down: run when things got hot. Huh? Huh?

    Pike Bishop: No, he did fine... just fine.

  • Pike Bishop: [Holding a lit cigar to the fuses] You know what this is?

    Herrera: Cuidado!

    Pike Bishop: Any trouble, no guns for the General.

    Herrera: Ha, ha-ha-ha-ha. Very smart. That's very smart for you damn gringos. So nobody can rob the guns.

    Pike Bishop: Nobody.

    Herrera: I am not afraid. They are not afraid. You blow up the wagon, you die. Or we kill you pretty soon. But we are amigos.

  • Tector Gorch: Silver rings.

    Dutch Engstrom: [upset] "Silver rings", your butt! Them's washers! Damn!

    Lyle Gorch: Washers. Washers. We shot our way out of that town for a dollar's worth of steel holes!

    Pike Bishop: They set it up.

    Lyle Gorch: "They"? Who in the hell is "they?"

    Sykes: [laughs hysterically] "They"? Why, they is the plain and fancy they, that's who "they" is! Caught you, didn't they? Tied a tin can to your tail. Led you in and waltzed you out again. Oh my, what a bunch! Big tough ones, hunh? Here you are with a handful of holes, a thumb up your ass, and a big grin to pass the time of day with. They? Who the hell is "they?"

    Pike Bishop: Railroad men... bounty hunters... Deke Thornton.

  • Angel: Would you give guns to someone to kill your father or your mother or your brother?

    Pike Bishop: Ten thousand cuts an awful lot of family ties.

    Angel: My people have no guns. But with guns, my people could fight! If I could take guns... I would go with you.

    Dutch Engstrom: Hey, uh, how many cases of rifles did Zamora say was in that shipment?

    Pike Bishop: Sixteen.

    Dutch Engstrom: Well, give him one.

    Pike Bishop: All right. One case... and one case of ammo; but you give up your share of the gold.

    Angel: I will.

    Pike Bishop: We know you will.

    Sykes: I'm sure glad we got that settled.

  • Pike Bishop: [talking about the railroad] There was a man named Harrigan. Used to have a way of doin' things. I made him change his ways. A hell of a lot of people, Dutch, just can't stand to be wrong.

    Dutch Engstrom: Pride.

    Pike Bishop: And they can't forget it... that pride... being wrong. Or learn by it

    Dutch Engstrom: How 'bout us, Pike? You reckon we learned - bein' wrong, today?

    Pike Bishop: I sure hope to God we did.

  • Dutch Engstrom: [impressed] Well, I'd say those fellas know how to handle themselves!

    Sykes: They been fightin' Apaches for a thousand years; That's a sure way to learn.

    Pike Bishop: They ever get armed, with good leaders, this whole country'll go up in smoke!

    Sykes: That it will son, that it will.

    Lyle Gorch: They made damn fools out of us, Mr. Bishop! Gettin' so a feller can't sleep with both eyes closed for fear of gettin' his throat cut. Where in hell were you?

    Tector Gorch: Now you listen to me, Lyle - You get up off your ass and help once in a while, I wouldn'a got caught near s'easy.

  • [repeated line]

    Pike Bishop: C'mon, you lazy bastard.

  • [the Bunch has just escaped from bounty hunters by blowing up a bridge]

    Dutch Engstrom: At least we won't have to worry about Deke Thornton.

    Pike Bishop: [laughs] Hell, no; not after ridin' a half a case of dynamite into the river!

    Sykes: [calmly] Well, don't expect him to stay there! He'll be along... and you know it!

  • [referring to the bank customers]

    Crazy Lee: I kill 'em now?

    Pike Bishop: No. Hold them here until the shooting starts.

    Crazy Lee: I'll hold 'em here 'til Hell freezes over or you say different.

  • Dutch Engstrom: What's our next move?

    Pike Bishop: Well, I figure Agua Verde's the closest... three days maybe. Then get the news and drift back to the border. Maybe a payroll, maybe a bank.

    Dutch Engstrom: Maybe that damn railroad.

    Tector Gorch: That damn railroad you're talkin' about, sure as hell ain't a-gettin' no easier.

    Sykes: And you boys ain't gettin' any younger either!


    Pike Bishop: We've got to start thinking beyond our guns. Those days are closin' fast.

  • Lyle Gorch: All your fancy plannin' and talkin' damn near got us shot to pieces over a few lousy bags of washers. Well, this was goin' to be me and Tector's last job before we quit and headed south. We spent all our time and money a-gettin' ready for this!

    Pike Bishop: You spent all your time and money runnin' whores in Hondo while I spent my stake settin' it up.

    [throws down washer]

    Pike Bishop: Hell, I should have been runnin' whores instead of stealin' Army horses.

    Lyle Gorch: While you was doin' all that plannin', me and Tector was gettin' our bell rope pulled by two... two, mind you, Hondo whores!

    [starts laughing]

    Dutch Engstrom: [laughing] And Pike was dreamin' of washers... you were matching whores... in tandem!

    Lyle Gorch: What's that?

    Tector Gorch: That's one behind t'other.

    Lyle Gorch: That's right! That's what we was doin'!

  • Pike Bishop: You know what we are then?

    Don Jose: Si, the both of you!

    Pike Bishop: [laughing] And you!

  • Pike Bishop: [the Gorches are protesting the dividing up of the loot] Sharin' up will be the same as always.

    Lyle Gorch: Well, me and Tector don't think that he

    [points at Angel]

    Lyle Gorch: oughtta get the same amount. He's just startin' out and this is mine and Tector's openin' for a new territory!

    Tector Gorch: That's right, and I figure a share to that old goat

    [points at Sykes]

    Tector Gorch: for watchin' them horses is damn sure a share too much!

    Lyle Gorch: So, we decided; it ain't fair.

    Pike Bishop: If you two boys don't like equal shares, why in the hell don't you just take *all* of it?


    Pike Bishop: Well, why don't you *answer* me, you damn yellow-livered trash?

    Lyle Gorch: [realizing the rest are backing Pike] Now, Pike, you know damn well...

    Pike Bishop: [angered] I don't know a damn thing, except I either *lead* this bunch, or end it *right now*!

  • Pike Bishop: With the way the Generalissimo's cleaned out this part of the country, he ought to have a lot

    [of silver]

    Pike Bishop: to spare.

    Dutch Engstrom: Eh, "Generalissimo", hell! He's just another bandit grabbin' all he can for himself.

    Pike Bishop: [amused] Like some others I could mention?


    Dutch Engstrom: [serious] Not so's you'd know it, Mr. Bishop. We ain't nothin' like him! We don't HANG nobody! I hope, someday, these people here kick him, and the rest of that scum like him, right into their graves.

    Angel: We will. If it takes forever.

  • Mohr: It would be very useful for us if we knew of some Americans who did not share their government's naive sentiments.

    Pike Bishop: Well, we share very few sentiments with our government.

  • Pike Bishop: You boys want to move on or stay here and give him a... decent burial?

    Tector Gorch: He was a good man, and I think we oughta bury him.

    Pike Bishop: He's DEAD! And he's got a lot of good men back there to keep him company!

    Lyle Gorch: Too damn many!

    Dutch Engstrom: [removes his hat] I think the boys are right. I'd like to say a few words for the dear, dead departed. And maybe a few hymns'd be in order. Followed by a church supper. With a choir!

    Lyle Gorch: You crazy bastards! Both of ya!

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