Pierre Quotes in Pee-wee's Big Adventure (1985)


Pierre Quotes:

  • Simone: [in French] Ah! Pee-Wee! Haha! C'est magnifique! Voici Pierre.

    Pierre: Bonsoir.

    Pee-wee: Ditto. Here, brought you guys French Fries! Hahaha!

    SimonePierre: [together] Merci beaucoup, Pee-Wee!

    Pee-wee: Merci-bleh-bleh!

  • Kessler: Two of us will mine the rig. The explosions will be your signal to blow the cliff face. When they listen to the Rebel's broadcast, that is the time we strike. Meantime, we eat. Pierre, break out the emergency rations.

    Pierre: The emergency special is carre d'agneau with beans. French, of course. Followed by green salad, cheese and fraises des bois. To accompany this we have a robust, young sensimilla which will refresh even the most cynical palate.

  • Pierre: [while helping him bathe in a stream] Mr. Flint, you know all about the mountains, but you know nothing about the woman... not yet... but you will learn.

  • Linus: [Violette runs and accidentally knocks the candle, setting the chateau on fire] Aaugh!

    [Linus grabs Violette and runs to the window]

    Linus: Help! Help, help! Help! Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown! Help, please! Help, help, help! Charlie Brown! Help! Help! Help, help!

    [Charlie Brown wakes up]

    Linus: Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown! Help! Help! Fire! Charlie Brown! Help, help! Fire!

    Charlie Brown: Help! Help!

    Linus: Help! Help!

    The Baron: Au secours! Au secours!

    Charlie Brown: [Charlie runs] Fire! Help! Fire!

    The Baron: Au secours! Au secours!

    Charlie Brown: Fire, help! Fire! Help! Help! Fire!

    [runs to the cafe for Snoopy and Woodstock]

    Charlie Brown: Help! Fire at the chateau! Fire, fire! Help! Fire!

    [Snoopy and Woodstock opens the door]

    Charlie Brown: The chateau! Fire, help! Help! Help!

    [heads to Pierre's house as Snoopy and Woodstock runs to the shed to get the hose]

    Charlie Brown: Help, help! Help! Fire at the chateau! Fire, fire! Help!

    [runs up to Pierre's house]

    Charlie Brown: Fire, fire! Help! Fire! The chateau! Fire, fire! Help! The chateau! Fire, fire, fire!

    [Pierre, Marcie and Peppermint Patty come out]

    Charlie Brown: Somebody, help! The chateau is on fire! Somebody save the chateau! Fire, fire!

    [runs off]

    Pierre: [to Patty and Marcie] I must call the pompier!

    [Marcie and Peppermint Patty runs off]

  • Charlie BrownPeppermint PattyMarcie: Jump, Linus, jump!

    Pierre: [runs up] The pompier are on the way, is Linus safe?

    Charlie BrownPeppermint PattyMarcie: Jump, jump! Jump Linus, jump!

    Linus: [to Violette] Jump? Are they crazy?

  • Pierre: Did he say chateau? Surely they are not staying at the Chateau of the Bad Neighbor.

    Marcie: Yes they are, Mal Voisin.

    Pierre: But that is terrible! They cannot stay there!

    Peppermint Patty: Why not, Pierre?

    Pierre: They could be in great danger!

    Marcie: Danger?

    Pierre: No one, absolutely no one goes to that chateau, if you are from another country, that's even worse.

    Peppermint Patty: But Chuck received a letter from the chateau!

    Pierre: And, but that too is impossible, the baron would never allow such a thing.

    Marcie: The baron? What baron?

    Pierre: Come! We must see if we can do something!

  • Pierre: [on the phone] Êtes-vous sûr madame? Are you sure, Madam? Are you sure there is no answer? Alright thank you, merci.

    [hangs up]

    Marcie: No answer? Shouldn't they have been there by now?

    Peppermint Patty: Well now what do we do?

    Pierre: There is nothing we can do. We must wait until morning and hope they are alright.

    Marcie: I don't think I like this, Sir. Chuck didn't fly all the way over here to get mugged.

  • Pierre: Nobody go to the Chateau of the Bad Neighbor, the Baron is recluse and hates everybody! He do not allow visitors.

    Charlie Brown: Then why did they invite us? See? I got a letter from V. Honfleur, she invited us!

    Pierre: Violette? She's a ward of the Baron's, if she invited you, the Baron does not know about it. The Baron do not invite anyone. The Baron is a very violent person. He hates everybody.

    Linus: That doesn't make sense. Why did she invite you, Charlie Brown?

  • Peppermint Patty: [gathered around a fire] I hope Chuck and Linus got into the chateau tonight, it's cold outside.

    Pierre: Nobody go into the Mal Voisin! I remember Violette often spoke of her grandmother and an American friend. During WWII many Americans were stationed around here, and in the Chateau Mal Voisin. I wish your friend will leave the chateau, he could be in danger!

  • Girl: What kind of girls do you like?

    Roberto: The ones who dig cod snacks.

    Pierre: Another movie where I die in the end...

  • Dora Maar: Who are your friends?

    Pierre: Francoise and Genevieve. They're painters.

    Dora Maar: What do they paint, besides their finger nails?

  • [Pierre has a deep French ascent]

    Pierre: But luckily for you, I am an onihgable man.

    Mark: Excuse me, what was that?

    Pierre: Onihgable!

    Mark: What?... Oner gable?

    Pierre: Onihgable!

    Mark: Omini-hrm?

    Pierre: Onihgable!

    Mark: I still don't...

    Pierre: [Irritated] Onihgable!

    Mark: [Pronouncing it perfectly] I think the word you're looking for is "honorable".

    Pierre: SHUT UP!

  • Pierre: Can I get you guys some beers?

    Mark: I'd like a "Near Beer," please.

    Pierre: SHUT UP!

    [smacks Mark's cage with horsewhip]


  • Pierre: [on "No Trespassing" sign] No trespassing. Violators will be castrated: Balls - Cut - Off.

  • Pierre: Alright, attention! I do not wish to repeat myself. I repeat, I do not wish to repeat myself.

  • Pierre: Do you accept euros?

  • Pierre: I'm bisexual.

    Claire: [scoffs] Who cares? Gay, straight, bi... you're sexual. That's it. If you love life, you love sex.

  • Sylvain: Big assholes like you don't keep me awake at night.

    Pierre: Then go to sleep!

  • Pierre: [In French acccent] Madame, I appeal to you as a woman...

    Phyllis MacNamara: As a matter of fact you do. Au revoir!

  • Queenie Martin: [Queenie walks with her make-up artists] Alright, gang, here is your challenge. Com'on Annie, stand up and meet your makers.

    [Annie stands up]

    Queenie Martin: Now this got to be a complete overhaul, kids, from top to bottom.

    Joy Boy: Don't forget a new set of kidneys...

    Queenie Martin: Com'on Annie, lets go.

    [leading Annie to the bedroom]

    Queenie Martin: Com'on wizards, let's wiz!

    Junior: [Junior shaking his head] My old lady always say you cannot make a pig's ear out of an old sow.

    Pierre: Monsieur, your old lady was not Pierre! Hum!

  • Pierre: Give chance a chance. I believe in you! Your life's not over! Maybe it hasn't even started.

  • Élise: [in French] You're all alone here? What do you do all day?

    Pierre: [in French] Watch other people live. Wonder who they are, where they go? They become hereoes in my little stories.

  • Pierre: [discussing his nieces and nephew] We've gotta be honest and say I'm gonna croak.

    Élise: That's not certain.

    Pierre: Then it'll be a nice surprise, if it's not true.

  • Rémy: We've been everything: separatists, supporters of independantists, sovereignists, sovereignity-associanists...

    Pierre: At first, we were existentialists.

    Dominique: We read Sartre and Camus.

    Claude: Then Fanon, we became anti-colonialists.

    Rémy: We read Marcuse and became Marxists.

    Pierre: Marxist-Leninists.

    Alessandro: Trotskyists.

    Diane: Maoists.

    Rémy: After Solzhenitsyn we changed, we became structuralists.

    Pierre: Situationists.

    Dominique: Feminists.

    Claude: Deconstructionists.

    Pierre: Is there an -ism we haven't worshipped?

    Claude: Cretinism.

  • [there are two sets of brothers, a brother from one set has unknowingly spoken to a brother from another set when their actual brothers arrive]

    Philippe: How did you get here so fast?

    Pierre: I took a secret passageway.

    Charles: How did you get here so fast?

    Claude: I took a secret passage.

  • Pierre: Ah, it isn't so difficult. It isn't as if you had to be cooperative and reasonable like a normal human being. You're a ballerina. You're not supposed to be normal.

    Maria Corvier: Nobody is normal in Las Vegas!

  • Pierre: May I join the celebration? I'll take the check and leave with the check; of course, after drinking your health in champagne. If they have champagne in Las Vegas?

    Maria Corvier: They have everything in Las Vegas.

  • Maria Corvier: Let's not talk about this or anything tonight. I'm tired.

    Pierre: Of course you are, my dear. You've been on a big, gay merry-go-round. You have to expect a little let down when the music stops. And it always does - on merry-go-rounds.

  • Pierre: They are nervous creatures, ballerinas.

  • Sari Hatvany: [Final lines] Don't you understand? Lucky at love, unlucky at cards. Or, versa-vica.

    Pierre: Versa vica.

  • Pierre: The whistle means that help is near, madame.

    Mrs. Hubbard: And high time, too.

    Hercule Poirot: Time is what counts, Mrs. Hubbard, if we are to complete this inquiry before reaching Brod. I will therefore make my questions as brief as I hope you will make your answers, and the more often you can confine yourself to a simple yes or no, the better.

    Mrs. Hubbard: Well, don't waste time yammering. Begin.

    Hercule Poirot: Your full name is Harriet Belinda Hubbard.

    Mrs. Hubbard: Yes. I was called Harriet after my -...

  • Alex: I've been reading the most amazing book.

    Marcus: So what is it?

    Alex: It says that the future is already written. It's all there. And the proof lies in premonitory dreams.

    Pierre: Wow! It's putting us to sleep already!

    Marcus: Even dreams are bad news.

    Pierre: I often dream I'm sleeping. It's my only dream.

    Alex: Well, at least you relax!

  • Pierre: You're behaving like an animal. Even animals don't seek revenge.

  • [looking at Alex and a few girls dancing together]

    Pierre: Look how beautiful she is.

    Marcus: Look how beautiful THEY are! A blonde! A brunette! A blonde! A brunette!

  • Mick: Please! Stop!

    Pierre: Faggot!

  • Cammille B.: Hello, Pierre.

    Pierre: Hello, Cammille.

    Cammille B.: In three years, I thought that you'd have changed your habits.

    Pierre: No, no, same morning prayer on the same bench. What's wrong?

    Cammille B.: Nothing. As you can see, I'm back in Paris, but I'm not staying. We leave for Vienna next week.

    Pierre: I see. You still like that life, I guess.

    Cammille B.: I like that life, absolutely.

  • Sonia: Someone came to see you. A woman.

    Pierre: What did see want?

    Sonia: She didn't say. To see you. I think she was your ex.

    Pierre: Cammille?

    Sonia: Yes, Cammille. I'm sure of it.

    Pierre: Did she say anything?

    Sonia: She didn't have a chance to talk. You don't look surprised.

  • Pierre: I never forgot you. Three years, and not one day without thinking of you.

    Cammille B.: I don't want to know.

    Pierre: We'd like to have you for dinner. It was Sonia's idea. Is it possible?

    Cammille B.: Maybe Monday, our night off. I'll have to talk to Ugo.

    Pierre: Perfect. Ugo, he's the director?

    Cammille B.: Yes, he directs the company.

    Pierre: And you live with him?

    Cammille B.: Yes. Monday at what time?

    Pierre: Eight or nine. Come with Ugo.

  • Cammille B.: Pierre?

    Pierre: Is that you, Camille?

    Cammille B.: Yes. We have to see each other. I have to talk to you.

    Pierre: I want to see you, too. What's wrong? Is it urgent?

    Cammille B.: Yes. We have to talk. We have to. I can't go on like this.

    Pierre: Talk about what?

    Cammille B.: You know very well.

  • Harry Barlow: Ninety percent is preparation

    Pierre: ...and the other ten percent is persparation

  • Pierre: You know Harry... you may talk the talk, but you don't fucking walk the walk!

    Harry Barlow: [in the distance] Fuck you

  • [first lines]

    Pierre: What are you doing here?

    French Girl: Aren't you pleased to see me?

  • Pierre: There on the left, the lights in her rooms are burning, and there on the right, the lights in his room are burning and between them is that long passage where the lights never burn. Suppose some night you saw that passage lighted? Would you share your feeling then with all the world?

    Henriette Deluzy-Desportes: You'd better go now, Pierre.

    Pierre: I'll go. I'll go, because I see it's too late to give you any warning. Your caught in the net and you don't even wish to escape. Goodnight mademoiselle.

  • Pierre: You know I'm eighteen years old. I'm passed the age of puppy love.

  • Pierre: I-I-want to ask you a big favor. Won't you kiss me - good-bye?

  • Pierre: [First lines] It had all started badly. Oh, yes... very badly indeed.

  • Pierre: Then one thing leads to another, like it or not. You never know how these things happen... but they happen.

  • Pierre: Madame Louise welcomed me with her most gracious smile. I had the distinct impression things were going badly for me. Yes. Everything was getting worse and worse.

  • Florence: How's the new secretary?

    Pierre: Very good.

  • Jacques: Consider this: How old are you?

    Pierre: Thirty-eight.

    Jacques: And Agnès?

    Pierre: Eighteen.

    Jacques: And you in ten years?

    Pierre: Forty-eight.

    Jacques: And Agnès?

    Pierre: Twenty-eight.

    Jacques: Are you sure you won't find her a bit too old for you then?

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