Philly Quotes in Private Lessons (1981)


Philly Quotes:

  • Philly: If you're gonna get a new job, you're gonna have to have a letter of reference, from my father.

    Mallow: Well, your father might not think I've been working long enough.

    Philly: I didn't mean for him to write it. But, I know what he'd say if he knew you as well as I do: She was passionate about her household duties.

    Mallow: And she kept things well in hand!

    Philly: She gave everything she had to her employer.

  • Mallow: Would you like to join me?

    Philly: Would I like to what?

    Mallow: Take a bath with me.

    Philly: You mean, in there? With you? Right now?

    Mallow: Why don't you try it. Maybe you'll like it.

    Philly: Well, eh, I probably wouldn't even fit in there.

    Mallow: Oh, yes you would! I promise.

    Philly: You mean you want me to take off all my clothes and everything?

    Mallow: Do you usually wear them when you take a bath?

    Philly: No, not usually.

    Mallow: Oh, come on, Philly. I won't even look.

    Philly: I-I don't know.

    Mallow: Come on, it will be an adventure!

    Philly: Well, alright.

    Mallow: Good.

  • Sherman: Who the hell takes baths with other people, except for the Japanese, I mean. Have you heard of any?

    Philly: No. Nobody except the Japanese.

  • Sherman: Did you touch 'em?

    Philly: What?

    Sherman: Her knockers! Did you touch them?

    Philly: Well, sort of.

    Sherman: What do you mean, sort of? Did you or didn't you?

    Philly: Well, eh, not with my hands, with my elbows.

    Sherman: Doesn't that get broads hot? Touching their knockers, even with your elbows?

    Philly: I don't know?

  • Philly: Lots of people take baths with other people.

    Sherman: Who?

    Philly: The Japanese! You said so yourself. Maybe she's part Japanese?

  • Philly: Listen, eh, are we going to, eh, you know?

    Mallow: Would you like to?

    Philly: [Shakes his head yes] Except for one thing.

    Mallow: What?

    Philly: Um, well, I really don't know how.

    Mallow: Well, I might be able to show you.

  • Philly: I'd just like to say one thing before we start.

    Mallow: What?

    Philly: Um, that I respect you. I don't think that you're a whore or anything like that.

    Mallow: That's very sweet of you Philly.

  • Sherman: You what? You asked her to marry you? What are you sick?

    Philly: Yeah, I know, I should have played cool. I should have strung her along for awhile. That's the way you have to treat women.

  • Mallow: He threatened to tell Immigration that I was working here illegally.

    Philly: Big deal.

    Mallow: I was a big deal for me. I could have been deported!

  • Philly: Hey guys, that deal we we're talking about... *nice*.

  • Bucky: Okay, what do you want, and let's speak candidly here cause I have this credo, that I live by...

    Philly: Don't fuck around, friend!

    Bucky: Oh, give this man a cigar that's my motto! You want some dough the bakery's open.

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