Petey Jones Quotes in Remember the Titans (2000)


Petey Jones Quotes:

  • Petey Jones: [has hand raised for a high-five and is smiling]

    Coach Boone: Put your hand down.

    [Petey does as told]

    Coach Boone: You're smiling.

    Petey Jones: Yes.

    Coach Boone: Yes, sir. Why are you smiling?

    Petey Jones: 'Cause I love football. Football is fun.

    Coach Boone: Fun, sir? It's fun?

    Petey Jones: Yes.

    Coach Boone: You sure?

    Petey Jones: I think...

    Coach Boone: Now you're thinkin'. First you smile, then you thinkin'. You think football is still fun?

    Petey Jones: Uh, yes.

    Coach Boone: Sir.

    Petey Jones: Yes- no, sir.

    Coach Boone: No?

    Petey Jones: Um, it was fun.

    Coach Boone: Not anymore though, is it? *Is* it?

    Petey Jones: Not right now, no.

    Coach Boone: No, it's not fun anymore. Not even a little bit.

    Petey Jones: Uh... no.

    Coach Boone: Make up your mind. Think since you're thinking. Go on, think. Is it fun?

    Petey Jones: No, sir.

    Coach Boone: No? Absolutely not?

    Petey Jones: Zero fun, sir.

    Coach Boone: [addresses team] All right, listen up! I'm Coach Boone. I'm gonna tell you about how much... *fun* you're gonna have this season.

  • Petey Jones: Hey, hey, Lastik man what happened to you?

    Louie Lastik: [holding back, in fake pain] Man I just gave your momma a piggy-back ride and she weighs twice as much as I do!

    Petey Jones: That ain't funny!

  • [after Petey makes a fumble]

    Coach Boone: Petey, how many feet are in a mile? How many feet are in a mile?

    Petey Jones: [mumbles]

    Coach Boone: 5,280 feet! You pick this ball up and run every one of 'em! You're killing me, Petey! You're killing me!

  • Petey Jones: [Sunshine is running his hand through his newly-cut hair] Hey now, all that rubbin' ain't gonna make them golden locks grow back no faster, now, you know that, right?

  • Petey Jones: Why the clouds, Sunshine?

  • Big Ju: What you doin' man?

    Louie Lastik: Eatin' lunch.

    Big Ju: I see you eatin' lunch, but why you eatin' over here? Why not go eat over there and eat with your people?

    Louie Lastik: Man, I don't have any people. I'm with everybody, Julius.

    Petey Jones: Yeah, he's just a light-skinned brother.

    Big Ju: Yeah, and I'm a dark-skinned cracker.

    Petey Jones: [laughs]

    Jerry 'Rev' Harris: Come on Julius, he's just another blessed child in God's lovin' family.

    Blue Stanton: [Blue starts to hum]

    Big Ju: Come on, Blue. Let me...

    Petey Jones: [Petey joins in with Blue]

    Jerry 'Rev' Harris: God, we come before you today. To ask you to soften Big Julius Cambell's heart.

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