Peter "Weps" Ince Quotes in Crimson Tide (1995)


Peter "Weps" Ince Quotes:

  • Peter "Weps" Ince: Okay. What's going on?

    Zimmer: We're not going to let this go down with the X-O and Helm.

    Peter "Weps" Ince: We're not?

    Zimmer: No. We're not?

    Lt. Bobby Dougherty: We've been following the captain for years, and now this asshole Hunter shows up, and we're supposed to follow him because he said so?

    Peter "Weps" Ince: You're not supposed to, you were ordered to. That's what this is about, proper orders.

    Lt. Bobby Dougherty: Proper Orders? He has proper orders, he won't act on them

    Peter "Weps" Ince: He's in command now! If they order him to launch, we'll launch, and we'll blow 'em all to hell. But, I rather go down myself then get this one wrong.

    Lt. Darik Westergard: Weps. Our procedures are clear. In the absence of a contravening order and in a situation like this, we follow the orders in hand.

    Zimmer: That's right. You know how many checks that we have to go through to make sure that a message is authentic? The X-O agreed to those orders, now he just wants to throw them away they don't count?

    Lt. Bobby Dougherty: He's lost his nerve.

    Peter "Weps" Ince: Bullshit! I know this guy Bobby!

    Lt. Darik Westergard: Weps. We're prepared for launch. How can we just sit here and do nothing when they're prepared to launch at us?

    Peter "Weps" Ince: Well, we don't know that for sure that's the whole point. That is why he needs time to confirm the message.

    Zimmer: That's the whole fuckin' point is that we don't got time! Radchenko is fueling his birds and why do you think he's doing that? Huh? Why? Because you don't put on a condom until you're gonna fuck!

  • Peter "Weps" Ince: [answers the private phone] Weps.

    Hunter: Weps. This is Hunter. Listen to me.

    Peter "Weps" Ince: Where are you?

    Hunter: Don't worry about where I am. Listen, we have other ships that can handle this, you can't be influenced by the captain or anybody else, you have to make up your own mind.

    Peter "Weps" Ince: [hears a beep] Con, Weapons. Missles will be ready to launch in 4 minutes.

    Hunter: Listen Weps, listen Weps, don't do this. Don't do this Weps, once we launch, they cannot come back. They cannot come back Weps, and you know the repercussions if we're wrong, goddamnit. Weps, if we fire now, we'll be firing when we're blind and crippled, you understand that?

    Peter "Weps" Ince: Where the fuck are you?

    Hunter: Do not remove the firing trigger! Do not open that safe, Weps. It's up to you, you're the only one who knows the combination it is up to YOU Weps. It's up to you.

    [hangs up]

    Peter "Weps" Ince: [to a petty officer] Mind your fucking pannel!

  • Peter "Weps" Ince: Maybe it's not as bad as it looks...

    [pager beeps]

    Peter "Weps" Ince: It is.

  • Lt. Bobby Dougherty: [seeing a sailor coming on the bus] How are you doing?

    Sailor with Oba: I'm fine, thanks.

    Lt. Bobby Dougherty: [laughs slightly and gets stern] Address me as Sir when you speak to me! Stand at attention sailor!

    [the sailor stands at attention]

    Lt. Bobby Dougherty: [to Weps] Is he gonna fit in the sub?

    Peter "Weps" Ince: [looking at the sailor's heavy set body] Doubtful.

    Lt. Bobby Dougherty: Who played the submarine Commander in Enemy Below with Robert Mitchum? Was it Curt Jurgens or Hardy Kruger?

    Sailor with Oba: [not knowing what Dougherty is talking about] Um, Sir...

    Lt. Bobby Dougherty: Wrong answer! Drop down and give me 20, now! Move! Move!

    [the sailor is on the floor doing push-ups]

    Peter "Weps" Ince: Who was it?

    Lt. Bobby Dougherty: Big ears, and a little mustache. Cary Grant.

  • Capt. Ramsey: Mr Ince, Mr Ince, unlock the tactical firing trigger.

    Peter "Weps" Ince: Sir, it is my duty to...

    Capt. Ramsey: Son, do'nt talk to me about duty! Open the fucking safe!

    Peter "Weps" Ince: I ca'nt do that, sir.

    [Ramsey draws a gun and places it to the back of Weps's head]

    Capt. Ramsey: I'm gonna count to 3, then I'm gonna blow your fucking head off! One... two...

    [no response]

    Capt. Ramsey: ...SHIT! It does me no good to kill you. You're the only one who knows the combination!

    [sees Weps's assistant]

    Capt. Ramsey: But petty officer Hilaire doesn't know the combination. Millions of lives are at stake here Peter don't make a dumb decision.

    [he grabs the assistant and puts the gun between his eyes]

    Capt. Ramsey: One... two...

    Peter "Weps" Ince: SIR!

    [Weps unlocks the safe]

  • Peter "Weps" Ince: You're missin' your daughter's levitation.

  • Peter "Weps" Ince: So what does that make us, since we're the only nation that's ever dropped a nuclear bomb on anybody?

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