Peter Potter Quotes in Carry on Camping (1969)


Peter Potter Quotes:

  • Charlie Muggins: My name's Muggins.

    Peter Potter: That doesn't surprise me.

  • Peter Potter: Hello darling, Oh No.

    Harriet Potter: Hello Peter darling, I'm just checking on the camping gear.

    Peter Potter: So I see.

    Harriet Potter: Did you have a good day?

    Peter Potter: Oh not bad, got drunk at lunchtime, went to a strip club and ended up in bed with a popsy.

  • Miss Dawn Brakes: Excuse me, is this the train to the beauty contest?

    Peter Potter: Yes, that's right.

    Miss Dawn Brakes: Oh good.

    [to Paula]

    Miss Dawn Brakes: Are you coming?

    Paula Perkins: Certainly not!

    [Miss Dawn Brakes looks Paula Perkins up and down]

    Miss Dawn Brakes: Perhaps you're right.

    [Looking into the carriage; to Peter]

    Miss Dawn Brakes: Are you in this one?

    Peter Potter: That's right, I am.

    Miss Dawn Brakes: I'll join you then.

    Paula Perkins: [Suspiciously] You didn't tell me anything about a beauty contest!

    Peter Potter: I think I'd better go!

  • Miss Bangor: Excuse me, are you going to Fircombe?

    Peter Potter: This train's going there, yes.

  • [at the railway station, Susan asks Peter where the train is going in a flirtatious manner]

    Susan Brooks: Are we all right for Fircombe?

    Peter Potter: [eyes glued on Susan] I'm sure you are!

    Paula Perkins: I'm beginning to see why you don't want me down there.

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