Peter McCallister Quotes in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)


Peter McCallister Quotes:

  • [at the airport waiting for their luggage passing Kevin's bag]

    Kate McCallister: Give this to Kevin.

    Aunt Leslie McCallister: Give this to Kevin.

    Rod McCallister: Give this to Kevin.

    Sondra McCallister: Kevin.

    Buzz McCallister: Give this to Kevin.

    Megan McCallister: Give this to Kevin.

    Linnie McCallister: Give this to Kevin.

    Tracy McCallister: Give this to Kevin.

    Fuller McCallister: Here you go Kevin.

    [startled when he sees an elderly couple; he turns away and thinks of what to say before passing Kevin's duffel back]

    Fuller McCallister: Kevin's not here.

    Tracy McCallister: Kevin's not here.

    Linnie McCallister: Kevin's not here.

    Megan McCallister: Kevin's not here.

    Buzz McCallister: Kevin's not here.

    Sondra McCallister: Kevin's not here.

    Rod McCallister: Kevin's not here.

    Aunt Leslie McCallister: Kevin's not here.

    Kate McCallister: Kevin's not here.

    Peter McCallister: WHAT?

    Kate McCallister: [laughs then surprised] KEVIN!


  • [last lines]

    Cedrick the Bellman: Mr. McCallister's room service bill, sir.

    [he hands Buzz the bill]

    Cedrick the Bellman: Merry Christmas, sir.

    [he hold out his hand for a tip, of which Buzz hands him: Gum]

    Cedrick the Bellman: Nice family. Really.

    [Buzz looks at the long room service bill worth over $967.00]

    Buzz McCallister: [sarcastically] Merry Christmas, indeed. Oh, Daaaad...

    Peter McCallister: [yells out] KEVIN! YOU SPENT $967 ON ROOM SERVICE?

  • Peter McCallister: Hey Kevin, you better go put your tie on. We don't wanna be late for the Christmas pageant.

    Kevin McCallister: My tie is in the bathroom and I can't go in because Uncle Frank is taking a shower. He says that if I walked in there and saw him naked, I'd grow up never feeling like a real man.

    [Peter and Kate stare]

    Kevin McCallister: Whatever that means.

    Peter McCallister: [after a pause, chuckles] I'm sure he was kidding. Just, uh, run in there, get your tie, get out, and don't look at... Anything.

  • Kate McCallisterPeter McCallister: [awakening late on morning of travel, again] We did it again! Aaah!

  • Buzz McCallister: Okay, everybody, calm down! Calm down! Hey, hey! All right, now, if Kevin hadn't have screwed up in the first place again... Then we wouldn't be in this most perfect and huge hotel room with a truck load of all this free stuff. So I think it only fair that Kevin get to open up the first present. And then I'll go, and the rest of you, and so on.

    [Tosses a package to Kevin]

    Buzz McCallister: Merry Christmas, Kevin.

    Kevin McCallister: Thanks, Buzz.

    Peter McCallister: [the entire family applauds] Merry Christmas, Kevin.

    Uncle Frank McCallister: Okaaay, Kevin! All right. Merry Christmas!

    Buzz McCallister: Okay enough of this gooey sh... Show of emotion. All right, everyone, let's dig in!

  • Officer Bennett: Has the boy ever run away from home?

    Peter McCallister: No.

    Officer Bennett: Has he ever been in a situation where's been on his own?

    Kate McCallister: [Kate shakes her head. Peter gives her a look] As a matter of fact, this has happened before. It's become sort of a McCallister family travel tradition.

    Peter McCallister: Funnily enough, we never lose our luggage.

    [They both laugh, and knock on the wooden desk]

    Kate McCallister: [Officer Bennett does not laugh] He was left at home, by accident, last year.

    Peter McCallister: That's what my wife meant when she said this has become a McCallister family travel tradition.

  • Buzz McCallister: [after making a formal apology to the family; whispers to Kevin] Beat that, you little trout sniffer.

    Kevin McCallister: [gets up] I'm not sorry. I did what I did because Buzz humiliated me and since he gets away with everything, I let him have it. And since you're all so STUPID to believe his lies, I don't care if your idiotic Florida trip gets wrecked or not! Who wants to spend Christmas in a tropical climate, anyway?

    [turns to leave]

    Kate McCallister: Kevin!

    Peter McCallister: Kevin, you walk out of here and you sleep on the third floor.

    Fuller McCallister: [gleefully] Yeah, with me.

    Kevin McCallister: So what else is new?

    Uncle Frank McCallister: You better not wreck my trip, you little sour puss, your dad's paying good money for it.

    Kevin McCallister: Oh, wouldn't wanna spoil your fun, Mr. Cheap Skate!


    Buzz McCallister: What a troubled young man.

  • Peter McCallister: I don't think that it's a good idea for you to be running all over New York all by yourself.

    Kate McCallister: I think that if our son can do it, I can do it.

    Peter McCallister: Kate, it...

    Kate McCallister: Peter, I'll be fine. The way I'm feeling right now, no mugger or murderer would dare mess with me.

    Mr. Hector, Hotel Concierge: Madam, there are hundreds of parasites out there, armed to the teeth...

    [Kate slaps him]

    Mr. Hector, Hotel Concierge: Do bundle up, it's awfully cold outside.

    [starts to cry]

  • Kate McCallister: Did I turn off the coffee?

    Peter McCallister: No... I did.

    Kate McCallister: Did you lock up?

    Peter McCallister: Yeah.

    Kate McCallister: Did we set the timers on the lights?

    Peter McCallister: Yeah.

    Kate McCallister: Did you close the garage?

    Peter McCallister: That's it. I forgot to close the garage, that's it.

    [She sits back; after a pause]

    Peter McCallister: No, that's not it.

    Kate McCallister: Well, what else could we be forgetting?

    [She sits back again; after an even longer pause, she jumps upright]

    Kate McCallister: KEVIN!

  • Frank McCallister: There's no way on earth we can make this plane. It leaves in 45 minutes.

    Peter McCallister: Think positive, Frank!

    Frank McCallister: You be positive. I'll be realistic.

  • Kate McCallister: Kevin, get upstairs right now.

    Kevin McCallister: Why?

    Jeff McCallister: Kevin, you're such a disease.

    Kevin McCallister: Shut up.

    Peter McCallister: Kevin, upstairs.

    Kate McCallister: Say good night, Kevin.

    Kevin McCallister: "Good night, Kevin."

  • Kate McCallister: PETER!

    [they jump out of bed]

    Kate McCallisterPeter McCallister: [shouting] We slept in!

  • Peter McCallister: Hi.

    Harry: Hi. Are you Mr. McCallister?

    Peter McCallister: Yeah.

    Harry: The Mr. McCallister who lives here?

    Peter McCallister: Yes.

    Pizza Boy: Oh, good, because somebody owes me $122.50.

  • Kevin McCallister: I went shopping yesterday.

    Jeff McCallister: You? Shopping?

    Kevin McCallister: I got you milk, eggs, and fabric softener.

    Peter McCallister: No kidding. What a funny guy. What else did you do while we were away?

    Kevin McCallister: Just hung around.

    Buzz McCallister: He went shopping? He doesn't know how to tie his shoe and he's going shopping!

  • Kate McCallister: How could we do this? We forgot him.

    Peter McCallister: We didn't forget him, we just miscounted.

    Kate McCallister: What kind of a mother am I?

    Frank McCallister: If it makes you feel any better, I forgot my reading glasses.

  • Kate McCallister: Where are the passports and tickets?

    Peter McCallister: I put them in the microwave to dry em' off.

  • Kate McCallister: [about Kevin] He was in the garage again playing with the glue gun.

    Peter McCallister: Didn't we talk about that?

    Kevin McCallister: Did I burn down the joint? I don't think so. I was making ornaments out of fish hooks.

    Peter McCallister: My NEW fish hooks?

    Kevin McCallister: I can't make ornaments out of the old ones, with dry worm guts stuck on them.

  • Peter McCallister: Honey, the pizza boy need $122 dollars plus tip.

    Kate McCallister: For pizza?

    Peter McCallister: Ten pizzas times twelve bucks!

    Leslie McCallister: Frank, you've got money don't you?

    Frank McCallister: Traveler's checks.

    Kate McCallister: Forget it, Frank. We have cash.

    Peter McCallister: You probably have the kind of traveler's checks that don't work in France.

  • Leslie McCallister: Peter, Kate, do you guys have a voltage adapter?

    Peter McCallister: [hands her Kevin] Here, here's a voltage adapter.

    Leslie McCallister: My, but you're getting heavy. Go pack your suit case.

    Kevin McCallister: [stares in horror] *Pack* my *suitcase*?

  • Harry: [Harry, disguised as a cop greets Peter who's just come down the stairs] Are you Mr McCallister?

    Peter McCallister: Yeah.

    Harry: The Mr McCallister who lives here?

    Peter McCallister: Yes.

    Pizza Boy: [chiming in] Oh good, because someone owes me $122.50.

    Harry: I'd like a word with you, Sir.

    Peter McCallister: Am I under arrest or something like that?

    Harry: No, no, no, no, no. It's Christmastime. There's always a lot of burglaries around the holidays. So we're just checking the neighbourhood to see if everyone's taking the proper precautions. That's all.

    Peter McCallister: Oh, well we have automatic timers for our lights. Locks for our doors. That's about as good as you can get these days. Did you get some egg nog or something like that?

    Buzz McCallister: [comes down the stairs] Come on, Dad. Let's eat.

    Harry: Egg... egg nog?

    [Peter goes off with Buzz]

    Harry: Hey, listen will you be leaving... er?

    [trailing off]

    Kevin McCallister: [Kevin charges down the stairs] Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

  • Peter McCallister: The only flying that I ever did as a kid was in the family station wagon. It wasn't to France. We used to have to go over to Aunt Laura and Uncle Arthur's house.

  • Peter McCallister: Hey did you by any chance pick up a voltage adapter thing?

    Kate McCallister: No, I didn't have time to do that.

    Peter McCallister: Well how am I supposed to shave in France?

    Kate McCallister: Grow a goatee.

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