Pete Best Quotes in Backbeat (1994)


Pete Best Quotes:

  • John Lennon: You don't say much, do you?

    Pete Best: Drummers don't talk. You must have noticed that. Just might as well be deaf and dumb, drummers. When was the last time you heard a drummer say anything?

    [John looks at Pete, then turns away]

    Pete Best: See? You know why, don't you? I'll tell you why. 'Cause nobody ever fuckin' listens.

  • Brian Epstein: This may come as a surprise. It surprises even me, but I'd like to be your manager. I'm organized, very methodical, but I'm also human. No doubt I'll make mistakes, but you're an incredible group. I'm sure I can help you. What you need is an English record contract. Through my contacts, that could be arranged. What are you earning now?

    Pete Best: Seventy-five pounds a week.

    George Harrison: Each.

    Brian Epstein: No, no, you're making fifteen pounds a night, if and when you play. But I can do better. Naturally, I'd only take commissions on my bookings, which would be twenty-five percent per gross.

    Paul McCartney: Why not twenty?

    Brian Epstein: Well, I assume there'll be considerable costs before I see any profit. But I understand you don't have photographs. Well, besides publicity, there's...

    Pete Best: We need a van.

    Brian Epstein: That's four or five hundred pounds. And there'll be changes. Not in your music. In the sense of... professionalism to get you on the radio, the telly. Well, if this is all agreeable... we'll have contracts properly drawn.

    John Lennon: We're not too crazy about changes. What kind do you have in mind?

    Brian Epstein: Your appearance needs work.

    John Lennon: You'll be wanting us to dress like you?

    Brian Epstein: There'll just be some tidying up here and there, smoothing out the rough edges.

    John Lennon: Well, I'm ashamed about rough edges, Mr. Epstein.

    Brian Epstein: I'm not saying you should be ashamed. These changes are not to remake you, just to bring out what I see as your potential.

    Paul McCartney: And just what experience exactly do you have in this line? I mean, how many groups are you directing at the moment?

    Brian Epstein: None.

    Paul McCartney: None?

    John Lennon: So we'll be your guinea pigs? A new toy to play with and then toss away when you're tired of us?

    Brian Epstein: That's not the way I work. Look, you need me. You'll be going nowhere now. Non-conformity is fine, but unless you adapt, you'll never get anywhere.

    John Lennon: But we don't want to go anywhere. It's only people like you who have to go somewhere. We're happy, go-lucky, shiftless working-class lads. That's why we play the Negro music without a care in the world. Tell me, do you have a car?

    Brian Epstein: Yes.

    John Lennon: What kind?

    Brian Epstein: A Ford... Zodiac.

    John Lennon: Well now, in that case... you need our help. I'll sign with you, Eppie, 'cause I think we can help you.

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