Peregrine Devlin Quotes in Theater of Blood (1973)


Peregrine Devlin Quotes:

  • Peregrine Devlin: You begin to resent an actor if you always have to give him bad notices.

  • Peregrine Devlin: [Devlin is examining a note on a gift-box] "I am sorry to miss the meeting, but my heart is with you. George."

    [he opens it and it contains George's bloody heart]

  • Peregrine Devlin: [after receiving Dickman's heart in a box] It's him all right. Only Lionheart would have the temerity to rewrite Shakespeare!

  • [seeing a poster for Lionheart]

    Inspector Boot: Saw him once. A very, uh, vigorous actor.

    Peregrine Devlin: That's a good description.

  • Inspector Boot: Who hates you enough to kill two of your circle?

    Peregrine Devlin: Critics are likely to make enemies, inspector. You can call it an occupational hazard.

  • Peregrine Devlin: Hello, Edwina. I thought it was you.

    Edwina Lionheart: Well, the brilliant Peregrine Devlin. Wielder of the brutal aphorism, master of the killing phrase, my father's murderer.

    Peregrine Devlin: That's a bit melodramatic, isn't it?

    Edwina Lionheart: Forgive me. I forgot. It was your reverence and admiration that drove him to take his own life.

  • Peregrine Devlin: You don't understand.

    Edwina Lionheart: I understand that the greatest actor of all time never earned your approval for one single performance. Never. Not one good review.

  • Peregrine Devlin: Look, Edwina, your father's body was never found.

    Edwina Lionheart: My father is as good as under that granite!

  • Edwina Lionheart: I'm busy, Devlin.

    Peregrine Devlin: Edwina, four of my collegues have been murdered. And their deaths relate directly to your father's last season.

    Edwina Lionheart: If you were as imaginative in your reviews, Devlin, you'd be a better critic.

  • Peregrine Devlin: Nothing you can do will sway me from my original judgement.

    Edward Lionheart: Your judgement was ill considered and irresponsible.

    Peregrine Devlin: It was neither. We gave the award to William Woodstock as your performances lacked originality.

    Edward Lionheart: Lacked originality? My Julius Caesar, cut down by a drunken mob in an abandoned warehouse? My Titus Andronicus: this is your dish, Meredith Merridew? My Othello, one of the greatest performances in the history of the theatre?

  • Peregrine Devlin: Lionheart!

    Edward Lionheart: Alive and triumphant. And you thought me slain? Lionheart is immortal! He can never be destroyed, never!

  • Peregrine Devlin: Lionheart!

    Edward Lionheart: Alive and triumphant. And you thought me slain? Lionheart is immortal!

  • Peregrine Devlin: You did kill Larding and the others didn't you?

    Edward Lionheart: How many actors have you destroyed as you destroyed me? How many talented lives have you cut down with your glib attacks? What do you know of the blood, sweat and toil of a theatrical production? Of the dedication of the men and the women in the noblest profession of them all? How could you know you talentless fools who spew vitriol on the creative efforts of others because because you lack the ability to create yourselves! No Devlin, no! I did not kill Larding and the others. PUNISHED them my dear boy, punished them. Just as you shall have to be punished.

    Peregrine Devlin: Well get it over with then, just so you don't have to make me listen to that demented rubbish of yours. Go on, kill me then!

  • Inspector Boot: Was that dialogue from King Lear?

    Peregrine Devlin: Yes. A remarkable performace. He was overacting as usual, but he knew how to make an exit.

  • Peregrine Devlin: Think about your daughter! Imagine what your madness is doing to her?

    Edward Lionheart: My daughter? Edwina?

    [the hippie removes his beard and glasses to reveal he is Edwina]

    Edwina Lionheart: You have begot me, bred me, loved me: I Return those duties back as are right fit. Obey you, love you, and most honour you

  • Peregrine Devlin: Lionheart! What the hell do you want here?

    Edward Lionheart: [picking up the best actor award] This. My just reward. The whole world knows it is mine by right. But you deliberately withheld it from me. You deliberately humiliated me in front of the press, my public and my peers. It was the culmination of your determined denial of my genius!

    Peregrine Devlin: We denied you nothing...

    Edward Lionheart: For thirty years, the public has acknowledged that I was the master. And that, this year, my season of Shakespeare was the shining jewel in the crown of the immortal Bard.

    Meredith Merridew: [sotto voce, to Chloe Moon] Quite insane!

    Miss Chloe Moon: [sotto voce, to Meredith Merridew] He must be drunk.

    Edward Lionheart: But you, with your overweening malice, give the award to a twitching, mumbling boy who can barely grunt his way through an incomprehensible performance! No. No! It is mine!

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