Percy Blakeney Quotes in The Scarlet Pimpernel (1934)


Percy Blakeney Quotes:

  • Percy Blakeney: They seek him here, they seek him there, / Those Frenchies seek him everywhere. / Is he in heaven? Or is he in hell? / That damned elusive Pimpernel!

  • Col. Winterbottom: Are you being offensive, sir?

    Percy Blakeney: Who, sir? Me, sir? No, sir.

  • Lady Marguerite Blakeney: Oh but Percy, through me, a good, a generous man my lose his life. Oh Percy, what can I do? How can I warn him?

    Percy Blakeney: Warn him? Against what?

    Lady Marguerite Blakeney: Against the danger if he goes back to France.

    Percy Blakeney: Well, if he's the kind of lunatic I take him to be, your warning's not going to stop him.

    Lady Marguerite Blakeney: But he might be going to his death.

    Percy Blakeney: That's all the fellow lives for. Besides, he doesn't know you're in love with him.

    Lady Marguerite Blakeney: I'm not in love with him! I admire his head of wisdom, but I'm not in love with him.

    Percy Blakeney: Oh, but you are. It's a dangerous game, my dear. Falling in love with a phantom. For all you know, he might be a married man who is deeply in love with his wife.

  • Percy Blakeney: [before reciting his poem to Winterbottom] Slap me, I'm bubbling over with good humor this morning. Would you believe me, I've just written a masterpiece.

    Col. Winterbottom: Who, sir? You, sir?

    Percy Blakeney: Me, sir

    Col. Winterbottom: No, sir.

    Percy Blakeney: Yes, sir. All about this mysterious Pimpernel fellow. How it came to me Heaven only knows, because it was the busiest moment of the day. Damn me, I was tying my cravat.

  • Citizen Chauvelin: [after reciting his poem to Chauvelin] Delightful.

    Percy Blakeney: What?

    Citizen Chauvelin: Especially that line, "Those Frenchies seek him everywhere."

    Percy Blakeney: Yes, I like that, too, because you see, I hear that they do and that gives the line a sort of something... sort of gives it... uh... uh... something. Uh... u-uh... if I make myself clear.

    Citizen Chauvelin: Clear as crystal.

  • Percy Blakeney: Open up your sleeves, man. Let your ruffles take the air. Let them flow. Let them ripple.

  • Lady Marguerite Blakeney: Can't you rise above trivialities for once?

    Percy Blakeney: Can't rise above anything more than three syllables, my dear - never could.

  • Armand St. Just: [of Marguerite's betrayal of St-Cyr] So that is why you ceased to love her. What a tragedy.

    Percy Blakeney: Ceased? I shall love her until the day I die. That's the tragedy.

  • Percy Blakeney: I'm in love.

    Elderly citizen of Boulogne: It's the wife of another man!

    Percy Blakeney: No it's my own.

  • Treadle: That, Sir Percy, is the last word in cuffs.

    Percy Blakeney: Oh, gad, I should hope so. For there should never be another like it.

  • Percy Blakeney: Magnificent fight this afternoon, my dear. Gad! That Mendoza's got quick ears. In the 10th round, when Jackson had him down, I shouted, "Get up, Mendoza!" And damn me, he did and sink me, he won!

  • Elderly citizen of Boulogne: We shall have to teach perfidious Albion a lesson!

    Percy Blakeney: [to fellow-members of League disguised as French soldiers] It won't take *us* long to cross the Channel, eh boys?

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