Peoples Hernandez Quotes in Shaft (2000)


Peoples Hernandez Quotes:

  • Peoples Hernandez: This is Egyptian Cotton, motherfucker... two-twenty thread. That's like half your shitty-ass paycheck, okay?

    John Shaft: You wouldn't know Egyptian cotton if the Pharaoh himself sent it to you, you knockoff-wearing motherfucker!

  • Peoples Hernandez: You play golf?

    [Walter Wade Jr. nods]

    Peoples Hernandez: Golf is phat... Tiger Wooo, Tiger Wooo, I like him.

  • Peoples Hernandez: You're not a cop anymore.

    John Shaft: Do you think that makes me less dangerous, or more dangerous?

  • Peoples Hernandez: [In jail] What you in here for, man? Income tax evasion?

  • [Walter Wade Jr. walks into Peoples' house, trying to look cool]

    Peoples Hernandez: You tryin' to blend in or something? You look like a fucking duck hunter.

  • Peoples Hernandez: My name is Peoples. You know why they call me that?

    Walter Wade, Jr.: [In a patronizing tone] 'Cuz you's always takes care of you's peoples?

    Peoples Hernandez: More or less.

  • Peoples Hernandez: Stick to what I know? Stick to what I know? I'm a star. Yo soy el mayembe!

  • Peoples Hernandez: Puta, why you flinch?

  • Peoples Hernandez: Yo Shaft, I'm gonna put so many lawyers in your ass, you're gonna think they opened a branch office up there.

  • Walter Wade, Jr.: [Showing him his black eye] I got fucking mugged I have no money

    Peoples Hernandez: I hear you but the wheels are already in motion

    Peoples Hernandez: I guess you've got to earn it back

    Walter Wade, Jr.: How?

    Peoples Hernandez: [Fat Man hands him a bag filled with drugs] Ounces are a thousand eight balls are two eighty its already bagged and I'll tell you like I tell all my boys you cut it anymore than it already is you can say goodbye to repeat customers

    Walter Wade, Jr.: You've got to be shitting me

    Peoples Hernandez: You keep coming back we should be even Steven in six eight months

  • Peoples Hernandez: You got a boat?

    Walter Wade, Jr.: I had one

    Peoples Hernandez: What kind of boat you had?

    Walter Wade, Jr.: Boston Whaler

    Peoples Hernandez: You've been around the world right?

    Walter Wade, Jr.: [Nods] yeah

    Peoples Hernandez: You know something, I've got so much money, and I've never been on an airplane my whole God damn life

    Walter Wade, Jr.: [Pointing to Peoples' tattoo on his neck] let me ask you something? What's that mean?

    Peoples Hernandez: Five boroughs, five families, one love

    Walter Wade, Jr.: [Chuckles] Ok

    Peoples Hernandez: You're an interesting motherfucker, do you have a business card or something?

  • Peoples Hernandez: You know in this neighborhood, I am the motherfucking king snake, but the thing of it is, I go downtown to take a girl out and show her the sights, I walk into a restaurant and my stomach is in a knot, my teeth is clenched, my hands are in a fist, I don't fit in down there, people look at me and size me up, so ten minutes into it I can't wait to come back home

    Walter Wade, Jr.: Ok

    Peoples Hernandez: I would kill to be you, go where you go, do what you do so this what I propose: the jewelry and shit, you go hock the flash and pay me the cash, I'm going to take it, but what I really want is for you to start taking me downtown with you, I want you to start taking me wherever you go

    Walter Wade, Jr.: You mean like hangout together? Take you to the Harvard club? What the hell are you talking about?

  • Walter Wade, Jr.: I need someone located

    Peoples Hernandez: "Located"? You mean found? Found then what?

    [Walter looks at the gun around Tattoo's belt]

    Peoples Hernandez: that's going to cost you

    Walter Wade, Jr.: [Takes out a money belt filled with jewelry] I had it all appraised it'll cash out to about forty thousand

  • Peoples Hernandez: When I say "me", "me ", is this

    [Opens the door to a room showing him half naked women packaging drugs]

    Walter Wade, Jr.: Oh

    Peoples Hernandez: I was you to front for me, get me some upscale customers

    Walter Wade, Jr.: If it's really important to you, you can tell everybody you've got a rich white boy on a rope I really don't care, I think you're too much of your own product, but drugs?, no fucking way

  • Peoples Hernandez: [Telling Roselli and Groves about Walter Wade, Jr] This guy comes in here and his got his drawer stuffed with jewelry and he asked me if I could locate somebody? I say "yeah" because he's kind of like a celebrity but finding people is not my thing so here's what I propose: so why don't I sell contract to you? The guy says this shit will cash out to twenty grand I take half and you'll take half, it'll be the easiest money you can ever make

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