Peek Quotes in Cats & Dogs (2001)


Peek Quotes:

  • Lou: I think that if I'm going to be a secret agent, I should have a better name. I was thinking, "Toto Annihilation".

    Peek: Nah, he's a pro wrestler. Sorry, that name's taken.

    Lou: Alright then, "Doom Machine" it is!

    Butch: Hey! You can call yourself Squicky the Spacedog for all I care, but that doesn't make you behind a rocket pack. You are not an agent.

  • Sam: Doom Machine! You're still alive!

    Peek: Yep, all five limbs. Sam, you owe me five pig ears, Hickory Smoked!

  • Butch: Okay, what do we got?

    Peek: It's a kitten, A Russian blue!

    Sam: And a number 2 and sector three.

    Lou: Was she crazy? That steamer was bigger than me.

    Butch: Nice work kid, You're sitting this one out. Sam, let me know when she leaves.

    Sam: I don't see her.

    Lou: But I was framed that cat. wait up, I want to help.

    Sam: [Mrs Brody opens the front door and sees Peek and Sam] Look out human, sector four.

    Peek: Human!, quick Sam, sniff my but.

    Mrs. Mom Brody: Alright Break, it up! Break it up! Break it up!.

    Peek: Cold nose!

    Sam: Cold nose! Let's go.

  • Butch: Alright agent, let's meet the team.

    Lou: Agent whoa.

    Butch: Kid, look over there, that's Peek.

    Lou: Peek? I don't get it.

    Butch: Peek, show yourself.

    [Peek appears from a man hole in a circle see through like tube under a bin]

    Lou: Huh? oh my god!

    Butch: Peek's early warning, He's got it all, Radar, sonar, thermo-imaging, odor-matrix. He can detect a non-residential cat from three blocks away.

    Peek: Hi guys.

    Butch: Peek, fall in.

    Peek: Roger that.

    Butch: Sam what's your twenty?

    Sam: 1/18 of a kick east, I'm going to backtrack using a delta approach in three... two... one.

    [Sam moves from bush to bush]

    Peek: Hi guys. Oh no not again.

    Sam: Where am I?

    [Sam then rolls over to half way of the road]

    Butch: Over here Sam.

    [Sam then meets up with the others]

    Sam: Request, permission to pant, heavily, sir

    Butch: Granted. Boys I want you to meet, Lou.

    Peek: Hey louie

    Sam: Hey Lou

    Peek: Human!

    [as the the jogger jogs past she sees Butch near a fire hydrant, Peek digging in the ground and Sam holding a newspaper in his mouth]

    Butch: Anyway, Lou here taking Buddy's spot in the hot seat, but Being fresh from the academy, he's current on the newest techniques, ain't you Lou?

    Lou: Err, Hey guys, do you know this one? Here I go, here I go, I got ya, oh I just missed ya.

    [Lou chases his tail]

    Butch: Holy Chihuahua.

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