Pavel Chekov Quotes in Star Trek (2009)


Pavel Chekov Quotes:

  • James T. Kirk: [hurling to his death with Sulu] Kirk to Enterprise. We're falling without a chute. Beam us up!

    Transport Chief: I'm trying. I can't lock onto your signal.

    James T. Kirk: Beam us up!

    Transport Chief: You're moving too fast!

    James T. Kirk: Beam us up!

    Pavel Chekov: I can do zat! I can do zat!

  • Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: Wait a minute, kid. How old are you?

    Pavel Chekov: Seventeen, sir.

    Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: Oh... oh, good, he's seventeen.

    Spock: Doctor... Mr. Chekov is correct.

  • Christopher Pike: Russian whizkid, what's your name? Chanko? Cherpov?

    Pavel Chekov: Ensign Chekov, Pavel Andreievich, sir.

  • Pavel Chekov: Ensign Authorization code: nine-five-wictor-wictor-two!

    [Authorization is not recognized]

  • Kirk: [Bolts out of bed suddenly from being sedated] Lightning storm!

    Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: Ah, Jim, you're awake. How do you feel?

    [He looks down, suddenly growing alarmed]

    Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: Good God, man!

    Kirk: What? AH!

    [He yelps and raises his hands, which are now twice their normal size]

    Kirk: What the hell's this?

    Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: A reaction to the vaccine, dammit! Nurse Chapel, I need 50 cc's of cortizone!

    Nurse Chapel: Yes, sir!

    [He starts scanning Kirk while Kirk replays Chekov's message]

    Pavel Chekov: [on the computer] ... appeared to be a lightning storm in space.

    Kirk: Bones! We gotta stop the ship!

    [He takes off running down the hall]

    Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: [running after him] Jim! I'm not kidding, you need to keep your heart rate down!

    [he fumbles through a first aid kit while Jim accesses another computer console]

    Kirk: Computer, locate crew member Uhura.

    Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: You know, I haven't seen a reaction this bad since med school!

    Kirk: We're flying into a trap!

    [He starts running again]

    Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: Dammit, Jim, stand still!

    [injects him yet again]

    Kirk: [yelps in pain] OW! STOP THAT!

    [he runs through the engine room, looking for Uhura]

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