Paul Krendler Quotes in The Silence of the Lambs (1991)


Paul Krendler Quotes:

  • Hannibal Lecter: Tell me, Senator: did you nurse Catherine yourself?

    Senator Ruth Martin: What?

    Hannibal Lecter: Did you breast-feed her?

    Paul Krendler: Now wait a minute...

    Senator Ruth Martin: Yes, I did.

    Hannibal Lecter: Toughened your nipples, didn't it?

    Paul Krendler: You son of a bitch!

    Hannibal Lecter: Amputate a man's leg and he can still feel it tickling. Tell me, mum, when your little girl is on the slab, where will it tickle you?

    Senator Ruth Martin: Take this... *thing* back to Baltimore!

    Hannibal Lecter: Five foot ten, strongly built, about a hundred and eighty pounds; hair blonde, eyes pale blue. He'd be about thirty-five now. He said he lived in Philadelphia, but he may have lied. That's all I can remember, mum, but if I think of any more, I will let you know. Oh, and Senator, just one more thing: love your suit!

  • Paul Krendler: Jesus, Starling, what are you doing sitting in the dark?

    Clarice Starling: Thinkin' about cannibalism.

  • Clarice Starling: Paul, what is it with you? I told you to go home to your wife, that was wrong?

    Paul Krendler: Don't flatter yourself, Starling. That was a long time ago. Why would I hold that against you? Besides, this town is full of cornpone country pussy.

  • Mason Verger: Oh, coulda, woulda, should. I mean what do you think about the money?

    Paul Krendler: Five.

    Mason Verger: Oh, let's just toss it off like 'five'! Let's say it with the respect it deserves.

    Paul Krendler: Five-hundred-thousand-dollars.

    Mason Verger: Well, that's better, but not much. Will it work?

    Paul Krendler: It'll work. Won't be pretty.

    Mason Verger: What ever is?

  • [Krendler sees all the notes on Lecter that Starling has collected]

    Paul Krendler: Jesus, Starling, are you writing a book or are you catching a crook?

  • Paul Krendler: I don't understand why she didn't turn it in she is such a straight arrow

    Mason Verger: She didn't turn it in because she didn't receive it, she didn't receive it because it wasn't sent it wasn't sent because he didn't write it he didn't write because I DID! So what do you think will it work?

    Paul Krendler: It'll work won't be pretty.

    Mason Verger: Whatever is?

    [Line disconnects]

    Mason Verger: Cocksucker!

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