Patroclus Quotes in Troy (2004)


Patroclus Quotes:

  • Patroclus: Prince Hector, is he as good a warrior as they say?

    Odysseus: The best of all the Trojans. Some would say...

    [sidelong glance at Achilles]

    Odysseus: ...he's better than all the Greeks.

    [Achilles snorts]

    Odysseus: Even if your cousin doesn't come, I hope you'll join us, Patroclus. We could use a strong arm like yours.

    Achilles: Play your tricks on me. But not on my cousin.

  • Achilles: Patroclus, put down your spear...

    Patroclus: But I'm fighting the Trojans, cousin.

    Achilles: Not today.

    Patroclus: But I'm ready. You taught me how to fight.

    Achilles: You're a good student, but you're not a Myrmidon yet. Look at these men, they are the fiercest soldiers in all of Greece, each of them has bled for me. You will guard the ship...

    Patroclus: But this is a war!

    Achilles: Cousin, I can't fight the Trojans if I'm concerned for you, guard the ship!

  • Achilles: I told you how to fight but I never told you why to fight.

    Patroclus: I fight for you.

    Achilles: Yes, but who will you fight for when I'm gone? Soldiers fight for kings they've never even met. They fight when they're told to fight, they die when they're told to die.

    Patroclus: Soldiers obey.

  • Patroclus: Nervous?

    Achilles: Petrified.

  • Patroclus: Achilles, Agamemnon does not speak for all our people.

    Achilles: Dogs! Jackals! I'll never fight his battles again.

    Patroclus: But, for Greece, you'll fight.

    Achilles: No more!

  • Agamemnon: I'd like your friend Achilles with us. In case they prove to be troublesome.

    Patroclus: He still refuses to fight. So long as you're in command and your lovesick jackass of a brother breathes upon this beach.

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