Patrick Thomas Quotes in The Family Stone (2005)


Patrick Thomas Quotes:

  • Sybil Stone: Are those mushrooms?

    Meredith Morton: Yes, those are mushrooms.

    Patrick Thomas: Isn't Everett allergic to mushrooms?

    Meredith Morton: He is?

    Ben Stone: OK, what we got going on over here? Santa's workshop. Er... OK, wha-what can I do to be of service Meredith, wha-what can I do?

    Meredith Morton: Oh, well... I think I'm all set. Everett had to run some errands in town, then he and Thad are going to meet Julie's bus...

    Ben Stone: Are those mushrooms?

    Meredith Morton: I DIDN'T KNOW!

  • Ben Stone: So, uh, where's dad?

    Sybil Stone: He ran away. Joined the circus

    Everett Stone: Better circus.

    Patrick Thomas: Yeah. Less clowns.

  • Patrick Thomas: Well, Amy never likes anyone.

    Amy Stone: Patrick. I love you.

    Thad Stone: [laughing] That took years!

  • Patrick Thomas: [Signing] That's beautiful.

    Thad Stone: [Signing] So are you.

  • Patrick Thomas: [Meredith is up while playing charades] Uh... bride!

    Amy Stone: [after giving her the 4-word movie title] Always A Bridesmaid, Never a Bride!... Oh, wait, that's six words.

  • Patrick Thomas: [the family is playing Charades and Thad is up. No one is guessing right, but Patrick finally gets it] Ooh! "Billy Don't Be a Hero"!

    Thad Stone: Yes! THANK you!

    Amy Stone: That's a song?

    Susannah Stone: Yes, it's a song. You've heard it.

    Ben Stone: Whose clue was that? It's not very... it's not good.

    Meredith Morton: Ahem.

  • Kristy Thomas: Dad, why did you come back if you're just going to hide?

    Patrick Thomas: To see you. I missed you.

    Kristy Thomas: Well, you could have came before. Nothing was stopping you.

    Patrick Thomas: I tried.

    Kristy Thomas: Dad, you sent like two postcards in five years, or something. I was always thinking you would come. You never did, ever. I wait for you every year, you never even called. You don't care about me and everyone who does care about me's mad at me. I can't do this anymore. I've never lied to my mom or my friends and since you've got here, that's all I've been doing and I hate it. It's all your fault. I'm going to tell Mom you're here.

    Patrick Thomas: Kristy, we had a deal.

    Kristy Thomas: Yeah. Well, Dad, I'm breaking it just like you broke all your promises.

    Patrick Thomas: I'm here, aren't I?

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