Patience Quotes in Tears of the Sun (2003)


Patience Quotes:

  • [last lines]

    Patience: We love you, Lena. All of us. We will always love you.

    Dr. Lena Fiore Kendricks: I love you too.

  • Danny 'Doc' Kelley: How can they do this?

    Patience: This what they do. They cut off the breasts of nursing mothers... so that they'll never again feed their own babies. This is what they do.

  • Doc Schultz: Patience, you got to stop shooting at people. You know something? If you wasn't such a terrible shot, there wouldn't be a young man alive in all of Purgatory. I heard you shot at Elmer Price in the lobby of the hotel yesterday evening.

    Patience: Well, he asked me to marry him!

    Doc Schultz: You think that's reason enough to shoot at a man?

  • Taylor Barton: [Kewpie dolls hit the street in front of the Bartons] What in heaven's name are these?

    Bud Barton: That's a Kewpie doll. I won one of them once at the State Fair, time I went to Denver all by myself.

    Patience: And got rolled by some floozy!

    Bud Barton: Aw, shut up...

  • Patience: [Trying on a showy dress that Abigail has given her] Ya' think... ya' think I look like a lady of the evening?

    Abigail: Wha... What's a "lady of the evening"?

    Patience: Oh, Miss Abigail, you DO lead a sheltered life!

  • Patience: Now I have sworn me a vow that I am going back east to Miss Hunter's College on the Hudson River New York for young ladies of good family and ain't nothing gonna stop me!

  • Taylor Barton: [Patience Barton - his daughter - is wildly shooting up the town with a rifle] What the hell do ya' think you're doin'!

    Patience: I'm teachin' these jackass miners a lesson!

    Taylor Barton: [Taylor Barton and son Oroville rush out and subdue Patience as she stops to reload] How many times have I told you not to shoot at people?

    Patience: Well, they had it comin'! One of them said something vile to me. He said "Does your mother know you're out, Cecilia?"

    Taylor Barton: You consider that grounds for shootin' up the whole town?

    Patience: I KNOW what he meant!

    Taylor Barton: Well I sure as hell don't!

  • Patience: [Curious about Latigo Smith's mysterious illness] What's wrong with him, Doc?

    Doc Schultz: You know a doc can't talk about his patients, Patience.

  • Latigo: I don't like anything west of Riverside Drive.

    Patience: Where's that?

    Latigo: New York City.

    Patience: On the Hudson River?

    Latigo: Yeah, born and raised there.

    Patience: Tell me about it!

    Latigo: Tell you what about it?

    Patience: ALL!

    Latigo: Well let's see, they, they don't carry guns. And they got a cop on every street corner to keep people from shootin' one another.

  • Patience: Imagine that there was something wrong with you, Mr. Poole. And you did this seemingly meaningless thing, put your hand on a wall, and you were healed.

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