Pat Riley Quotes in It's Pat: The Movie (1994)


Pat Riley Quotes:

  • [Pat falls down a flight of stairs]

    Kyle Jacobs: Are you all right... um... um... you there?

    Chris: Yeah, hon. Did you break anything?

    Pat Riley: Oh, I crushed my nuts!

    Kyle Jacobs: Ooooh, that's got to hurt!

    Pat Riley: Oh, shoot!

    [holding up crushed walnuts]

    Pat Riley: There goes my afternoon snack!

  • Pat Riley: Howdy, Tippy!

    Tippy: Oh... oh Pat... what do you want?

    Pat Riley: Well I just thought I'd stop by and pick up a few personal items.

    Tippy: Oh no no no, please, remember? No, I don't want to know anything about your... your sex life, okay?

    Pat Riley: I just want to get a few toiletries. Uh, first of all, I need some protection...

    Tippy: Oh dear God, okay, all right.

    Pat Riley: ...from underarm wetness. I'm never one to offend!

    Tippy: 2.50 then, all right, and you're out...

    Pat Riley: What am I, in a race? Whoa!

    Tippy: Well, kind of, uh...

    Pat Riley: And I need a lubricant...

    Tippy: What?

    Pat Riley: ...for my eyes. They're drying up due to the pollen and dust in the air.

    Tippy: Oh great, help me, somebody please help me!

    Pat Riley: And I need some feminine napkins...

    Tippy: Oh, I'm in hell... I am in hell now!

    Pat Riley: You never know when Aunt Wilma's gonna stop by for lunch!

  • Chris: I find everything about you... endlessly fascinating.

    Pat Riley: Join the club!

  • Pat Riley: So... did I tell you I'm unemployed?

    Kathy Griffin: Yea, uh, about 400 times.

    Pat Riley: Say, do you think you could make an announcement about it at the radio station?

    Kathy Griffin: Absolutely not.

    Pat Riley: Ok, well think about it, but when you do make the announcement let me know. I want to tell my friends to tune in. They don't listen to your show normally.

  • Groupie: You were great tonight, Pat.

    Pat Riley: Oh, you thought so to?

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