Park Nam-Joo Quotes in The Host (2006)


Park Nam-Joo Quotes:

  • Park Nam-il: [Points his gun precariously at Gang-du, who is sitting on the other side of the room, sound asleep] Look at that... Isn't that amazing? In this situation?

    Park Nam-Joo: Wake him up, there's no time.

    Park Hie-bong: Let him sleep a minute. He needs to sleep every so often.

    Park Nam-il: Should we leave him here? He's no help anyway.

    Park Hie-bong: Kids, wait a minute. Sit down. In your view, is Gang-du really so pathetic?

    Park Nam-il: Yup.

    Park Nam-Joo: Yes.

    Park Hie-bong: You wouldn't know it, but he was a really smart kid. For example, when he was two, he'd sit in front of the village store, and everyone walking by would ask him directions. That's how smart he looked. As you know, when he was young, I was out of my mind, hardly ever coming home, staying out all night. And this poor boy with no mother, he must have been so hungry. Going around, doing seo-ri all the time. Raising himself an organic farm. Whenever he got caught, he'd get beaten up. In this way, he lacked protein when he needed it most. So that's why, every now and then, he dozes off like a sick rooster. I think something up there

    [gesturing to his brain]

    Park Hie-bong: must have gone wrong too.

    Park Nam-il: [starts as he nearly falls asleep]

    Park Hie-bong: Have any of you heard it? The heartbreak of a parent who's lost a child... When a parent's heart breaks, the sound can travel for miles. So I really need to say this to you. Be as nice to Gang-du as you can. Don't scold him, okay?

  • Park Nam-Joo: [wiping away tears] She's so pretty in that photo.

    Park Hie-bong: She looks just like... her mom in that photo.

    Park Nam-Joo: Do you think her mom even knows that she died?

    Park Hie-bong: Not a chance. It's been thirteen years since she popped out the baby and ran off.

    Park Nam-il: [glares over at Gang-du, who is sprawled out on the gym floor, fast asleep and snoring gently] I'd run away, too, damn it.

    [to Gang-du]

    Park Nam-il: You asleep? Huh?

    [He prods Gang-du with his foot, but Gang-du doesn't stir]

    Park Hie-bong: Nam-il.

    Park Nam-il: [to Gang-du] You can sleep at a time like this?

    Park Hie-bong: What are you doing to your brother?

  • Officer: [moving in towards the dividing screen of plastic to insist to Gang-du] Your daughter never called you in the first place, okay?

    [to Hie-bong]

    Officer: Your son had a dream, but it was so real that...

    [Nam-joo interrupts him by placing the flat of her hand to his chest]

    Park Nam-Joo: You don't believe anything we said?

    Officer: Now you're obstructing an officer in the line of duty.

    Park Hie-bong: [Gently pushing his daughter away] Step back, Nam-joo.

    Park Gang-Du: Officer, should I explain it again? The way it happened was...

    Officer: I know, I know, I know. You yourself saw your daughter die. But she called you in the middle of the night? Does that make any sense? That's completely ridiculous.

    Park Nam-il: A servant of the people, talking back like that?

    Officer: Then what's your problem?

    Park Nam-il: You fucking...

    Park Gang-Du: Stop! This is...

    [He holds up a cell phone]

    Park Gang-Du: This is my daughter, Park Hyun-seo. My daughter. I'm the creature.

    [He puts the phone into his mouth]

    Park Gang-Du: I ate her. Okay? And then...

    [He spits the phone out into a small plastic bin]

    Park Gang-Du: [Choking back sobs] It happened like this. This is a sewer. You don't understand?

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