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  • Pansy: I had a very good father and mother, and we lived in a peaceful village. But the baddies destroyed it, because of the Dragon Pearl!

    Bulma: Dragon Pearl?

    Son Goku: Bad guys? Who are these guys?

    Pansy: The leader is a terrible monster. He kept hundreds of mean cyborgs. They killed everyone in the village and then they blew up the village! My father, in order to protect the Dragon Pearl, stayed behind and was killed too. My mother went back for my father, and then she was killed! The monster took our Dragon Pearl; it turns out he also owns a Dragon Pearl. Both my parents are dead. My home is destroyed. I've been wandering on my own since then. I have nowhere to go.

    Son Goku: Seetou, could these be the same people who stole my Dragon Pearl?

    Bulma: It's got to be! So then, they took the Pearl from Jen's village, and now they've stolen Monkey Boy's Pearl too! That means they have three Dragon Pearls now! And I have one Pearl...

  • Oolong: [chasing Jen-Jen] You're a pretty girl. I want you to be my wife!

    Pansy: I don't want to marry you, you're too ugly! Anyway I'm too young to be married!

    Oolong: Never mind! I'll keep you till you grow up! When you're grown up, then you can marry me!

    Pansy: No! Get away from me!

    Oolong: Either you'll marry me, or I'll eat you up!

  • Bulma: Monkey Boy, there are seven Pearls!

    Son Goku: Seven?

    Bulma: Didn't you know that?

    Son Goku: No, I didn't. Grandpa said I must protect it. He never mentioned to me there were seven Pearls.

    Bulma: There are seven altogether, and there's a secret about them! It's said when the seven Pearls are put together, the sky will open up and a huge dragon will appear. When you see him, you can make a wish, and ask for anything!

    Son Goku: Is that true?

    Pansy: I've heard that before! That must be the reason that evil monster steals the Pearls!

    Bulma: That must be it! That evil monster... we must try and stop him! He can't succeed!

    Pansy: But that monster is too powerful for us! We'll need to get us some help! My mother told me to go to the Turtle Man! Only he can kill the monster!

  • Pansy: [to Monkey Boy] He's a monster!

    Oolong: Little boy, keep out of this! Don't you know that this girl is my bride-to-be?

    Son Goku: Bride? Hey, what's a bride-to-be?

    Bulma: You silly boy, don't you even know that?

  • Turtle Man: You have a Dragon Pearl?

    Bulma: Yes, I have a Five-Star Pearl!

    Son Goku: My granddad had one too, but the baddies stole it from him!

    Pansy: My home had one too, and the baddies stole it from us!

    Bulma: Now these baddies have three Pearls, and they're trying to find the other four Pearls! We heard that your kung-fu was good, and we came to ask you to help us stop the evil monsters!

    Pansy: [goes on her knees] They destroyed our village! Master, please help us stop these evil people!

    Turtle Man: Get up, there's no need for that! Don't you worry! That monster may have three Pearls, but they're no good unless you get all seven of them together, you know that? And without me, he'll never be able to achieve what he wants!

    Bulma: Why's that?

    Turtle Man: Because I have in my possession a Two-Star Dragon Pearl! Without it, how can he get what he wants, eh?

    [presents it]

  • Son Goku: Jade, make your wish now!

    Pansy: Dragon, I want my home and my village restored, no more monsters, and to bring back peace to us!

    Shenron: I see. Your wish is granted!

  • Turtle Man: But then, why'd Westwood tell me one of you wanted to fight me?

    Son GokuBulmaOolongPansy: WESTWOOD?

  • [a turtle shell is seen floating on the water]

    Pansy: Master!

    Bulma: Master!

    Oolong: Master, you're still alive!

    Turtle Man: [wading out of the ocean, half-naked] Are you kidding? Nobody can get rid of ME that easily!... But still, my house is destroyed, and my Dragon Pearl stolen! These people will not get away with this!

  • Pansy: Oh, you don't have to wear the "special"...?

    Vincent: No, no, no, I don't have to wear the "special." Anymore.

  • Vincent: Pansy, look at me.

    Pansy: Yes, Vincent.

    Vincent: Do you... do you... love me?

    Pansy: Of course I love you.

    Vincent: You... you don't mind the thing... on my... on my nose...

    Pansy: Oh you mean your...

    Vincent: Yes, my...

    Pansy: No, darling... of course I don't mind...

    Vincent: You could get used to have a chap around the house with a... with a... with a damn thing on his nose.

    Pansy: Of course, my love. Everyone has something odd about them. Why I've got an enormous...

    Vincent: Pansy!

  • Vincent: Oh no. The problem. The problem, Pansy! It's started again!

    Pansy: Oh! Oh, don't worry, darling!

    Vincent: Ohhh... ohhh...

    Pansy: I say!

    Vincent: I must have fruit!

  • Pansy: Oh, Sir Vincent, you came for me!

    Vincent: Oh, good Mistress Pansy, I could not have ridden faster! Four horses have I exhausted this day from Nottingham!

    Pansy: Oh, the way you leapt to my chamber, so full of... of... manliness!

    Vincent: I could scarce restrain the rushing of my feet! These twelve long years have been like chains abound me!

    Pansy: Oh... Oh, and the personal problem?

    Vincent: Oh, much, much better.

  • Pansy: [she and Vincent are tied to a tree; the Time Bandits are running towards them] Oh, Vincent, someone's coming. Help. Help, I say. Oh, at last. Oh, I say!

    [the bandits run right past without taking any notice]

    Pansy: I say my fiancee and I would appreciate a bit of assistance!

  • Pansy: Help! Robbers!

    Og: Hey! That's us!

  • Pansy: I'm going up to a lumber camp and marry a chef.

    Sport: What? You're going to a lumber camp? And get yourself all full of splinters?

    Pansy: Well if I do I can always get myself a woodpecker.

  • Pansy: Oh Rusty, here I am, all dressed up and no place to go. Nobody loves me. Oh, why was I ever born?

    Rusty: Well, everybody makes mistakes.

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