Panic Quotes in Hercules (1997)


Panic Quotes:

  • Hades: I can't believe this guy. I throw everything I've got at him, and it doesn't even...

    [Hades notices Pain is wearing Air-Hercs]

    Hades: What... are... those?

    Pain: Um, I don't know. I-I thought they looked kinda dashing.

    Hades: I've got 24 hours to get rid of this bozo, or the entire scheme I've been setting up for 18 years goes up in smoke,

    [begins to shout]

    Hades: and you are wearing his merchandise?

    [Hades almost blows up in front of Pain, but stops to see Panic slurping some "Herculade"]

    Panic: [chuckling nervously] Thirsty?

    [Hades shouts out loud, blows up and the whole city rumbles]

  • Panic: He's not gonna be happy when he gets outta there.

    Pain: You mean, *if* he gets outta there.

    Panic: If? If is good.

  • Panic: "Hercules." Why does that name ring a bell?

    Pain: I don't know. Um, maybe we owe him money?

    Hades: What-was-that-name-again?

    Meg: Hercules.

    Panic: Wait, wasn't Hercules the name of that kid we were supposed to...?

    PainPanic: Oh, my Gods!

    [they run, Hades seizes them]

    Hades: So you took care of him, huh? "Dead as a doornail." Weren't those your *exact* words?

    Pain: This might be a different Hercules.

    Panic: Yeah. I mean, Hercules is a very popular name nowadays.

    Pain: Remember, like, a few years ago, every other boy was named Jason, and the girls were all named Brittany?

  • PainPanic: [disguised as kids trapped in a rockslide] Somebody call IX-I-I.

  • Hades: Pain!

    Pain: Coming, your most lugubriousness.

    Hades: Panic!

    Panic: Oh, sorry. I can handle it.

    [Runs down the stairs; trips and crashes into Pain; they tumble down the stairs; Pain is now stuck to Panic's horns]

    Pain: Pain - Ow!

    Panic: And Panic - eechk!

    PainPanic: ...reporting for duty!

    Hades: Fine, fine, fine. Just inform me the minute the Fates arrive.

    Panic: Oh, they're here!

    Hades: [shouting] What! The Fates were here and you didn't tell me?

    PainPanic: Ohh... We are worms!

    [as they grovel, they turn into worms]

    PainPanic: Worthless worms!

    Hades: Memo to me... Memo to me: Maim you after my meeting.

  • [after Pain and Panic, disguised as children, are rescued by Hercules]

    Hades: Stirring performance, boys. I was really moved.

    Panic: "Jeepers, Mister"?

    Pain: I was going for innocence.

  • Hades: Pain. Panic. Got a little riddle for ya. How do you kill a god?

    Pain: [sounds assertive at first] I do not... know.

    Panic: You can't... they're immortal?

    Hades: Bingo, they're immortal. So the first thing we gotta do is make the little sunspot... mortal.

  • [Meg encounters a rabbit and a gopher in the woods]

    Meg: Aw, how cute. A couple of rodents lookin' for a theme park.

    Pain: [as rabbit] Who are you callin' a rodent, sister? I'm a bunny.

    Panic: [as chipmunk] A-And I'm his gopher.

  • Panic: [after catching the eye the Fates use to see] OH, Gross!

    Pain: It blinked!

  • [Tyler meets Panic for the first time]

    Panic: See, they call me Panic 'cause I never do. How about you?

  • [Tyler asks Panic a question as he watches Panic steal out of Rome's bags]

    Tyler: Did you ever kill anybody?

    Panic: What kind of a question is that?

    Tyler: A pretty direct one.

    Panic: All right. I've killed about as many dudes as you've boned chicks. You make the call.

    Tyler: Whew. That many? Wow.

    Panic: [Tyler walks off as Panic tells himself] The kid's all right.

  • [Panic and Jerry get in a fighting match]

    Jerry: [Jerry jumps on top of Panic with a knife] Squeal and die!

    [the two fight as Panic gets on top of Jerry]

    Panic: [Panic begins to repeatedly punch Jerry in the face] I'll fuckin' kill you! You gonna skin me? Fuck you! Come on! Come on! You fuck! You country fuck!

  • [Tyler shoots the basketball to Panic's game]

    Panic: [Tyler shoots the jump shot and makes it] Again.

    Tyler: I made it.

    Panic: Yeah, well, I wasn't looking.

    Panic: [Tyler makes the shot again] Lucky shot. Again.

    Tyler: [Panic passes Tyler the ball] It's your turn.

    Panic: [Tyler passes Panic the ball] Oh, so you make the rules now, huh?

    Tyler: [they're ride honks the horn to pick the two up] Yeah, I do. Game's over.

  • [Tyler and Panic find their first tick]

    Tyler: It's a tick. Vampires of the insect world.

    Panic: Uh. That sucker's nasty.

    Tyler: Got a match or something?

    Panic: Yeah. Hold on.

    Tyler: My grandfather told me this. They're too tough to squash.

    Panic: [Tyler lights the match on the tick as it flames up] Damn.

  • [the kids arrive at the Campgrounds Lodge]

    Rome Hernandez: This is it. This place looks worse than the projects.

    Dee Dee Davenport: Definitely not cable-ready.

    Melissa Danson: Wait till you check out the toilette, princess.

    Rome Hernandez: Do we got to actually sleep in this dump?

    Panic: Give me a dark alley over this place, anytime. This place ain't right, man. It's too quiet. It's too goddamn quiet.

  • [Rome and Panic get into the beds of their shared bunk bed]

    Rome Hernandez: Hey! Man, this place reminds me of Boy's Republic back in juvenile hall.

    Panic: [Panic screams like a kid] What!

  • [Holly tells the kids what to do if they see any bugs]

    Holly Lambert: Just don't touch it if you don't know what it is.

    Melissa Danson: Don't touch it? It attacked me.

    Holly Lambert: Oh, come on, guys. Bugs don't attack unless they're aggravated.

    Tyler: Great. Classic story. The adults not believing the kids. Thanks.

    Panic: I should've brought a piece, man. This place ain't safe.

  • [Jerry asks Charles Danson about the kids]

    Jerry: These all your kids?

    [Jerry and Sir laugh repeatedly while walking out of the campsite]

    Panic: I knew I should've brought a piece, man.

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